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Making Money With Legos

Updated on June 13, 2015

Making Money By Spending Money--It Is Possible

Can you really make money by spending it? The answer to that question is a resounding yes. Buying Lego Sets gives you an amazing chance to make money by spending money. You heard me clear, and while making money, you will also be able to buy more Legos. I want to show you prices for specific Lego sets as well as the Legos that will be worth the most money in the near future. Making money by spending money is hard, but I figured out an easy way to make money while spending it. You can use this method for a lot of items, but Legos are the best products that I know with proven results.

Investing in Legos and selling them for a high price when they retire is not the only way to make money with these toys. Lego animations and reviews are big on YouTube, and some of these videos get millions of views each! As a YouTube Partner, those videos could easily make hundreds or even thousands of dollars each!

How You Can Make Thousands By Buying Legos

The best method to buying Legos and making money is buying a Lego early, and then later on sell it on eBay once it is retired. So, this is a simple buy and sell tactic, but it can earn you loads of money. Let's say you really wanted the Lego Petshop. That Lego costs close to $150 right now. However, it could cost $400-$500 later on when it is retired. So, if you buy 5 Lego Petshop Sets, you could build one of them, and then sell 4 of them. What is the result? Well, you could make about $1,200-$2,000 for selling 4 Lego Petshop Sets. Buying those 5 sets costs about $750, but only selling 4 of them gives you a profit of $450-$1,250 profit. Sometimes, Legos will be a lot cheaper and end up costing way more. For example, on Lego cost $80-$100 back when it was new. Now it costs over $1,000 on eBay. On just one of those Lego Sets, you are making a profit of at least $900. Getting 5 of those sets gives you a PROFIT of at least $4500. Even if you decide to build one of them, you are getting a great profit.

Requirements For Making Thousands By Buying Legos

You need your own eBay Store so that you can buy and sell Legos. You will also need patience because it is preferable to sell Legos when they are retired so that you make a great profit. It isn't hard to make $1,000 a week with this method once you get used to it. This is not impossible, and it can actually be easily accomplished.

Best Lego Set To Invest In Right Now

The Lego Tower Bridge is by far the best Lego to invest in right now that is not retired. The Tower Bridge has a retail price of $240, but when this Lego Set retires, I among others predict that this Lego Set will easily surpass the $1,000 milestone. If you want to see the earning potential of the Tower Bridge, you can take a look at the Eiffel Tower and Taj Mahal which are both valued at over $1,500 (these sets are closing in on $2,000 as well). Don't miss out on your chance to buy the Tower Bridge because when it retires, it will be worth a lot of money. This Lego Set is definitely retiring this year (maybe towards summer) because this set has been on shelves for more than 2 years now. Neither the Eiffel Tower nor the Taj Mahal remained on the shelves for over 27 months.

If you want the Lego Tower Bridge, you can click on the picture which will redirect you to a deal on Lego's website. Don't wait for this set to retire!

Buy Retired Legos on eBay and Reselling Them

The Lego Eiffel Tower is a Lego Set that could easily (and soon) by worth over $1,000. You could probably sell a Lego Eiffel Tower for about $1,500, and some person will buy the Lego. However, if someone is selling the Lego Eiffel Tower on eBay for $1,300, you can buy that Lego Eiffel Tower, and then when it comes to your house, you can sell it for $1,500 on eBay. Repeat the process and finding the best deals will result in a good profit. I do not recommend becoming dependent on this policy because there will be someone charging less than you. However, if you get a really good deal, you can get the Lego on that deal and sell it for a higher price.

Best Lego Theme To Buy Right Now

Any Lego Set with a DC or Marvel Superhero is by far the best Lego Set for anyone to buy and sell for a profit later on. This set features Lex Luthor, Superman, Wonder Woman, and the machine that Luthor is in. This set is on sale right now at about $20. However, when this set retires, the Superman mini figure will most likely be worth $20 alone as well as the other two mini figures. I think that when this set retires, it could get sold for around $70-100, so if you buy 5 of them and build 1 of them, you spent $100. However, if you hold onto the other 4 and sell them on eBay, you could get $280-$500 which is a profit of well over $100. Don't miss your chance to buy as many superhero sets as you can because they are cheap and will be expensive later on. If you don't believe me, then just look up retired lego batman sets or of any other superhero. The prices are staggering.

Marvel and DC Comics will both come out with movies in 2015 starring the Avengers and the Justice League. While these movies are in theaters, everyone will want the Legos.

DC Comic Lego Superheros on Sale Now

The Lego Superheros are one of the best group of Legos ever to collect and sell. Have Batman, Superman, and the Justice League team up against Lex Luthor and his allies. Anyone would pay for these Legos right now and when they retire. They are new, so they won't retire soon, but if you get them before they are near retirement, then you are ahead in the game.

LEGO Super Heroes Batmobile and The Two-Face Chase 6864 (Discontinued by manufacturer)
LEGO Super Heroes Batmobile and The Two-Face Chase 6864 (Discontinued by manufacturer)

This lego set is a classic with the new Batmobile, a fan favorite, as well as Two-Face and his vehicle. The new safe with a boat load of Lego money makes this set different from most of the Batmobile Sets. For under $50, this set can be yours, and when it retires, you could easily sell it for $100-$150.

