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Adventures with Mario Bros

Updated on August 23, 2017

Characters that Defined My Generation

The first man I loved was a plumber with a mustache. He always wore the same blue overalls with a bright red shirt. For all I knew he might as well have suffered male-pattern baldness for I never once saw him take off the red hat with the big "M" in the middle of it -narcissistic maybe; his name was Mario. Mario Mario, perhaps, though I honestly never had the chance to know his last name.

His brother and he were near inseparable, seemingly incapable of leaving each others sides for no more than a single adventure. He too was a plumber though the business belonged to the other sibling. He too had a mustache, overalls and a hat with an initial on it ("L") but whereas the other donned red he wore a green that matched his eyes. He is the younger and taller and therefore jumps higher and runs faster than his elder. He is Luigi.

Today they still remain although I have let life itself come between us (much to my regret). I try to visit every now again but I always know in the back of my head I'll simply be charmed back into a life with him. With them. Still the resistance only lasts but a short time and I'm right there again begging for another adventure. They will always be there in the swell of my heart and nostalgic memory, reminded constantly by the barrage of public parading of their visages.

They are the heroes of my generation.

They are the Mario Bros

(All images property of Gina Blanchard, artwork by Ross Grajewski, all rights reserved)

Pick a Side!

Did you like Mario or Luigi Better?

mushroom kingdom
mushroom kingdom

Our Adventures Together

Alas it was never meant to be, for if he wasn't running around with his younger sibling or catering to the demands of the Toadstools in the kingdom he was saving the girl he already had in his heart - Peach. I never stood a chance against the princess. He'd been defending her for decades against crazy lizard gangs like Bowser and his little Koopaling brood.

Princess Toadstool seemed to always be in trouble but he still went back for her every time. After all, she was a princess. Anyway I suspect he developed a taste for saving damsels in distress from his Lady or Pauline days; she loved him back when no one knew him as anything other than Jumpman! They still get along, you know, Pauline and Mario. It's hard to step away from that charm, I tell you what!

I could not take the place of Princess Peach or Lady Daniella Pauline [Louise] Verducci, but I could help him find whichever her he sought deep within the darkest confines of giant (or slightly smaller) castles to find ghosts and vicious, evil turtles (Hey, some of them had wings. Wings, man!). Always we found ourselves conquering entire lands together, crumbling castles (and finding all sorts of treasures along the way!). Together we swam across seasides and through deserts and grasslands.

There were times when all signs of hope were lost. Times like when a cloud dangled a green life-giving mushroom by fishing line and a hook in front of me. Always I took the bait like a dumb fish, ending up scrambling into a run as he chased us from the beginning to the end throwing spiked, walking creatures from is perch. Lakitu I will never forget you or your glasses or your stupid grin. Even now from my place of safety I shake a fist at you!

It wasn't always the same though, for better or worse. There were times when we'd step outside of the normal realms and find new places. When we tried to hunt down the seven stars to save the kingdoms from despair we traveled through places like Monstro Town and Moleville, chasing lying-thieving crocodiles, learning new songs and earning cookies through Yoshi Races!

We found Yoshi Island and met new friends like Geno and Mallow! This was a very unique adventure though, wasn't it though? We even teamed up with enemies from past times to defeat the great Smithy and his evil teams. Sometimes we brawled, sometimes raced around in go-carts but at the end of the day we always returned to our comforts.

nintendo remote
nintendo remote

Who wore it best?

There were so many already and there continue to be many new to choose from but these were the classics. The first. The ones we each found a way to cling to if we had consoles or platform games in our homes at all. Certainly we each struck a love affair with at least one. Mine was the 3rd game. Super Mario Bros 3. [Insert Nostalgic Sigh]

Which was your favorite Game of them all?

See results
mario star
mario star

No small chunk of History

ITo some the original Mario Bros is considered the best game ever. To others Mario 3 fits the bill. Either way it is proven by astoundingly high sales throughout the existence of the characters, according to the Game Database

Super Mario Bros. (40.24 million)

Super Mario Bros. 2 (7.46 million)

Super Mario Bros. 3 (17.28 million)

Super Mario RPG (2.14 million)

Mario Kart Wii (33.81 million)

While there have been many characters added and taken away along the travels and names have been changed. Originally there was Lady who became Louise who became Pauline but it didn't matter because Mario was going to end up with Peach or Princess Peach or Princess Peach Toadstool - did you get that?

I came from a time when video games didn't have a save button. You just had to power on through. Sometimes there weren't enough lives. Sometimes there wasn't enough time. The game would end and if the result wasn't the controller flying through the television you'd start from the beginning again with the hopes of getting back to that castle before mom called for dinner.

Outside? Sure, we played outside from time to time but how were we going to know the games were going to be about saving damsels from distress if we weren't playing them at home by ourselves too?

Mario Wallpaper

Nintendo Wall Graphics - New Super Mario Bros
Nintendo Wall Graphics - New Super Mario Bros

There was a time I would have cried and wished and wrote on every Christmas and Birthday list until this adorned my walls. Now I just go get a job and throw these types of things all over my house because you can never have too much of a good Retro theme, right? Right? There's this Controller Table that I've seen floating around that I want... Instructables also has a nice make-your-own-? with 'ding!' and all!


A Collage Drawing

mario bros
mario bros

Sometimes when I'm making a Lens my boyfriend helps me - can you tell which pictures are his and which ones are mine? He draws me pictures like these from time to time to keep a smile on my face as well!

GREAT Gamer Game-Gear ? (Gifts for Geeks!)

Everybody loves board games (I like to assume this.) so why not find some with fun themes to make it even more enjoyable?

For children and adults, these are a couple of timeless favorites of mine:

Monopoly Nintendo
Monopoly Nintendo

I seriously played Monopoly in the attic with my brother for upwards of two-to-three days at a time. There were pauses for eating, bathroom and sleeping and nothing more. To us it was never just a game. It was a war of sibling rivalry and a war of the sexes to the bitter end.It usually ended with someone getting mad and throwing the board.


Cause I'm a Geek, that's why.

Pirates or Ninjas? WHY?

Around the Castle Water Cooler

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    • SimonJay profile image

      SimonJay 4 years ago

      This is the most beautiful way i have ever seen Mario bros being introduced reading your lens brought me so many childhood memories very beautiful indeed thanks for an entertainment poetic read.

    • profile image

      Ruthi 4 years ago

      Not being a gamer, I have not met the Mario Bros., but have sure enjoyed your creative introduction to them!

    • HappyTom LM profile image

      Tom Christen 4 years ago from Switzerland/Ecuador

      Thank you for this nice and funny lens! I loved to play Mario on my grey and big Game Boy, what a time it was... :)