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Maisto R/C Rock Crawler is great fun for both child and adult

Updated on September 4, 2014

I was looking to replace my aged New Bright remote controlled truck that provided my daughter and I with numerous hours of entertainment. My wife had gotten me a 4x4 remote controlled truck for Christmas. We had to return it as it never worked and there was a burning smell coming from the electronics in the truck.

I found the Maisto R/C Rock Crawler on Amazon. It had been marked down after Christmas and looked like a lot of fun for not a whole lot of money so I went ahead and ordered it.

The Maisto R/C Rock Crawler is 12.5 inches long, it features a suspension system that allows it to traverse the most difficult obstacles. It uses two motors, one for the front wheels, the other for the back, to achieve four wheel drive. The low gearing does not make this Rock Crawler a Speed Demon but does assist in its climbing ability. It features soft rubber tires and coil over shocks that aid in absorbing impact and its ability to climb. There is the ability of choosing between three frequencies so you can have two friends with Maisto R/C Rocks Crawlers join you for some Rock Crawling fun without interrupting each other’s signals.

The only downside to the Maisto R/C Rock Crawler:

1. The instructions indicate under “Performance Tips”:

  • Do not drive the vehicle on grass, sand, or water.
  • Do not drive the vehicle in windy or rainy weather.

I have driven the Maisto R/C Rock Crawler in dry grass without any problems, I definitely would not recommend driving this vehicle through water, mud, or wet grass as the motor assembly is not completely waterproof. If you want to drive through water and mud then consider a “Hobby Grade” RC vehicle which is much more expensive!

2. Does not come with a rechargeable battery pack, the following batteries are required and not included:

  • AA Batteries (Quantity 6) for the vehicle.
  • AAA Batteries (Quantity 2) for the remote control.

Battery life varies, you may consider purchasing rechargeable batteries if you find that your “play” consumes many batteries.

My daughter and I have had a lot of fun with the Maisto R/C Rock Crawler, every day we come up with new challenges and obstacles for it to climb and it always overcomes them. I don’t think you can find a better four wheel drive remote controlled vehicle for the price and I definitely recommend purchasing this item for a child or someone with an inner-child in your life.

Sanyo Eneloop Ni-MH Charger (with 8 "AA" and 2 "AAA" Batteries, Plus 2 "C" and 2 "D" Adpaters)
Sanyo Eneloop Ni-MH Charger (with 8 "AA" and 2 "AAA" Batteries, Plus 2 "C" and 2 "D" Adpaters)

Rechargeable batteries to use with your "stock" Maisto R/C Rock Crawler.


Maisto R/C Rock Crawler Official Video

Testing the limits of the Maisto R/C Rock Crawler.

Cool mod on the Maisto R/C Rock Crawler so that you can use a 9.6 Volt Rechargeable Battery Pack.


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