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Marvel Heroes Find Mr Sinister's Lab in the Savage Land

Updated on March 20, 2014

In Marvel Heroes, the heroine Jean Grey is tasked by Professor Xavier to find Mr Sinister’s Lab in the Savage Land. Mr Sinister has taken some genes from William Stryker’s gene pool and has begun experimenting on mutants and humans in the hope of finding some kind of subservient mutant he can control. The marvel heroes must stop him. This will guide the heroine as she tries to find all the waypoints in the Savage Land and finally make it to Mr Sinister’s Lab. In the lab, tactics will be provided on how to defeat Mr Sinister.

Marvel Heroes Defeat Mr Sinister

Marvel Heroes Defeat Mr Sinister in the Sinister Lab
Marvel Heroes Defeat Mr Sinister in the Sinister Lab

Marvel Heroes Find the Waypoints in Chapter 7

All of these waypoints are found in the Savage Land in Chapter 7 of Marvel Heroes. The bases for the heroes in Chapter 7 are Xavier’s school for the gifted and the Fall Tribes Village. The waypoints in Chapter 7 are –

  • Dinosaur Jungle – this waypoint is just outside the Fall Tribes Village and serves as a start point once the heroine arrives at the Savage Land.
  • S.H.I.E.L.D Science Station
  • Mutant Marsh

From the fall tribes village, the heroine must try to find the second waypoint – S.H.I.E.L.D Science Station. So just head south from the dinosaur jungle waypoint and then turn east after a short distance. The heroine will reach the edge of the cliff. Run along upwards along the edge of the cliff until the heroine reaches the Thunder River. Then continue along the banks of the Thunder River until the heroine reaches a bridge which will take her east. If the heroine goes east, she will reach the S.H.I.E.L.D Science Station waypoint.

From the S.H.I.E.L.D Science Station waypoint, the heroine should travel north or northwest and past some bridges to reach the Mutant Marsh waypoint. From here, Jean has to travel north (follow the blinking light) and she will reach Mr Sinister’s Lab.

Trying to find Sinister Lab is not easy, because the Savage Land is vast, and it is not called the Savage Land for no reason. The Savage Land is just full of monsters of all kinds, from dinosaurs to wildly carnivorous tribesmen to alien creatures of the Brood. Running away from them, and looking for Sinister Lab may result in the heroine being surrounded by tons of enemies. It is fortune one is Jean Grey because she can just go into phoenix form and burn them all when she is surrounded.

One of the more interesting side quests in the Savage Land, and rather true to the original cartoon X-men cartoon series is the mutant phenomenon known as Sauron. The heroine can accept a quest in the Falls Tribe Village to defeat Sauron.

Marvel Heroes Find Mr Sinister in the Sinister Lab

Back to the main quest-line. Once the heroine is within the Sinister Lab, she must find Mr Sinister. Mr Sinister has complete control of his body at the cellular level, allowing him to regenerate and is immune to injuries. However, in this particular fight, once the heroine finds Mr Sinister, she can hurt Mr Sinister.

The Sinister Lab is full of mutants. The way to Mr Sinister is west. Just defeat the mutants and find any rooms, corridor or paths leading west. Eventually, the heroine will meet Mr Sinister.

Marvel Heroes Defeat Mr Sinister

Defeating Mr Sinister is no mean feat. But Jean Grey, through the power of the Phoenix, can defeat Mr Sinister singlehandedly. Mr Sinister has the following powers in combat –

  • Mr Sinister can teleport between places and teleport directly past the heroine, causing damage.
  • Mr Sinister can channel a beam of energy in front of him.
  • Mr Sinister can create three lightning beams of energy in front of him.
  • Mr Sinister can create an area of purplish destructive energy in front of him.
  • Being a bioengineering scientific genius, Mr Sinister can call on pseudo-mutant X-men to come and help him in this fight.

Faced with overwhelming odds, Jean Grey should go into this battle armed with the full Phoenix Force. Then, when she is in the main chamber, change into the Phoenix immediately, and pelt Mr Sinister with exploding charge. Use the Phoenix’s flaming aura to create damage for enemies around the Phoenix. It is inevitable that Jean will run out of Phoenix force and revert back to her normal self. When this happens, bid for time by using Neural Panic to make Mr Sinister run away. Then hit the super villain with psychic hammer after psychic hammer. Remember to dodge all of Mr Sinister’s power moves and heal up whenever possible.

Eventually, Mr Sinister will be defeated.

However, the ability to control all cellular functions means Mr Sinister can reconstitute himself. He is never truly defeated. Watch the cut scene and see what happens next………..


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