LEGO Super Heroes Superman Vs Power Armor Lex 6862 (Discontinued by manufacturer)
LEGO Super Heroes Superman Vs Power Armor Lex 6862 (Discontinued by manufacturer)

Defeat Lex Luthor with Superman and Wonder Woman, but look out! Lex Luthor has some cryptonite up his sleeve. In an epic match between the two rivals, who will win? You decide! Right now, this Lego Set costs $20, and when it retires, the Superman mini figure alone could cost $20, and the whole set could cost around $50-$100

LEGO Super Heroes The Batcave 6860 (Discontinued by manufacturer)
LEGO Super Heroes The Batcave 6860 (Discontinued by manufacturer)

The Batcave is probably the most famed Lego in Lego History. The Batcave is the secret lair/hideout for Batman and his ally Robin. When the criminals get loose, it is up to Batman and Robin to conceal them once again. Will they succeed, or will the criminals break lose? You decide. The Lego Batcave is way less than $100, but when retired, you could probably sell this Lego Set for at least $150.

LEGO Super Heroes Catwoman Catcycle City Chase 6858
LEGO Super Heroes Catwoman Catcycle City Chase 6858

This Lego Set is a basic set that features Batman chasing Catwoman. With his jetpack, Batman tries to catch up to Catwoman's motorcycle. Will Batman catch up and recover the stolen diamond (surprise, surprise), or will Catwoman escape unharmed? You decide. This Lego Set is worth under $15, but it can go up to at least $50 when it is retired.


A Question For You - Please Be Honest

This idea of making money by buying Legos is extreme, and it can either make serious money or be a bust all together. It all depends on the Legos that you buy, so here is a question for you.

How Much Money Do You Think This Method Can Make?

See results

New Lego Sets

New Lego Sets are very popular before and right when they are released. The latest modular building uncovered was the Palace Cinema although the price and release date are unconfirmed. These Lego Sets are exactly what a Lego fan wants even if they have to pay more than the list price to get the set. Offering sets on preorder is a great method to make a good profit. For example, one Lego Set was available for preorder at $50. This set is only worth $20, but anyone who wanted to preorder the set paid $50 which resulted in a $30 profit for the seller. Another example of this is the Lego Horizon Express which everyone is marveling over (including myself). The Lego is being sold for $130 right now, but if you saw the prices for a preorder, they were as high as $500! People bought these sets on preorder which means the seller made $370 more than normal. Selling 10 of these sets on preorder guarantees a $3,700 profit through this method. New Lego Sets are also sold at a low price with some discounts, so getting them now and selling them when they retire is a great way to make a lot of money by selling Legos as well.

Recommended Starting Amount

Start as high as you can, but you really need only $50 to pull it off

Well, to start off your Lego selling career, the more money you put into your Legos, the quicker you will see results. Buying 5 Lego Grand Emporiums right away and selling 4 of them when they retire will give you a lot of money, but the Grand Emporium costs $150, so it would cost $750 to get 5 (you MUST have 5 sets so that you can build one of them and earn big). However, you could start with about $50. That is all you need to start making thousands by selling Legos. Now, the lower you start, the longer it will take to see the results. Only sell the Lego when it is retired, because you will get a lot more money when it is retired than when it is new and still at a reasonable price. Based on what I have seen, Lego Superheroes and Lego City are the biggest money makers when retired. Lego Star Wars is a close third, but Lego Superheroes are your best bet. You could buy 4-5 Lego Batman sets that have Catwoman in it. That set is less than $20 right now, but you could sell that small set for about $40-$80 when it is retired. Right now, the set costs $13, so even if you buy 3 sets and build one of them, you are looking at a profit.

I highly recommend buying 5 and building one of them so you don't look back when it is retired, but you could seriously buy 5 of these Legos right now for only $65. That is all you need for a profit. Then, you can build one of them and sell the other 4 when the set is retired. You could sell these sets and get a range of $160-$320. So, you are guaranteed a $100 profit.

That is not a typo. After you get your $160-$320, you can spend it on another Lego. The more money you put into this plan, the more money you will get out of it, but don't spend more than $1,000 at one time because it can take awhile for some Lego Sets to retire.

I'm Going To Start This Plan!

I have decided that I will spend $65 to buy 5 of the Batman Sets with the Catwoman motorcycle chase. Of course, I will build one of them and sell the other 4 when they are retired. I could get a profit of $95-$265. I will use this method on more Lego Sets in between the process, but this is my starting point. I am looking at a good profit, but I will most likely spend some of that money on other Legos and repeat the process. Now, I could buy the next 5 popular sets, but this time, they could cost $20-$50, and I would still have some money left over (unless I make a $95 profit, but that is a small minimum). Then, I could sell those sets for $50-$200 and get a profit of $100-$1000. I assume that I can do the buy 5 and build 1 routine. I can't wait to start, but I will be waiting for awhile!

TIP: It is always better to go too high than too low, but don't go charging $10,000 for a Lego Batman Set. That is way too much money (unless it is that 6 foot tall Batman).

The Retired Batman and Catwoman Set

That Lego Set is the retired Lego Batman Set with Catwoman, and it can now be sold for $100. The Lego features Batman in an extremely mini version of the Batmoblie and Catwoman on her motorcycle. This set is similar to the set released in 2012 minus Batman's mini ride, but he gets an extra pair of wings in the new set as well.

The Quick Buy and Sell Method

One thing that eBay sellers do is sell Legos, and sometimes they do it in a bundle (you can't have that lego without getting this one too for a higher price). What you can do is buy a Lego Bundle (a deal that offers more than 1) on eBay, and then you can sell both of them for a higher price. If someone offers you The Lego Catwoman mini figure along with the Batwing Set for $50, you could sell the Batwing for $45 and then you could sell the Catwoman mini figure for $12. I know that $7 won't be able to give you an income, but you can do a few things to make it a good income.

