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Where To Buy Best Magnetic Letters For Toddlers?

Updated on May 3, 2015

Find most popular sets of fridge alphabet magnets and many more!

Magnetic letters for toddlers are in my opinion one of the best educational toys for kids to learn the alphabet. It is great fun to put the letters together and get whole words. Kids love it!

Most popular type here are fridge magnet letters which, most likely, all of us know very well from own experience. There are countless options among them and they come in plastic, wooden or foam finishes.

If you want to help your preschooler with learning the letters of the alphabet, magnetic letters are what you definitely want. Scroll down to find best deals and most popular choices.

How To Choose Safe Magnetic Letters For My Baby?

Which magnetic alphabet is best?

"No-name" brands produce magnet letters with sharp edges and made from dangerous materials. That's why you should avoid buying cheap alphabet magnets for fridge with doubtful origin. Generally stick to such well known brands like LeapFrog, Melissa & Doug, Alex Toys or MudPuppy.

Magnetic Letters for Toddlers: Most Popular Choices

Looking for alphabet refrigerator magnets for kids? Well, there are many types and designs of magnet letters which can be used in many ways.

There are special letters to play in a bathtub, classic ones to stick on your fridge and you can buy even an interactive letters which are very handy for teaching your kid alphabet letters and first words.

» See best magnetic letters and numbers on Amazon ...

Materials used to produce magnet letters sets also vary. Most often you'll find plastic ones but for parents which are more eco-conscious there are wooden letters. For those who look for a soft version, there are many foam letters which are available in many colors and designs.

Below you'll find some most popular choices which make a great starting piont and scrolling down you can read about other great options and versatile designs.

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Magnetic Letters & Numbers in a Box Bundle

Basic learning numbers and letters by Melissa & Doug
Basic learning numbers and letters by Melissa & Doug | Source

This colorful set contains 52 wooden magnet pieces, both letters and numbers. All comes in a nice wooden box for convenient storage.

I think it is a really good value for the price and by the way, this set is listed as a best seller in its category on Amazon. This set is recommended for children 2 years old and up.

Imaginarium Letters & Numbers - 72 Pieces

How about these cheap alphabet and numbers for kids?
How about these cheap alphabet and numbers for kids? | Source

There are several things you (and your toddler) will love about these alphabet and numbers for kids.

Firstly, they are made of sturdy plastic and come in lovely bright colors. Secondly, the bigger pieces (letters, numbers) have 2 magnets, which helps them stay straight easier. Finally, the magnets alone are strong, so the pieces hold in place well.

So if you're looking for some basic set of letters and numbers that are well made and easy to use, the Imaginarium Letters & Numbers are surely among your choices.

Foam Magnets - Letters

Try these foam magnetic letters, they are highly rated by the buyers
Try these foam magnetic letters, they are highly rated by the buyers | Source

These foam magnetic letters are intended for kids that are 3 years old and higher. The set contains only letters. There are 120 magnets altogether - 52 uppercase and 68 lowercase foam letters.

There are two sets of capital letters which are about 1.75 inches tall and two sets of the lowercase letters which are a bit smaller.

The most used letters come with few extra pieces. The set is made of durable and dense foam, which helps the to survive longer.

Teach your toddler the letters of the alphabet

Melissa & Doug Magnetic Wooden Numbers

Looking for well reviewed magnetic wooden numbers? Here they are!
Looking for well reviewed magnetic wooden numbers? Here they are! | Source

This highly rated set of wooden magnetic numbers will surely become one of the favorite educational toys of your toddler.

The set includes numbers from 0 up to 20 and 5 math signs for addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and the "equals" sign. I really like the fact, that the numbers come in a practical wooden box - easy storage.

With this colorful and well made set of numbers, learning the basics of the math will be real fun!

Educational Insights Jumbo Alphamagnets & Mathmagnets

Popular big magnetic alphabet letters and numbers by Educational Insights
Popular big magnetic alphabet letters and numbers by Educational Insights | Source

These Jumbo alpha-magnets and math-magnets come in plenty of fun and bright colors: yellow, orange, red, magenta, blue and green. All nicely packed in a functional plastic box that will make the storage easier.

