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New Super Mario Bros Wii Cheats

Updated on January 21, 2010
Box art for New Super Mario Bros. Wii
Box art for New Super Mario Bros. Wii

New Super Mario Bros. Wii is almost a sequel to the widely popular and successful New Super Mario Bros. (available for Nintendo DS). Hardcore fans of the series will instantly recognize and love the game's play style, however if you are unfamiliar with the series, then the entire experience may feel like something from the 1980's. Despite this, Mario will always win over any player with a somewhat gripping storyline and catchy theme tune. Alongside original Mario gameplay, are a lot of new features to the side-scrolling series. The controls can be easy to learn for the new gamer, however older Mario fans will find that the original NES controls are basically mimicked because of the Wiimote.

So what's new?

The Mario series is a timeless one, however that doesn't mean that the series has to stay exactly the same. A lot of features have been changed in New Super Mario Bros. Wii that would seem unthinkable when the NES classic was being produced. The most obvious change being the graphics. I know the series became 2.5D (3D elements in a 2D enviroment) with the release of New Super Mario Bros. for Nintendo DS, however the look of the game has become even more advanced with the transfer onto the Nintendo Wii. The colours are vibrant and lively and the overall feel of the game is achieved because of this.

Another massive change for the game is the addition of simultaneous multiplayer. If you have ever played the DS prequel with a friend, then just imagine playing that, but during the entire game. The ability to play with others not only makes the game more friendly (and appealing), but can also make it a lot trickier at the same time. For example, if one player is going to far away from another, then the player that is not on-screen will be pushed toward the other player. However, without the ability to see what is coming up, then you will most likely die. When you die, you will re-spawn in a bubble which requires another preson to pop to allow the player to continue. But, these bubbles can also be used to help proceed with the level, as they can be pushed by moving the Wiimote.

Other, smaller, features of the game are the new power-ups. The ice flower (from Super Mario Galaxy), which lets the user shoot ice balls and freeze enemies, which can sometimes allow them to be used as little stepping stones, the Propeller suit, which allows the player to fly, and the Penguin suit, which does the same effects as the ice flower, but also increases traction on ice and better swimming ability. Yoshi also makes a return on some levels to help you anyway he can.

The final 'new' feature to the game is the Super Guide mode. When you die 8 times in a row on a level, a Green box with a '!' will appear on that level. When hit, Luigi will appear and finsh the level for you. However if you choose to use the Super Guide mode, then you will not be able to unlock a star. Stars are like prestiges on Call of Duty; they show how good you are and will appear on your save file.

Easter Eggs

There are a couple of Easter Eggs in the game, but not the kind that refer to other items, places or people from anywhere else but the Mario series. The two are:

  • Hat Loss
  • Dead Sounds

Hat Loss - When you gain 99 lives (doesn't matter how), you will lose your hat on that level. If you finish the level without losing a life then you will still have no hat on the level select screen. You will regain your hat when you lose a life.

Dead Sounds - *This only works with two or more players*. When a player has lost all of their lives, they can still add to the game. By pressing the directional buttons and then 1 or 2, a noise will activate in the game. My favourite is the drums!

The Koopalings/Koopa Kids - Your main enemies
The Koopalings/Koopa Kids - Your main enemies


Star Guide

Star 1 - Beat the game

Star 2 - Collect 24 Star coins in world 9

Star 3 - Beat every level in the game (you don't have to find secret entrances or anything else like that)

Star 4 - Collect 207 Star coins in worlds 1 - 8

Star 5 - Beat every level, and find all secret entrances and use all cannons.

Shiny Stars - Don't make a Green '!' block appear (the one that Luigi jumps out of)

World 9

Find all of the Star coins in each world (Each world unlocks a level e.g. All Star coins in world 1 unlock the level 9 - 1)

Save Anywhere

Beat the game to be able to save anywhere

99 Lives

Just like the other Mario games, there is always one turtle on a step of stairs which you can bounce off to keep getting lives. Just stay in the right spot to get 99 lives in no time.

Head Protection

When picking up a shell or something like that, press 1 as you shake the Wiimote. This will make you hold the shell above your head and protect you from falling dangers such as Bob-Ombs.


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    • profile image

      safdar777 7 years ago

      I found this game quite addicting and a blast to play multiplayer with my brother. We could play this for hours at a time daily and never got bored. By the way it starts with only some events unlocked and as you play more you unlock the rest of the events.