  1. Do this frequently. Getting a $7 profit 100 times gives you $700.
  2. Wait for the Lego to retire and sell for a higher price.
  3. Do the same bundle and sell it for $10-$20 more depending on the bundle.
  4. Add another Lego Set to the bundle and charge extra (more than the original of the bundle+the added Lego Set).
  5. Compare prices with Amazon and eBay. If you find a lower deal at Amazon, buy from them and then sell the Lego Sets even higher. The Lego Toys R Us Truck is only $40 on Amazon, but it could probably be sold for $100 right now on eBay. There is one bundle with 6 Lego Sets, and the seller goes almost $100 over the original price based on if you bought them all on Amazon. You can do it too!
  6. Create your own bundle of Lego Sets or combine other people's bundles together.

Why Create Your Own Bundle?

You will get buyers who look at the quantity, and most won't realize that you can get the same thing cheaper on Amazon. Lego Eiffel Towers cost about $2000 on eBay but only $1200 on Amazon. That is an $800 gain right off the bat if you make the sale. You could get two $20 Legos and sell them for $50 on eBay, and you would get a $10 profit. If you put five $20 legos into a bundle, you could sell it for $120 or $140 for a good profit. If you have a bundle of retired Legos, you could possibly get thousands from that one sale. If you sold separately, you could make the Lego Green Grocer $500. The Lego Hotel costs about $1500 on eBay, so you would make $2000 total. However, if you put them both together in the same sale, you could sell them for about $2500 and still get buyers. $ we're talking! You can get some serious money by putting retired legos into bundles.

Lego Marvel Superheroes

One of the most popular Legos ever

Grab your adventure cap right now and fight off the villains with the new Marvel Superheroes! Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, The Hulk, and other Marvel characters are waiting to be added to your collection. The Lego Marvel Superheroes are popular as new and retired sets.

Which Lego Sets Are The Most Successful?

Based on what I have seen, the Lego Superheroes are always the biggest money makers even when they are new, but you will get a better price when you sell them if they are retired. Lego City and Lego Star Wars Sets are close behind, and the Lego City Sets (including Lego Town Sets) cost the most, but Lego Superhero Sets are the easiest to get, and they are very valuable when retired. A simple 47 piece Lego Batman Set with Mr. Freeze costs over $200.

Why Buy 5 And Build 1

I don't care if you don't like Legos. I love Legos, and I could never live down selling a retired lego and then not having a spare one. I am going to sell my Lego Batman VS Catwoman Sets when they retire, but I love Legos, and I couldn't sell some Lego Set that I will never see again.

A Special Story

The Lego Green Grocer is a retired Lego Set that costs over $500 on eBay (only about $450 on Amazon, so you can make a profit), but this story isn't about buying and selling a Lego. This was before I got involved with online marketing and anything like that. My birthday was coming up, and I loved to build the Lego Town Sets. I had the Lego Grand Emporium and Fire Brigade already, but I needed that prized Lego Set, the Green Grocer. Sadly, the Green Grocer was retired, but only I knew it at the time. Let's just say I was surprised when I got the Green Grocer for my birthday, but the most shocking part was that the Green Grocer Set wasn't bought on Amazon or eBay. No, it wasn't hidden for 3 years in the basement either. There was a store far away (about an hour away) that had 1 more Green Grocer Set in the back of the shelf. With everything done behind my back (what is a birthday without surprises), the Green Grocer set was purchased and wrapped. It was an awesome experience and one of the most shocking moments in my Lego history.

Why Legos

Legos are one of the most popular toys not just in the United States, but in the ENTIRE world. Legos have become very popular because the Lego Company creates Legos based on our favorite movies and TV shows (Star Wars, Superheroes, etc) as well as their own creations (Ninjado, MBA, etc). Lego offers a diverse group of sets that makes the buyer keep on coming back every time. Eventually, Lego no longer sells a particular set. Now, old and new fans of that set look at places that sell those sets such as Amazon and eBay. eBay is growing in popularity everyday, and you could get away with charging 6-10 times the original price and still get the sale in. You can ask nearly anyone on eBay who sells Legos. They are bought because they are the most popular toys in the world. So, the world is your traffic, and if you are one, you know. Parents will get their kid nearly anything during Christmastime and other celebrations.

Ask Me

Do you have any particular questions about a Lego Set and how much it could be worth in the future? Well, you can ask me by telling me the Lego that you have in mind. I will tell you how much you could sell the Lego for. I do worst case scenario and best case scenario ($20-$100) as you have seen before. I will be glad to answer your questions.

The Bottom Line

You always have to sell your legos when they retire, and you always have to sell them for a profit. If you have a retired lego that you got for $10, then what does $20 really give you. It only gives you $10, but it could be a lot more. You must be an aggressive sales person with a high price in order to get the best out of your retired lego sets.

The Difference Between Build Legos and Legos in the Set

When someone wants to buy a Lego, they look for the set first. Remember the time when you got that awesome Lego Set? Did you want to build it or have the building done for you while you were at a party? Well, in most cases, people would want to build their Legos, and the Lego Set box comes in quite nicely with that idea.

The Funny Truth For Some Lensmasters

Including Mysef

This lens is all about making money online with Legos. Of course, you can buy Legos at your local store and then sell them on eBay 3 years later. However, you can also make money online by writing about Legos on Squidoo. You can ask lensmasters like DinosaurEgg as well as myself about the possibilities of earning money with Lego lenses. I thought this was something good to point out since it is Legos earning us money online.

How To Still Make A Profit With eBay Fees

eBay does charge you fees for showing a product on their site and after the purchase. So, with those factor in mind, selling new Legos before they retire might not give you as much of a profit. However, if you want to sell a new lego, please charge at least 25% extra from the original price that you bought it for. Of course, if the Lego is retired, go higher, but eBay takes some of the money because they promote your product. So, if someone wanted to sell the new Batman VS Catwoman Set right now, I would recommend selling it for $16-$20 in order to get a profit. You could probably charge $25-$50 extra for a new Lego Town Set, so if you want a quick method, buy and sell those. Of course, every retired lego's value is usually more than TRIPLE the original cost, so keep a good eye out for Legos.

