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Marvel Heroes Hawkeye Level Up Guide

Updated on June 11, 2013

In Marvel Heroes, the hero Hawkeye can be one of the starting members of that the player can pick. Hawkeye is traditionally a ranged archer, although his combat skills allow him to engage in crafty melee combat. By altering his arrows, Hawkeye can ascend to become the greatest archer of all time, infusing power, trickery and subterfuge into his arrows. This will guide the hero on how to level up Hawkeye so that he will excel in Archery and Trick Arrows and then survive stylishly when his combat skills are called into action.

Marvel Heroes Hawkeye Archery Powers

Generally, heroes in Marvel Heroes universe have powers that use spirit energy and those that do not. Hawkeye should level up those archery powers that do not consume spirit energy and maximize their damage to the limit. In this case, he can take down enemies without having to consume spirit energy. When combined with those skills that consume spirit energy, Hawkeye will be a sight to behold at high levels.

The archery powers are –

  • Quick Arrow – allows Hawkeye to fire an arrow that damage the enemy. Can increase the damage and rate of fire.
  • Precise Aim – allows Hawkeye to increase chances of scoring a critical hit.
  • Piercing Arrowheads – allows Hawkeye to fire arrows that go through targets and hit more enemies. Unlocked at level 6.
  • Vibranium Arrowheads – Hawkeye infuses arrowheads with vibranium, allowing these arrows to bypass enemy defences. Unlocked at level 10.
  • Twin Arrow – Hawkeye fires two arrows. Unlocked at level 10.
  • Triple Arrow – Hawkeye fires three arrows. Unlocked at level 20. When combined with quick arrows, Hawkeye is literally unstoppable.
  • Pinning Arrow – Hawkeye’s arrow pins the enemy to the wall. Unlocks at level 20.
  • Wave of Arrows – Hawkeye becomes so deadly he unleashes a wave of arrows at the enemies. Unlocks at level 28.
  • Masterful Archery – Hawkeye’s archery mastery allows him to deliver powerful and lasting injuries.

Marvel Heroes Use Hawkeye Low Level Powers

Marvel Heroes Use Hawkeye low level powers to defeat the Taskmaster. Freeze the taskmaster's lectures and teach him a lesson.
Marvel Heroes Use Hawkeye low level powers to defeat the Taskmaster. Freeze the taskmaster's lectures and teach him a lesson.

Marvel Heroes Hawkeye Trick Arrows Powers

When Hawkeye starts combining his powers with Trick Arrows, he transcends into the next level of archery. These are the trick arrow powers –

  • Taser Arrow – imbues the arrow with electricity energy.
  • Freeze Arrow – when the arrow hits, it freezes the enemy. Unlocked at level 4. Very useful trick arrow indeed.
  • Adamantium Arrow – an adamantium arrow is largely damaging. Unlocked at level 12.
  • Explosive Arrow – the arrow explodes on impact. Unlocked at level 18.
  • Tear Gas Arrow – arrow bursts into a cloud of choking fumes. Unlocks at level 22.
  • Shrieking Arrow – the arrow shrieks, attracting enemies to the landing site and it explodes. Unlocks at level 30.
  • Nullifier Arrow – the arrow generates a field which negates enemies’ power effects. Unlocks at level 26.

Marvel Heroes Combat Skills

When the enemy gets too close, repel the enemy and attack with sly combat skills. The combat skills are –

  • Forceful Kick – stuns the enemy with a forceful kick.
  • Getaway Roll – escape combat with a quick forward roll that stuns enemies in Hawkeye’s path. Unlocks at level 3.
  • Elusive Arrow – allows Hawkeye to jump away and then shoots the enemy, slowing him down. Unlocks at level 8.
  • Combat Training – Hawkeye has been training with Captain America. His sprinting session allow him to incorporate some defensive moves into his combat arsenal of moves. Unlocks at level 14.
  • Ronin Assault – Hawkeye smacks an enemy in the face with his bow. Unlocks at level 20.
  • Ronin Lunge – Hawkeye lunges forward, knocking down the enemies in his path. Unlocks at level 24.

And finally, Hawkeye transcends to become the ultimate archer. He unleashes the Destructive Volley.

Here's a look at how Hawkeye brought the lesson to the Taskmaster, the master of training villains.


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