The pieces are quite big - the biggest ones are about 2.5 inches tall. This is a good feature, because little hand can grab the pieces more easily.

There are 100 pieces altogether and you get full set of upper and lowercase letters, numbers and math symbols.

How many letters do we have in the alphabet?

See results

Step2 Easel For Two with Bonus Magnetic Letters/Numbers

Great set of magnetic letters and numbers with a board - perfect for 2 little adventurers!
Great set of magnetic letters and numbers with a board - perfect for 2 little adventurers! | Source

The board has a magnetic surface and the 77 foam letters and numbers hold well on it. There are two sides of the board that can be used simultaneously, so even two kids can play together at the same time without bothering each other!

What I love the most about this board is that it has the paper clips on the top on both sides, so your kid can even draw or paint! There are also nicely deep trays to hold all the painting and drawing necessities by hand.

After the play is over, the board can be easily folded flat and conveniently stored.

Wooden Magnetic Letters - Let's Go Eco!

Bestseller: wooden magnetic alphabet letters by Melissa & Doug
Bestseller: wooden magnetic alphabet letters by Melissa & Doug | Source

Even though those letters are most appropriate for kids in the age 36 months and up you can play with even younger children if you look after them.

In my case we bought magnets for fridge to your little Maria when she was about 18 months old and while I was keeping eye on her she had great fun playing and sticking them on our fridge.

The set contains upper and lowercase letters which can be handy for preschoolers so they can learn in advance both types. This is very popular choice produced by Melissa & Doug.

Chenille Kraft WonderFoam Magnetic Foam Letters

Foam magnetic alphabet letters in handy plastic storage box.
Foam magnetic alphabet letters in handy plastic storage box. | Source

I love this set of foam magnetic letters because it have all you need to teach letters and counting. There are totally 105 pieces. The set contains numerals 0 to 9 with math symbols like plus, minus, equals sign and other.

Letters - upper and lower case plus punctation marks - cool. Very nice fact is that you'll find at least two magnets for every letter and the most used letters occur even three times.

Giant Magnetic Uppercase Letters

Cheap giant magnetic uppercase letters
Cheap giant magnetic uppercase letters | Source

If you're looking for big ones, you'll like this set of colorful letters of the alphabet. Those are really big - 2.5"! All letters are uppercase and I like the fact that there are extra vowels and consonants.

Altogether the set consists of 40 pieces. Also those abcs come in cheerful bright colors, so kids will love them. Because they are big, little hands will have absolutely no problem with holding the letters. You can buy them from Amazon for approx. $9.00.

Jumbo uppercase magnetic letters - set of 40 pieces
Jumbo uppercase magnetic letters - set of 40 pieces | Source

This set of 40 pieces of alphabet fridge magnets comes in very handy storage bucket. If you like your fridge clean, you can take off all magnets and store them in some appropriate place after your baby finishes his play.

Big letters measure 2.5" and are ideal for practicing language from the very first years. Your kid will love those Jumbo magnetic letters!

So which are the best alphabet letters to buy?

Well, there are so many types and designs of fridge alphabet magnet letters that it really depends what your needs are.

But no matter if you want to teach your child the letters with the fridge magnets, bath letters or interactive ones, all of them are great way to speed up the learning how to write first words: mom, dad, dog, cat,...

» More magnetic letters and numbers on Amazon ...

Forming words is a great fun not only for children but also for their parents (like me). There are many other alphabet learning toys for toddlers on the market and some of them are really cool, but for me simple magnetic letters are best.

It is only the matter of which material do you prefer and the size of the letters will be most appropriate. There's also question how big the set should be and what design/colors would you like the most.

Plastic letters are most common among all the types and generally they are most cheap option. Wooden magnetic letters are perfect for those who prefer natural materials and this is the option I would personally go for.

There are also foam letters that are softest but not always those most durable. Finally choose the best size of the letters and decide if you want uppercase, lower case or both types of letters.

Your Comments - Did you find those perfect magnetic letters here?

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