Create Your Own Products

Everyone has a different interest, and a lot of people want to have Legos that the Lego Company does not provide such as the Lego Android that only a select few have. The advantage of this is that you can create your own product on LDD. Then, you don't buy it from LDD. In fact, I never bought from LDD, and I don't have that many spares. I know it could be a long process, but going on Lego Pick A Brick is the best way to go because you get to buy the bricks for your LDD creation for a low price. What would cost $30 on LDD costs only $10 on Pick A Brick. Then, you can sell your creations on eBay. Based on what I see, making the Lego Pacman looks the easiest and produces a lot of money at the same time. I created the Lego Android with about 100 pieces, and I will get it for about $10 on Pick A Brick. I'm hoping that someone will buy the Lego Android for $30 on eBay because it looks so good. I will definitely buy a lot of my own Lego Androids using the "secret pieces" and then I will assemble it. The assembled Lego Android will be worth $30, and it is good not to give instructions because no one can copy your method.

That's my Lego Android, and that picture is only a taste of how good the Lego Android looks.

The Simplest Designs Sell For A Lot

Some Legos are just too easy to build, but some of those same Legos can go for a huge profit. That is a picture of my 3 blue Angry Birds that I made on LDD. I could probably assemble these birds quickly, and then I can sell 3 blue angry birds together on eBay for $10. Well, how does less than 100 pieces go for $10? Well, the simple answer is this: there is nothing like this on eBay. The best thing sellers have to offer is mini figures (and that's only the angry bird's head), but this is completely new. From what I and everyone else should know, the new and unique ideas are the most successful.

Another Really Great Lego Set To Make Tons Of Money

Another great Lego Set could be worth a lot when it retires. It has more details than the Catwoman Catcycle Chase, and more mini figures as well which is an important factor. They are worth the same, but this time, Captain America on his motorcycle steals the show as he fights the villains and brings them to justice--the American way.

A Good Way To Get More Sales


If you use this method, then you will need to sell your Lego Sets on a place like eBay. If you're alone in the desert, chances are that you won't find many people. The online world can be as cruel or even crueler than a desert, but if executed perfectly, your experience online could be a thriving success. A good way to get more sales is to go on Twitter. Going on Twitter and getting a following is a great way to boost sales because Twitter has the functions as one of the most popular newsletters around. I am well aware that Twitter is a social media website, but newsletters give your customers exclusive info that won't be found on your blog or lens. However, Twitter gives you the ability to give your customers new information that does not have to be in your lens or blog. Instead, you can promote your lens or blog as well as your Amazon links. I will talk about an awesome Lego Product, and then I will use tiny url for the Amazon link. Other people use other methods, but I think you get the point. If you have 1,000 followers on Twitter, and only 1% of your followers buy your products, you will still have 10 customers. These people as well as other Twitter-ers can retweet your tweets about sales. Ultimately, Twitter allows you to reach out to more people.

Promoting Your eBay Store

In order to make money with this method, you need customers, and you'll only get those customers by promoting your eBay stores. Some people use Twitter, some people write Squidoo lenses about their eBay stores, and there are thousands of other methods as well. I would stick with social media and Squidoo when trying to promote because those places get heavy traffic.

Lego Mini Figures

Believe it or not, Lego mini figures are the best way to go if you want a high profit. This Lego Iron Man here can easily be found in Marvel Superhero Sets, but when this Lego mini figure retires, it could easily cost $20-$30! There is a Lego Set with Iron Man in it that costs $20. Selling the Iron Man mini figure instantly gives you a profit, and that doesn't include the other 2 mini figures and the car. Retired mini figures do really well on eBay, and you'll be sure to get a profit every time!

Quick Thousands

If you want to make quick thousands with this method, then buy 5 Legos worth $300-$400, build one, and then sell the other 4 for $1,000 each! You'll make an incredible profit of $2000-$2500!

Not Legos, But Still Made Some Money

Every year, my family and I clean the house, and we found some old books that I thought would be great to sell. I put an American Nation Textbook for sale on eBay to see if anyone would buy it. To my family's surprise, someone bought the book a week later. We charged $27.07 for the book, and it was a great day to get a sale. I have the Lego Batman Catcycle Chase Sets that I want to sell on eBay as soon as the set retires.

Lego Catwoman Catcycle Chase Sets Still Waiting

I got the 4 Lego Catwoman Sets for $50. So far, I've only opened one of them while the other 3 are under my desk. I get very picky when people walk near them because who knows what the reaction will be. If the set is opened, it loses a lot of value, especially since it is an easy to build set. I will sell the remaining 3 for $50 and get a $100 profit. Then, I'll use the $100 on the next trend. The only mistake I made was choosing a new set to start off. If you want to do good with this method, I recommend choosing an older product because it will retire quicker. There aren't too many Lego Sets that are going to be sticking around for over 2-3 years.

How To Tell When A Lego Set Will Retire

There aren't too many Lego Sets that stay around for over 3 years, so the Lego Sets made in 2009 and some of the sets made in 2010 are most likely going to retire before 2013. Another way to tell when a Lego Set is going to retire is to look at the back of the box of newest Lego Sets. Lego only shows what's sticking around which is why you can't see the Lego Green Grocer or Lego Cafe in the back of the box. However, you CAN'T see the Lego Fire Brigade on the back either.You can see the newest sets like the Grand Emporium and Pet Shop, but NO Fire Brigade. That's why I believe that the Lego Fire Brigade will retire before 2013. Then in age order, the Grand Emporium and everything else will retire and be replaced by newer Lego Sets. Some Legos stick around for 3 years, but I can't remember a Lego that recently stayed un retired for 4 straight years.

