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Marvel Heroes Defeat Dr Octopus At Kingpin's Warehouse

Updated on June 8, 2013

In Marvel Heroes, the hero must defeat Dr Octopus at Kingpin's warehouse. This is chapter 2 of the main storyline, where the hero must retrieve the Tablet of Fate. The game Marvel Heroes is chapter-based and the main hero must complete the objectives in each chapter to complete the chapter and advance to the next one.

This will provide a guide and tactics on how the heroine the Phoenix a.k.a Jean Grey can defeat Dr Octopus.

Marvel Heroes Defeat Dr Octopus

Marvel Heroes Defeat Dr Octopus using the Phoenix. Then go back and use a different hero to defeat the villain again.
Marvel Heroes Defeat Dr Octopus using the Phoenix. Then go back and use a different hero to defeat the villain again.

Marvel Heroes Get to Kingpin's Warehouse Behind Blood Rose Nightclub

The heroine starts off at the Hell's Kitchen street area (Hell's Kitchen - a region in Marvel Heroes ruled by thugs, not the other Hell's Kitchen) and must find her way to the entrance to the underground station. At the start of each new area will be a waypoint. The heroine should find each waypoint so she can transport back to Avengers Tower for reload of supplies and other mundane heroine activities and then transport back to the required area easily. The required waypoints in chapter 2 are -

  • S.H.I.E.L.D training room
  • S.H.I.E.L.D rooftop checkpoint (from here, descend into Hell's Kitchen)
  • Abandoned Subway

From the abandoned subway, destroy tons of enemies and 'underlings' until the heroine reaches the exit. Take the exit to the Blood Rose Nightclub.

  • There is a waypoint at the start Blood Rose Nightclub

Go to the back of the nightclub and head across the huge warehouse and reach the Kingpin's Warehouse.

The heroine can explore the side quests in each area or just head straight for the main objective - get the tablet of fate and defeat Dr Octopus. The side quests in each area can be solo side quests, where the heroine enters and defeats a mini-boss and gets lots of experience points. The side quests can also be team-based events, where the end boss is a Marvel Universe villain that is powerful enough to require lots of Marvel heroes to defeat. Or the hero can join in the throngs of heroes trying to defeat the Event Boss in each area.

The focused heroine may want to head straight for the goal in each area and defeat the main boss and move on to the next chapter in the Marvel Heroes storyline. The heroine can return to the above unexplored side quests as a different hero (depending on the roster, like Jean Grey, Hawkeye or Miss Marvel) and relive the action using different powers or combinations of powers. Such is the replay-ability of the Marvel Heroes MMO.

Marvel Heroes Tactics to Defeat Dr Octopus

This will use the heroine the Phoenix to defeat Dr Octopus. It is possible to defeat Dr Octopus single-headedly, but it is more exciting to defeat Dr Octopus as a duo or team of heroes.

Make sure the heroine has enough phoenix force when coming up to face Dr Octopus. When Dr Octopus starts marching towards the heroine, transform into the Phoenix and start pelting the octopus with fiery bolts. Or go into Phoenix Tempest and burn Dr Octopus. Bring lots of medpaks and bring even more medpaks if one is trying to defeat Dr Octopus alone. Move away from Dr Octopus when health is low and use those medpaks. Then, when health is restored, go back and launch those phoenix attacks again. Dr Octopus will be defeated.

With Dr Octopus defeated, go forth and grab the Table of Fate. Then watch the cut scene and learn what happens next.


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