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Updated on October 19, 2012

How to make home made anti gravity toy (levitating card)?

Levitating card? Is it possible? Was it magic or science? We use to see magician do levitating card trick, but believe me that's not magic, it's pure science. In this lens i'm going to show you how to make an anti gravity toys to make levitating card. And don't worry, because we are not going to make anti gravity machine, so we will use every day stuff that you can find in your home. I'm sure you can build it, because is very simple. So if you want to impressed your friend or family, just stay read this lens until finish.

Things you need to make anti gravity toy (levitating card)

Before we make anti gravity toy (levitating card), first we must prepare all the materials.

To make this toy we are going to need

- 3 pieces very strong magnet

- 1 Pyrex cone bowl

- 1 cooper wire

- 1 Playing card

- Aluminum foil

- 4 small flat neodymium magnet

How to make anti gravity toy (levitating card)

Put 3 strong magnets with same distance with negative on top

Put a pyrex cone bowl on the top of three magnets

Make a coil with cooper wire about 15 loop, and make a circle

Put the cooper coil on the bottom of the bowl

Wrap a playing card with aluminum foil

Put a small flat neodymium magnet on each corner. 4 magnet you need

Lets see how it work

The card float about 2.5 inch on the top of coil

Put a board on the bowl, to make sure there are no string

With a metallic object you can interact with the card

That's it, your home made anti gravity toy are ready to play

How to make home made anti gravity toy (levitating card) Video

Watch this video to make home made anti gravity toy (levitating card), and you will now how easy to make it.

Buy Anti Gravity Toy on Amazon

If you can't make anti gravity toy (levitating card) by your self, don't worry, because you can purchased it on Amazon. Here some Anti gravity toy that you can choose from Amazon :

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levitation tricks
levitation tricks

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    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      How do I put the magnets on??? It looks like you folded the magnet

    • athomemomblog profile image

      Genesis Davies 5 years ago from Guatemala

      Interesting. I will have to do this with my kids.

    • profile image

      cumihijau 5 years ago

      Super Cool! have you tried it by yourself?

    • lucky izan profile image

      lucky izan 5 years ago

      @hilman48: Thanks for visiting my lens. Yeah you should try to make it, its very easy

    • profile image

      hilman48 5 years ago

      Wowwww , excellent lens :) . I think will try to make