Are You Going To Start?

Will You Buy Legos and Then Sell Them When They Retire?

See results

How To Make A Full Profit


It is nice to buy a Lego for $12 and charge $100 when it retires. That would result in an $88 profit. However, what if you paid $200 for a Lego and sold it for $1600 when it retired (Lego Eiffel Tower). That would be a $1400 profit, but wouldn't it be nice to get a $1600 profit instead. Also, for the $12 Lego, wouldn't it be nice to get a $100 profit instead? Well, there is a way to do that. I have signed up to join a service called Points2Shop where I can do activities which result in points similar to how a Squidoo lensmaster likes lenses, comments, etc. 100 points=$1, and your points can be used to buy Amazon products for free. All you need is 1200 points to buy a $12 Lego. Now you get a $100 profit. You need 20000 points to buy a $200 Lego which can result in a full $1600 profit. See what this wonderful opportunity has for you by clicking the link and registering to Points2Shop.

I'm Going To Say It How It Is

If you do not have patience, then this method of making money online is not the right place for you. However, I will remind Squidoo lensmasters who visit this lens that money from Squidoo didn't come on the first day either. You had to wait 2-3 months to even get something (and then it had to be good). This process may take a year or two until you see a profit, but it will be a huge profit.

Notable Legos

These are some of the retired Lego Sets that I wish I had in my collection, and the prices to some of these sets are very high. See how much you can earn by buying and selling Legos.

All of these Lego Sets' prices at least doubled while other Lego Set's prices quadrupled or even went up 10 times the original price. Imagine buying these Legos at the original price and selling them at the current price.

  1. Passenger Plane (over $400)
  2. Cafe Corner (over $1,600)
  3. Market Street (over $1,800)
  4. Cargo Plane (over $300)
  5. Soldier's Fort (almost $200)
  6. Brickbeard's Bounty (over $200)
  7. Police Headquarters (over $200)
  8. Police Boat (over $100)

Picking The Right Theme

If you want to make a huge profit from selling Legos, you have to buy Legos from a specific theme that is very popular. Lego City, Star Wars, and Superheroes are the best Lego Sets to invest in. All of these sets are very popular, and any of those sets that are retired usually cost at least twice the original price if not more. Big sets such as the Tower Bridge are also good sets to buy and sell. Any of these themes would be ideal and the price skyrockets of retired sets could happen when Lego Sets currently in stores retire as well.

Christmas Shopping

Everyone goes Christmas shopping one way or the other. Thank goodness I did my Christmas shopping early. I primarily buy Legos on Amazon, and I got a lot of the Legos on discounts during the first week of December. Then, in mid December, the prices skyrocketed upward. The prices of the Lego Sets doubled or even tripled. A Lego Police Helicopter that cost $10 all of a sudden cost $20. I was wondering how something like this could be possible, and then I realized why the prices were going up. Christmas shoppers only had a few days left until orders wouldn't be able to arrive on Christmas Day. There was a cutoff day in which none of the orders after that day would make it on time. It was basically buy now or risk not getting it on time. Many customers bought the Legos for a much higher price than the listed price. A good lesson we can learn from this is when there is a deadline to buy a product, the customer is more likely to buy that product. Waiting a day can be a moment too late, and with Legos leaving the shelves quickly, customers had to make a quick decision, and that decision was to buy more Legos. After the Christmas, the prices of most of the Legos were restored.

Lesson: Raise the prices in mid December and lower them after Christmas when there are no more Christmas shoppers.

The More You Buy The More You Get

When trying to buy and sell Legos through this method, it is important to buy as many popular Lego Sets as possible. The more Lego Sets you have, the more money you will be able to make. Investing in the most expensive Lego Sets will lead to the highest payout. I know someone who has over 4 Death Star Sets that he is going to sell when the set retires. The original price was $400 per Death Star which adds up to $2,000 since he is selling 4 but already built 1 of them (a total of 5 Death Stars bought). Judging the previous Death Star's current price, the Death Star could reach up to $1,000 based upon the amount of mini figures, details, and the simple fact that it is the Death Star. This person will make a profit of about $2,000 which can be then used to buy more Legos which will lead to an even greater profit.

The Top Performing Retired Lego Right Now Is...

The Fire Truck

Right now, the Lego Fire Truck is the top performing retired Lego. Less than a year ago, this set could be bought at under $30, but now it's over $70 on Amazon. The value of this Lego will continue to grow at a point where this set is worth $100 or more. This Lego Set in my opinion won't surpass $200, but you can get this Lego Set on eBay for a much lower price.

What To Do When A Lego Retires

I couldn't help but notice the Lego Airport retiring. I already have one of these sets, but I was considering buying another one just to add to my collection. Now that the set is retired, and I already have the Lego in my collection, there is no need to buy another for a much higher price. Had I known this would happen, I might have bought this set around Christmas. But what happens if you don't have the set. If I didn't have the Lego Airport, I would be very unhappy upon the set's retirement. However, there is still hope to buy a retired Lego Set for the list price, but this won't last long. Right when the Lego retires, head for all of the retail stores that you know. This could consume a lot of time, but once you find the Lego you're looking for, you'll be a lot happier. This method can also be used for Legos that are already retired. Since most Legos retire around Christmas time, you might even be able to get an after Christmas discount.

