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Marvel Point One

Updated on November 25, 2013

A New Marvel.1 Releases in November 2011!

Not interested in resting until every one of you can grab a comic book, fully understanding the Marvel Universe, the publisher of Spider-Man, Wolverine and The X-Men, and writers of great titles such as Deadpool, The Avengers, and other exciting titles decided to create a public campaign that started in February 2011, to indoctrinate new readers to their most famous superheroes.

The latest installment of Point One emerges as a huge 64-page book that sets the stage for 2012, bringing all their power into a set of new issues called Point One

Left: The Marvel Point One event has involved all their high profile characters, and some new ones, which are represented here.

For a thorough understanding, Point One has two different meanings. Whenever you see a Marvel Comic issue with a number like "500.1, 24.1, or 334.1" it represents a primer issue designed to get you up to speed with the hero and event.

The second interpretation of Point One seems to now be an anniversary where Marvel releases a huge book of "Point One" issues that will prepare you for the major events of the next year. In this case, a HUGE Point One book is going to be released in November and will give you lots of details about what's going to happen in 2012.

Below is a brief summary of the 2012 major events.

The Foundation of 2012 - The Marvel Point One Primer Released on November 9, 2011

Point One Teaser releasing Nov 11, 2011
Point One Teaser releasing Nov 11, 2011

Taken from here:

"POINT ONE is a massive one-shot of 64 all-new pages of story by the top creators in the business, setting the stage for the biggest stories coming in 2012. It is the starting point to what's in store for the world's most iconic characters and startling events. POINT ONE serves as the launch pad for dynamic new series, the return of fan-demanded characters, and a shocking teaser that will have everyone talking. See how all it comes together in one gigantic epic!" - Tom Brevoort, Senior Vice President, Executive Editor

Summary: The March Towards Ultron Ultron returns, setting in a post-apocalyptic version of the world where he is in control, terminating heroes. The main characters of the event are, obviously, the Avengers and will come to fruition in Avengers #19 (Nov 23, 2011).

Marvel Point One Coverart

Below is a look at some of the other Point One teasers for the November 2011 release.

Summary: This is an alternate reality setting where the human population is almost extinct. There are five exceptions known as The X-Terminated: Goodnight, Prophet, Deadeye, Horror Show and Fiend. These Homo Sapien individuals are all that's left - and their goal is nothing short of survival and vengeance! Rise of The X-Terminated is the lead-in to Uncanny X-Force 19.1 (releases Jan /04, 2011) and starts their event known as The Age of Apocalypse (specifically, Age of Apocalypse #1).

Summary: Defend Against The Impossible Primarily this story will center on Dr. Strange, but also connects to Namor, Iron Fist, She-Hulk and Nick Fury. Having traveled into the mind of a weird, babbling man, Stephen learns of a strange machination that is rearranging reality. With the help of these associates, Dr. Strange will embark upon a new mission of shutting it down. This story is a prequel to Defenders #1 (Dec 07, 2011) and may also dovetail with the release of Nul, Breaker of Worlds from the Fear Itself event.

Summary: It's Coming stars Nova, the Human Rocket as a harbinger, warning world's that the Phoenix force has returned. At this point in time, this appears to be the major event of 2012 and expected to cross into multiple titles.

This is The Scarlet Spider
This is The Scarlet Spider

Summary: Kaine's Journey Word is out there that there's going to be a new spider-type super-powered person running around. His name is Kaine and he's emerged from the Spider-Island. event. He'll be calling himself The Scarlet Spider and starts in his own series with The Scarlet Spider #1 (Jan 11, 2011).

Coldmoon and Dragonfire - Two New Superheroes in Town

Coldmoon and Dragonfire, Marvel Point One
Coldmoon and Dragonfire, Marvel Point One

Of the major Point One release, there are two new super-powered kids running around; they were genetically created by the Taiji Coorporation as devices of war and managed to escape their containment. Their names are Coldmoon and Dragonfire.

It's not certain if they'll have their own title or if their story intertwines with others; the technology they are referring to in the panel above could be an element that merges with the Age of Ultron story.

Point One from TFAW - They're Offering A Discount

Purchase Point One for less at TFAW.COM
Purchase Point One for less at TFAW.COM

Things From Another World is offering a discount on this Point One issue. You should check it out here.

At Things From Another World, the preorder is $4.79. (20% off)

Marvel.1 Checklist

Previously, the following issues were a part of the Point One event. Each one served as a perfect jumping on point for Marvel's flagship series while dropping hints for each series' next year of stories. Think of each Point One story as self-contained launch pad into the Marvel Universe for new readers and old fans alike - and, to get there, we've brought on board some of comic's most acclaimed writers and artists to make set Marvel's top heroes off their greatest adventures yet.

The Marvel Point One Checklist (These have already been released)

February 2011

Amazing Spider-Man #654.1

Invincible Iron Man #500.1

Wolverine #5.1

March 2011

Captain America #615.1

Deadpool #33.1

Hulk #30.1

Thor #620.1

Uncanny X-Force #5.1

April 2011

Avengers #12.1

Secret Avengers #12.1

Uncanny X-Men #534.1

Each installment of the Point One initiative showcases the best characters and talent that Marvel has to offer! See what you've been missing - or catch up on what you've loved all along - only with Marvel Point One!

Hi there,

If you're watching the Marvel Point One event, you can check back here frequently to see what's going on. I'm going to summarize the entire event and pull together a synopsis on how it's all fitting together. If you see or hear anything, or find that a correction is needed up above, please feel free to chime in. I'm always appreciating criticism (especially when it's right and I'm wrong.)

Thanks for dropping by; anyone can submit a comment, but if you want to join Squidoo, click my referral in the banner.

Your Marvel.1 Comments - Are you keeping on eye on the Marvel Point One event?

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    • hnrysmith profile image


      7 years ago

      I'm excited for it. Your lense is the best


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