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Marvel Heroes Get to the Inner Compound to Save Stryker

Updated on June 17, 2013

Marvel Heroes Chapter 6 Stryker Under Siege Main Mission

In Marvel heroes, the universe shifts its paradigm towards the x-men story. The heroine is 'transferred' from Avengers Tower to the X-men and Professor Xavier's mansion. In Xavier's school for the gifted, head into the Cerebro Chamber and speak to Professor Xavier the normal way. He will tell the heroine the story of the purifiers and ask the heroine to go to the training ground for the purifiers, the human exterminators of the mutants. He will also inform the heroine that the purifier leader William Stryker had out sent a distress call from the inner compound of the purifiers. The heroine must find the inner compound and then defeat the boss there and rescue Stryker. This will guide the heroine as she tries to find the waypoints in chapter 6 and get to the inner chamber. It will also provide tactics to defeat the bosses holding Stryker captive.

Marvel Heroes Defeat Magneto

When attacking Magneto, keep launching explosive attacks on him relentlessly, then go into evasive mode and heal up before repeating the sequence.
When attacking Magneto, keep launching explosive attacks on him relentlessly, then go into evasive mode and heal up before repeating the sequence.

Marvel Heroes How to Get to the Waypoints in Chapter 6

The first waypoint in Chapter 6 is Xavier's School. From this point, the heroine will be transported to Fort Stryker, a wooded area outside New York. The heroine will arrive at the hidden cabin. This wooded area is not peaceful at all, being the scenes of numerous ferocious battles between the marvel heroes and the enemies - the purifiers and the Sentinels. The wooded area also shields the other waypoints in chapter 6 - they are hard to find. The other waypoints are -

  • the training camp
  • the outer compound
  • the inner compound

The bad news is that it is hard to get to the next waypoint - the training camp, because of the tons of tough enemies that lie in the way. The good news is that once the heroine reaches the training camp, the outer compound and inner compound are within easy reach.

From the hidden cabin, to reach the training camp, the heroine must go along the direction that resembles a sickle. From the second waypoint, go south and then start going in a semicircle heading south, then southeast and then east. Be focused and run past the enemies along the way, stopping only to repel the enemies if the heroine becomes surrounded. Eventually, the heroine will be relieved to find the training camp. The mission is not over. Run a bit more east and south and find the training camp waypoint.

Then head north to find the outer compound waypoint. Then follow the blinking light on the map to find the inner compound. Enter and reach the inner compound waypoint.

Marvel heroes Defeat Magneto to Rescue Stryker

Stryker's actions have lured Magneto to his lair. Magneto has taken him prisoner and wants to do horrible things to Stryker.

From the inner compound waypoint, get to the command bunker by following the blinking light. Then fight your way through lots of enemies and enter the command center to confront the two bosses of Chapter 6 - Pyro and Magneto.

Pyro will act as the vanguard before Magneto. Pyro is the mutant who is able to manipulate fire. However, he has chosen the wrong heroine to fight, because it is really quite hard to burn the Phoenix. Go into Phoenix mode and launch attacks of searing heat at Pyro until he is defeated. Then enter the actual command center and face Magneto.

Magneto is the master of magnetism. And are his powers great indeed. Magneto has the following powers -

  • he can hurl magnetic parts at the heroine.
  • he can magnetize metal and surround the heroine with a metal shield.
  • he can surround himself with a magnetic shield.
  • he can unleash magnetic bolts at the heroine.

All of Magneto's offensive moves can create lots of damage for the heroine. The only option is to go into one corner of the control room and wait there until Magneto shifts his attacks to other heroes. Remember to heal up as much as possible when hiding. Then come out and launch Phoenix mode. Be absolutely relentless when attacking Magneto. Keep launching explosive attacks on Magneto. Then, when Magneto starts focusing on Jean Grey, go into evasive mode again.

With a team of heroes, it will still be tough, but Magneto will be defeated.


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