How To Get Cheaper But Still Make A Profit

If you want to sell a Lego quickly, I recommend charging less than most of the other sellers. If they charge $1,000 for a Lego, you can dip down to $900 or even $950 just to get a sale before the competition. What I would do is buy Lego Sets in bulk. Then I would sell them all when they retire. If I had 5 Tower Bridge Sets, and everyone was charging $1,000, I would only charge $950 plus shipping and handling just to get the sale. That is still a profit of hundreds of dollars, but you get the money quicker, and that money can be used to invest in other Legos. The key to this plan is to keep on investing in Legos with a piece of the profits you get from following this plan. Then you will be able to charge for a lower price which still results in a profit. Then you'll get a good rating and all of a sudden become a top seller.

Used Is Better Than Nothing

The Lego Market Street is a set worth almost $1,000 on Amazon and eBay. Buying this set and then selling it for a higher price may not work as well since the price is fairly expensive. Having a used Lego Market Street can still give you a profit, and you can sell it for around $400, but what if you don't have a used Lego either? What you can do is find the instructions of the Market Street online. Then you can find out which pieces you need and buy them online. I use Pick a Brick to buy most of the pieces, and then I look around for other Lego pieces that are not available on that site. I have not done this process for this Lego, but I have done it for another Lego. I'll talk about that right below.

Lego High Speed Train

This is the Lego Set that I copied to make my Lego train look even better and have more train cars. I found the instructions on a website called Let's Build It Again, and for anyone interested in selling, you could also print the instructions as well. Below is a picture of my replica of the Lego High Speed Train.

My Lego High Speed Train Car

My train looks identical to the set other than 2 minor pieces missing on the top and no cargo in the back. Other than that, my Lego train is a perfect replica of the Lego Set. The bricks to make this set only cost around $25, and if I wanted to, I think I could sell this creation for around $35 with instructions plus shipping and handling. That's a $15 profit which can be used to get most of the pieces for High Speed Train. After another $15 profit, I can address the problems to my High Speed Train by adding some of the pieces that I am missing. My plan for the summer is to do something like this for the Market Street, add it to my collection, and then make a second one to sell.

Do You Know How Much Your Sets Are Worth?

If you do not know how much the Lego Sets in your collection are worth, the link below will help you. All you have to do is enter the number of the set or the name of the set on the top left corner and then the results will come up. I use this website to find out how much Lego Sets are worth now as well as how much future Lego Sets could be worth.

Is The Lego Cargo Terminal A Good Set To Invest In?

The Lego Cargo Terminal is a very interesting set that is to be released in the summer. The other Lego Cargo Plane was released back in 2008 at a retail price that was under $50. Now the retired Lego Cargo Plane has a market value of almost $200 as a new set. The Lego Airport (7894) which retired a couple of years ago has doubled in market value. The Lego Airport which just retired has had a $33 increase in market value. The Lego Cargo Plane was the best of the 3 sets to invest in since the Lego Cargo Plane was the cheapest and now has the highest market value. The new Cargo Plane will probably be closer to $70-$80 since it doesn't have too many pieces. The Lego Cargo Terminal that will be released in 2013 could be worth a lot, but if you plan on using the Cargo Terminal and then selling it, then don't even bother. The used prices of both of the Lego Airport Sets are LOWER than their retail price. The Lego Cargo Plane is an exception, but its used price is around $95 which is almost twice as less as the price for a new Lego Cargo Terminal. The advantage with this set is that is will most likely be less expensive than the other sets with airplanes.

Why Remakes Are Good To Invest In

Did you miss out on the Lego Set shown in the picture? It had a retail price of $50 but is now worth over $150, and paying $150 for a Lego Set that was worth $50 just isn't what everyone wants to do. That is why there are remakes of various sets. The Coast Guard Lego Sets are making a complete comeback as well as the Lego Cargo Sets such as the Lego Cargo Terminal (with the plane) which I recently talked about. The remakes will get a lot of attention since they were made 5 years after the originals. If you didn't invest in one of the original sets such as the green Lego Cargo Plane, you can invest in the remakes, and then the remakes will do just as good when they retire. Since there won't be remakes for awhile after these sets that are being released over the summer, you could make a huge profit by investing in these sets.

Become a Lego VIP Member!

Being a Lego VIP member means you can get VIP points which can be spent on Legos. Being a VIP member as I learned recently allows you to get some Legos before they come out in stores. I got the Lego Palace Cinema in mid February instead of waiting until March. From what I remember, there was a limit which was 2 sets per customer, but you could make a lot of money from this. Not only would the Lego be easy to get (since not everyone is a Lego VIP member or brings their VIP card to the store with them), but if you get 2 sets, you could sell one of them before the release date. Amazon has been taking advantage of this and has been selling them for over $200 in February. You could get a $50 profit from selling the Palace Cinema before its release date which is March 1. If you become a VIP member now, you can be ready for next year when the next modular building comes out.

Make Use Of The Lego Sets Before You Sell!

Why sell Legos before doing anything else with them? If you follow the policy of buying 5 sets or any other number, but building 1 of those sets, you could make a good profit by making a review. If you don't build Legos, you can still do a review for the Lego still in the set but not recommended. It is important to be persuasive to make sure people want that Lego and get to see all of the features. If you add your reviews to YouTube, you could get a lot of views and eventually apply for the YouTube Partnership Program. Putting in an Amazon Link with your Amazon ID at the bottom of the video's description wouldn't be so bad either. There are more ways to make money by investing in Legos than just by selling the Lego Set.

