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Marvel Heroes Storm Powers Level Up Guide

Updated on June 18, 2013

In Marvel Heroes, Storm can be considered one of the most powerful X-men, being able to command lightning from the sky and use the wind and storm to her advantages in combat. Her ability to engage in the spirit forces and to regenerate spirit energy and to use and reuse her abilities again and again make her one of the most helpful allies and one of the most devastating foes on the battlefield. This will provide a level up guide on Storm’s powers and suggest how to level them up so that Storm is at her devastatingly best.

Marvel Heroes Storm Powers Level Up Guide

No one can withstand lightning after lightning from Storm.
No one can withstand lightning after lightning from Storm.

Marvel Heroes Storm Skybreaker Powers

Storm’s powers can be divided into Skybreaker powers, Windrider powers and Stormcrafter powers. The Skybreaker powers really involve summoning lightning from the skies –

  • Lightning Bolt – this power should be upgraded repeatedly, as it is Storm’s basic power, does not use spirit energy and causes synergy damage with other basic powers.
  • Thundering Bolt – this power allows Storm to call down lightning that stuns enemies around an area. Unlocks at level 6.
  • Stunning Bolt – allows Storm to call down lightning to stun an enemy. Unlocks at level 10.
  • Chain Lightning – a must have for Storm; lightning so called down arcs between multiple enemies, although at a weaker and weaker damage. Unlocks at level 16.
  • Lightning Column – allows Storm to call down a surge of lightning that repeatedly zaps an enemy, allowing stunning of the enemy sometimes. Unlocks at level 20.
  • Ball of Lightning – allows Storm to throw a ball of lighting that zaps all enemies in its path. Unlocks at level 24.

Essentially, Storm’s lightning attacks, damages and stuns enemies all around her, making them weak and unable to take action. Unlocks at level 24.

Marvel Heroes Storm Windrider Powers

Storm’s windrider powers allow her to ride the wind and destroy her enemies. When Storm’s enemies are stunned from her lightning attacks and then crippled by her wind attacks, the situation is just hopeless for the enemies at high levels –

  • Buffering Zephyr – enemies are blasted back by a gust of wind; projectiles are deflected.
  • Sirocco Rush – Storm rushes forward amongst a gust of wind, stunning enemies along her path. Unlocks at level 2.
  • Gusting Tempest – Storm shapes the wind around her, knocking enemies over in the process. Unlocks at level 4.
  • Windy Flight – Storm summons the winds and rises up into the air, allowing her to fly above all. Available at level 8.
  • Lightning Rush – Storm infuses her fist with lightning and then charges forwards, stunning the enemy. Available at level 10.
  • Sudden Tornado – Storm harnesses the power of the maelstrom, unleashes a small tornado unto the enemies in front of her. Available at level 14.
  • Refreshing Breeze – Storm can damage enemies; she can also power allies. This breezy wind increases Storm and her allies’ defences and ends negative conditions. Available at level 22.
  • Quickening Tempest – Storm draws energy from the elements, allow her to grant speed and agility to herself and nearby teammates. Available at level 26.

Marvel Heroes Storm Stormcrafter Powers

Storm’s Stormcrafter powers allow her to augment or power her skybreaker and windrider abilities, making the above powers seemingly endless and powerful. None shall stand in Storm’s way –

  • Spirited – Storm’s spirit energy regeneration rate keeps increasing as more and more points are invested into this.
  • Elusive Blast – Storm jumps away from combat, and fires a blast of lightning that slows the enemies down. Available at level 3.
  • Freezing Tempest – Storm creates snow which snows down and slows down the enemies. Available at level 12.
  • Lightning Storm – Storm creates a localized area of lightning storm that strikes enemies in the area. Available at level 18.
  • Arctic Blizzard – Storm creates a localized area of snowstorm that slows enemies in the area. Available at level 20.
  • Crashing Hail – Storm summons a hailstorm that weakens enemies in the area, making them susceptible to attacks. Available at level 28.
  • Thundering Tempest – Storm creates powerful winds and storms around her. Enemies wandering into this area are slowed and damaged. Available at level 30.

And finally, the classic Storm move – the Goddess of Weather, where her eyes go white and she rises into the air. Storm summons a powerful thunderstorm that hails destruction all over the enemies. On the other hand, allies within the storm are granted increased speed, energy projection and spirit regeneration.


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