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How to make a new character in Ragnarok Online

Updated on August 3, 2016

Are you ready to make a new character in Ragnarok Online? If you followed the steps in my last hub and have just joined the new iRO Valkyrie free to play server, I bet you are. If you haven't read my previous hub and are wondering about Ragnarok Online, then I think you should check out- "Do you want to play iRO Valkyrie the free RO server?"

After you've logged into RO, you are presented with the character selection screen. Maybe now you're wondering what to do. Well you should click the empty square to create a new character.

You are able to make up a character name for your character and adjust the hairstyle your character has. It doesn't matter what you call your character or how its hair looks, those don't affect anything in game aside from pleasing you aesthetically if you have made your character how you want it to look.

What will affect your gameplay and RO experience is how you choose your stats. What are stats? Well, your stats determine how your character will perform during battle! RO gameplay divides stats along six axes- Strength, Agility, Vitality, Intelligence, Dexterity and Luck. The common shorthand for these are- str, agi, vit, int, dex and luk

As you start out, you'll find you are limited in how you can distribute your initial stats. For instance, how much of one stat you give yourself limits how much you can have in your other stats. You are probably wondering what stats you should have, and while I hate to say this, RO is set up in a way that before you're even introduced to the idea of character classes, you are forced to make a choice about what class you want to be because your initial stats are going to be very helpful or very much a pain for whatever class you choose.

There are six main starting classes (aka first class) in RO (there are also some other first jobs you could choose instead, but I don't recommend them for starting players).

They are Swordman, Thief, merchant, Mage, Acolyte, and Archer

If you are the type of person who likes to hack and slash their way through most games-- you might enjoy the first three classes. These are all typically melee based. If you are someone who likes a different sort of gameplay in a ranged or support role, you might prefer the last three classes. They are all ranged but all very different from each other.

If you want to be a swordman, you should pick the following beginning stats 9 Str 9 Agi 9 Dex or 9 Str 9 Agi 5 Vit 5 Dex. Some people think the latter is better, dividing up some points to both Vit and Dex, but I don't agree. Ithink it's better to go the first way, putting all your points into your damage dealing stats. Agi can be both offensive and defensive but for melee based classes, and swordman especially it is mostly offensive, raising your Attack Speed (Aspd). Swordman is a heavily str based class (there is an exception but that's not something I'll go into for now). As you're leveling in the novice zone, I recommend raising your str until it is at least 20 or 30.

If you want to be a thief, you s hould know your gameplay is prinicipally going to be about doing good damage through regular attacks and avoiding getting hit. You also get some nice sneaky skills (Hide and Steal). Thieves are good beginner characters, just like Swordman. I recommend the same starting stats 9 Str 9 Agi 9 Dex.

Merchants are the bread and butter money earning class of RO. They play a lot like Thief and Swordman. Their best damaging skill (Mammomite) is the most damaging physical attack available to the first six starting classes, but it eats money. Your leveling as a merchant will be either cheap and slow or fast and costly. I recommend getting the same stats I've recommended for other melee starting classes, i.e. 9 Str 9 Agi 9 Dex.

If you prefer a spell based sort of game play, you might like mages. They are typically long range damage casters. You stand away from your monster and cast spells on it (typically elemental bolts)-- and cast spells to immobilize it and keep it away from you. Mages are one of the best starting classes, because they have low equipment demands and low item consumption (aside from using fly wings). You could choose 9 Agi 9 Int 9 Dex or 9 Int 9 Dex 9 Luk. Getting 9 Agi instead of 9 Luk might help more in your early novice and mage days when you are whacking monsters instead of casting spells on them. I think that 9 Agi 9 Int 9 Dex is the best early route for mages, acolytes and archers. It will let you dodge some of the attacks and help you attack faster. Now you are probably wondering why I said to get 9 int instead of 9 str for this class. Well it is simple, the magic based attacks of the mage class are affected by Intelligence not Strength. So if you want to raise your damage as a mage, you raise your Intelligence.

Acolytes are a support magic class. All of your skills are designed to help other players out, by raising their stats and you are also given a healing skill. Heal saves other players from having to spend potions, this will probably be why many players want you to party with them. This style of gameplay makes you fairly different from the other classes. You will probably play support for other players in a party, and will not be manually attacking the monsters your party faces. The starting stats you should have are 9 Agi 9 Int 9 Dex.

Archers are the last class I am going to talk about in this Hub. The archer class is probably one of the worst starting classes you could pick. They are better if you already have an established character. They are pretty impressive, able to deal a lot of physical damage quickly without taking much themselves thanks to having a high amount of flea. While other physical damaging classes have to divide between Strength (amount of damage you deal), Agi (how fast you deal damage) and Dex (keeping damage stable and ensuring you can hit the monster), archers only have to raise Agi and Dex. Str doesn't affect their damage with bows, only Dex will. So their Dex stat raises their ability to hit the monster and how much damage they do. Good starting stats for Archers is to have 9 Agi 9 Int 9 Dex. The problem with archers is they are expensive, even t hough you can make money with them and they are pretty cool. Every attack they do eats an arrow. And you have to buy your arrows. This is why I do not recommend archers as a first character.

Since I've made a few comments, I should be clear what I recommend as a first character. I think if you have never played RO before, you should think about playing as a swordman, a thief or a mage. These are all very good and easy classes for new players. They are relatively easy to train, easy to figure out what stats to get, and perform very well.

Happy hunting in the world of Rune Midgard! :-)


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      6 years ago

      I know this was written 3 years ago, so I don't know whether most of the information applies to the game now, but nonetheless, it's a nice little guide for a new player like myself. Played this game at my buddy's house when I was a kid, never did find out what the game was actually called until a month ago. It's still as awesome as it was back then!


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