Look For The Black Sheep Lego Set

A Lego Set that has a lot of unusual characteristics is what I call a black sheep set. These Lego Sets will become very valuable when they retire. If a new Lego theme opens up, has some cool Legos, and completely shuts down afterward, you have a black sheep set. These sets are very hard to find, but these sets show a huge profit. One example of a black sheep set is the Lego Market Street which is the only modular building which is

1. Under 2000 pieces

2. Recommended for anyone over 14 instead of anyone over 16

3. A retail price of only $90 instead of the normal $150

4. Being one of the few sets released on the Lego Factory Set.

According to Brickpicker, the Lego Market Street is now worth over $1,100. That's a big profit! If you ever find a black sheep set, it will be worth a lot of money when it retires.

Become A Bidder

Do you have some money to spend? Bidding for Legos on eBay is the best way to use that money if you bid on the right Lego Sets for the lowest prices. When someone offers bids for a Lego, there is a chance for you to get that Lego for a price under its value even if that set is new. The main time to get Legos for a huge discount is August. Around the end of summer, people are going to places, and eBay isn't the first thing on their mind (maybe the beach is the first thing in their mind). The point is people don't purchase as many items in August. People become unaware of items on eBay. However, if you are aware of Legos on eBay that you could get a profit for, you can make that bid and then sell the Lego for a higher price. One of my friends took advantage of this opportunity, and although he didn't buy a Lego, he got products that were worth close to $200 for under $25. Imagine the profit in selling those products again. The same thing can happen with Legos.

Think For Investors

Not every investor does the research on which Legos will be the most successful when they retire. What I recommend for you is to promote Lego Products that you think will retire soon and be worth a lot in the future just like I am now. You can make money with your knowledge if you can put it into writing. I get a lot of sales involving Lego Sets, and as of now, they are a main part of my online earnings.

Wait For The Sales

Do you have the money to get a Lego Set? A good way to get a good profit is to wait. Target offers a lot of sales. Wait for when Target or some other retailer offers a sale for the Lego Set you want. Sales don't always happen, but when they do, you can save a lot of money. I got the Lego Police Station when it was 20% off. I saved $20, and that Lego is now a part of my collection. Wait for the sales to come because then you will save more money which can be used to buy more Legos.

Lego Animations

This idea is primarily for Lego fans, but investors with a lot of used Legos that they don't want to sell should also take part in doing Lego animations. Lego animations on YouTube can be very successful with some of them reaching over 1 million views per video on YouTube! I have also started doing Lego animations as well, and I have received almost 1,000 views since. That is good for me considering I'm not a superstar on YouTube...yet. If you can make short and funny Lego animations, you will be able to get a lot of views, and then combined with Lego reviews, you will become a YouTube Partner in no time! You don't even need too many mini figures for a Lego animation. The more the better, but some of my Lego animations only feature 2 mini figures.

Here Are Some Of My Animations

Some Lego Star Wars Sets To Be Retired

A group of people lead by Birol Kilic, chairman of the Turkish Cultural Association of Austria, complained about the Lego Jabba Palace Set looking like a mosque. The group met with Lego, and the result of that meeting was that Lego announced the retirement of this set later this year. Lego said that this was their original intention, but they could just be trying to get a controversial set out of their shops. What does this mean for Lego investors? The Jabba Palace will either dramatically increase in value, or no one will want it. If Lego was going to retire this set as planned, it is hard to say that Lego won't be retiring other Lego Star Wars Set made in 2012. Maybe Lego is trying to get out of a disaster or make more room for other Lego Star Wars Sets. Either way, multiple Lego Star Wars Sets made around 2012 will most likely retire soon.

The Lego Set I Am Buying Over The Summer

The Lego Tower Bridge is the best Lego Set to invest in right now. This set will be retiring at the end of the year, and like the Eiffel Tower and Taj Mahal, the Tower Bridge will be very valuable in the future. I am going to take this plan to the next level by buying 3 of these sets. The 3 sets combined will cost no more than $720. That is a lot of money to invest in Legos, but the Lego Eiffel Tower and Taj Mahal which are very similar sets are now worth thousands of dollars. When I buy the same Lego Set multiple times, I tend to build one of them and sell the rest. If you include the Tower Bridge that is already in my collection, the total price of those sets would be $960. That's a lot of money, but when I sell the Tower Bridges that I didn't build for $800 each, I would be making a profit of $1540. That's a huge profit, and it's also a lot of money that can be used to invest in other Legos such as the Modular Buildings and some of the smaller Lego City Sets as well. If you want to jump right into the Lego investing world, I highly recommend getting this Lego Set before it retires.

Create Your Own Lego Blog

Selling on eBay is a great start. You will make a big profit that way. There are small fees to list the item and a small fee when the product sells, but these fees are very low and get taken out of the sold price. This will still result in a huge profit, but what if you had a Lego Blog promoting all of your Legos for sale? You would get a lot of traffic to your Legos on eBay, and that would result in a bigger profit especially if the Lego blog made money on its own through some service such as Google Adsense.

What To Do When It Works

Right when you get a profit from selling one of your Lego Sets, you have to buy other Lego Sets with the profit you just made. The more inventory you have, the bigger profit you will be able to make. If you make a $500 profit on one of your Legos, you can use that $500 to invest in other Legos. That $500 profit will then be able to turn into thousands of dollars in profit. If something works, I always stick with it, and Lego investing is definitely something to stay with because it can bring forth a lot of results. Lego investing will also keep people interested in your eBay store, so you will be able to get sales from non-Lego products too!

If you are able to sell a lot of Legos, people will see you as a reliable source. People will eventually come back to your eBay store and buy retired Lego Sets. If people see you as a reliable person, chances are they will buy from you instead of someone else.

Do You Like This Idea? - And Are You Using The Method?

