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Marvel Heroes How to Get to Madripoor to Defeat Elektra

Updated on June 15, 2013

In Marvel Heroes, the hero must get to Madripoor and get the Tablet of Fate from Elektra. Getting to Madripoor is not easy because the heroine is still relatively low level and must trek through vast areas outside Madripoor from the Buccaneer's Beach area to the Lowtown outside Madripoor. This will guide the heroine with the best possible route to get to Madripoor and then provide the heroines with the necessary plan and tactics to defeat Elektra.

Marvel Heroes Defeat Elektra

Marvel Heroes Defeat Elektra
Marvel Heroes Defeat Elektra

Marvel Heroes Get to Madripoor Lowtown

Before the heroine can get to Hand Tower, she must first get to Madripoor. The heroine will land at Buccaneer's Beach and begin her journey to get to Madripoor. The heroine can explore this area and find the HYDRA outpost north of the beach.

From the beach, move in a northernly direction and get past the bridge to the other side. Now, the heroine must head in a westernly direction until she reaches the Bamboo Forest. There is a waypoint here. Search for it. The heroine can explore the mystical bamboo forest if she so chooses.

From the mystical forest, head north until the hero reaches the beachhead. Then move in an easternly direction until the heroine reaches the boundaries of the Sewers of Lowtown. This is good news because it means the heroine is almost in Madripoor. Go inside and find the Lowtown Waypoint.

From the lowtown waypoint, head in a generally northwesternly direction until the hero reaches the barber shop. Go inside the barbar shop and find that it is, in fact, the S.H.I.E.L.D outpost for Madripoor. Restock on items and come out and be prepared to enter Hand Tower.

Marvel Heroes Defeat Elektra In Hand Tower

From the S.H.I.E.L.D outpost, go outside to lowtown and search for the entrance to Hand Tower. Hand Tower consists of several stories, and the heroine will encounter strong resistance at each level. It is best to team up with other heroes in Hand Tower. Defeat the hand ninjas here. If Jean Grey cannot put down the hordes of enemies here with her telekinesis powers, she should transform into the phoenix and create a burning aura around her. This will fry the enemies around her simply by moving around. Also, Jean Grey's powers will be enhanced when she is in phoenix form.

Another alternative is to simply run from one lift to the other until the heroine reaches the top. However, this will attract a lot of enemies and the heroine may eventually be surrounded with nowhere to run. In this case, Jean Grey may have no choice other than to go into phoenix form.

Finally, at the top level, the heroine will face the villainess - Elektra. Elektra has a lot of skills, including being able to move rapidly from one point to the other. Her sai combat skills are also formidable. The heroine will perish rapidly without a defensive strategy. The best defensive strategy is to disperse the damage amongst many heroes ie take on Elektra as a team. Another way to reduce damage is move from one spot to another. The best defensive and offensive move is the pheonix's explosive charge. This causes damage and allows the phoenix to zoom from one point to another.

With a team of marvel heroes around her and those phoenix skills, Elektra will be defeated.


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