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    • Bergey7 profile image


      4 years ago

      Thanks for a great fun lens! I sell on ebay quite frequently and never thought about legos before. Thank you for sharing this knowledge and for making me excited about buying selling and collecting lego sets!

    • profile image

      Kidz Cards 

      4 years ago

      Cool what a great lens I like it i think I might invest in it

    • MGuberti profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago

      @susan369: When there is a discount for a certain Lego on Amazon (and there are many throughout the year) get those Lego Sets in bulk.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Wow, what a comprehensive lens! I always suspected people buying Lego through retail outlets and then selling it for a profit when they are no longer available in the shops. What I really want to know is where to buy Lego wholesale in bulk. Any ideas?

    • MGuberti profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago

      @eduguy1: Lego Garbage Truck, Lego Dirt Bike Transport, and everything Lego Mining will most likely retire in 2014.

    • MGuberti profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago

      @eduguy1: At the very most $20.

    • eduguy1 profile image


      4 years ago

      Can you tell me which under 15 dollar sets will retire soon?

    • eduguy1 profile image


      4 years ago

      How long until this will retire and how much might it be worth?

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Great lens and great idea :)

    • LEGOjecitis profile image


      5 years ago

      I've heard that the Endor Rebel Trooper and Imperial Trooper battle pack is retiring soon. How much do you think I can get out of that set, if sell it later?

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Great ideas

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Wow, who would've thought Legos were considered a viable investment! Thanks for the information. I will definitely have to look into this further. My kids will get a kick out of this....

    • StaceyWrites profile image


      5 years ago

      Wow, I had NO clue selling retired Legos was such a moneymaker! I was ooh-ing and ahh-ing over some Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings sets I saw a while back, now I'm kicking myself for not picking them up. Thanks for the great information!

    • Elaine Chen profile image

      Elaine Chen 

      5 years ago

      I don't know there is such way to make money with Lego; thanks for sharing

    • tolleart lm profile image

      tolleart lm 

      5 years ago

      This is a great idea, I made quite a bit of money selling my old Star Wars toys from the 80's. Now that those are gone I've been looking for another opportunity. Thanks!

    • WebWriteGirl LM profile image

      WebWriteGirl LM 

      5 years ago

      I love it! I've always been a fan of Lego and love the information you shared. Thank you!

    • favored profile image

      Fay Favored 

      5 years ago from USA

      This is a really good idea. Legos never go out of style, but introduce new things. Excellent way to get started in a new business. Nice job.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Great ideas.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Great information.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      I would never even thought of making money with LEGOs! Something to consider. Great tips.

    • profile image


      5 years ago


    • profile image


      5 years ago


    • ProsperoX3 profile image


      5 years ago

      Great lens. I'm already making a bit of money by selling second-hand Lego pieces, and I've been seriously thinking about buying complete sets new and selling them on at a profit. It didn't occur to me to try to spot the sets that are about to be retired and use them to make even more money. There's a lot of good advice in this lens, thanks!

    • h4mz4h profile image


      6 years ago

      xD wow

    • BowWowBear profile image


      6 years ago

      More how-to's for eBAY would be great. Thanks for sharing this information.

    • LauraMarie LM profile image

      LauraMarie LM 

      6 years ago

      Cool idea. Thanks for sharing.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Wow you are a ........... genius! Thanks for sharing the idea of Lego!!

      I am always looking for new ideas. Wish you well! BEST REGARDS!

    • ccsonian profile image


      6 years ago

      A future profession for my son, the lego maniac. Very cool

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      That's quite an interesting idea...making money with legos...

    • tomthiessen lm profile image

      tomthiessen lm 

      6 years ago

      Does lego announce when sets are being retired?

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      nice 1. I like it. It's great

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Good idea. Would have never thought about it. Thanx :) I have liked and tweeted this lens.

    • KayeSI profile image


      6 years ago

      Intriguing idea! I'll have to share it with my grandchildren. Thank you!

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Cool idea. I had tons of Legos when I was young. Sold them years ago. Way too cheap, I'm afraid. Wasn't as smart as you are :-)

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      @TreasuresBrenda: Even I would like to know about about the instances Legos did not go up in value. Also, what is the typical period between release if a new set and its retirement?

    • sammyaddams lm profile image

      sammyaddams lm 

      6 years ago

      What a fab idea, I have 2 boys who love lego, so have a house full.

    • TreasuresBrenda profile image

      Treasures By Brenda 

      6 years ago from Canada

      Yes, I love your idea and I do sell Lego on eBay, I've just never taken such an organized approach to doing so.

      Have you ever seen sets that do NOT go up in value? Is there a risk that way? I cannot help but wonder about the Bionicles, which were made in such huge quantities and that my sons played with many years ago...

      Off to share your excellent page on my Facebook page, Treasures By Brenda.

    • bechand profile image


      6 years ago

      i have seen that they are very expensive later - but i am not sure I would take the risk on legos ... My son would love the idea, but never be able to leave the box closed ...LOL

    • MagpieNest profile image


      6 years ago

      Yes. My son was given a duplicate of a Lego set he already has. We're keeping it for him. Hopefully it will be worth something in the future. If you can get this right there's money to be made.

    • peggygallyot profile image


      6 years ago

      Not sure about the selling part

    • Angelina Gherna profile image


      6 years ago from California

      I had no idea

    • avigarret profile image


      6 years ago

      A very creative method of making money, I'm very impressed with this lens.

    • MelonyVaughan profile image


      6 years ago

      Excellent tips! Investing takes time, but if one is careful, there is certainly money to be made.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Logos are cool and they will be collectors items for many years to come.

    • nguberti profile image


      6 years ago

      This is a lucrative concept. Thank you.


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