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Marvel's Secret Invasion

Updated on December 10, 2012

Skrull Aliens Are Posing as Superheroes!

Beyond the fears of man... and the infinite vastness of the stars, an alien race had descended on earth decades before and enacted a plan of treachery and impersonation. It was only in 2008, when their inhuman computer virus bore a hole through Stark systems, captivating the United States systems in a stranglehold, that we realized the horror: The World was under Invasion: A Secret Invasion.

Soon thereafter, what we feared became true. Ships had descended on the earth; the prominent governments and superhero groups around the world had been infiltrated.The Skrulls were invading!

This is the story of Marvel Comics and their event called the Secret Invasion, which began in mid-2008. Upon this digital page are the answers you are seeking. What will be gathered in this project is a vast and well-detailed Reading Order, a Checklist for you to determine what you need, and all sorts of interesting, extra bits of information. For those of you interested in the best reading experience: this is for you. It is time to remember that fateful day, when many of your favorite superheroes turned out to be Skrull imposters, and when our planet became part of their empire!

This is what really happened...

Update Schedule

Secret Invasion, Last Update: 12/10/2012

NOTE: This page is still in flux, and currently part of a project that will allow readers to provide input. (Which means you correct me if you see something wrong.) (Thanks.)

12/10/2012. Updated the Deadpool and Guardians of the Galaxy story arcs into the Reading Order.

11/27/2012. Placed the Avengers The Initiative issues throughout the Reading Order because they are a major part of the storyline.

11/13/2012. Had lots of time this morning and afternoon, and did lots of updates.

10/26/2012. Populating Chapter 3 today and will stop at Secret Invasion #3.

10/25/2012. Populated Chapter 1 and I'm on Chapter 2. Updated some of the previous sections, including the list of superheroes who were assimilated.

10/22/2012. Did some fine tuning on Chapter 1 with some added contact. Refined the Prelude section.

02/14/2012 - Added Captain Marvel and the remaining issues of the Secret Invasion Infiltration. Added the Reading List which I'll start populating in the next few days.

02/13/2012 - Added artwork to each chapter. Incorporated Secret Invasion: Thor, Secret Invasion: Spider-Man. Added a complete Release List.

01/29/2012 - Established the page. It's about 50% finished, and I've put in a lot of context, but I have a lot to continue working on. More than likely this will take two weeks or less.

Cover of Captain Marvel #4 (2008), part of the Secret Invasion Infiltration event.
Cover of Captain Marvel #4 (2008), part of the Secret Invasion Infiltration event.

The Secret Invasion Reading Order

A Non-Spoiler Full List of Secret Invasion Chronology

The following is a full list of the Secret Invasion event. This does not contain spoilers and is for all of readers who just want the basics.

If you are looking for more information, a more-detailed list is further down the page. It has summaries and explanations of plots.

The Secret Invasion Infiltration Prelude

PR01 New Avengers: Illuminati #1

PR02 New Avengers #31

PR03 New Avengers #32

PR04 Avengers: The Initiative Annual #1

PR05 Captain Marvel #1

PR06 Captain Marvel #2

PR07 Captain Marvel #3

PR08 Captain Marvel #4

PR09 Captain Marvel #5

PR10 Mighty Avengers #7

PR11 New Avengers #38

PR12 New Avengers #39

PR13 New Avengers: Illuminati #5

PR14 Ms. Marvel #25

PR15 Ms. Marvel #26

PR16 Ms. Marvel #27

Chapter 1: The Awakening

001 Mighty Avengers #12

002 Mighty Avengers #13

003 Secret Invasion: Inhumans #1

004 Secret Invasion: Inhumans #2

005 Avengers: The Initiative #14

006 Secret Invasion #1

007 Secret Invasion: Who Do You Trust #1

Chapter 2: First Wave

008 New Avengers #40

009 Secret Invasion #2

010 New Avengers #41

011 Mighty Avengers #14

012 Secret Invasion: Spider-Man #1

013 Secret Invasion: Spider-Man #2

014 Secret Invasion: Fantastic Four #1

015 Secret Invasion: Fantastic Four #2

016 Secret Invasion: Young Avengers & The Runaways #1

017 Secret Invasion: Thor #1

Chapter 3: Broken Fronts

018 Mighty Avengers #15

019 Mighty Avengers #16

020 Mighty Avengers #17

021 Mighty Avengers #18

022 Secret Invasion #3

Chapter 4: Worlds War I

Secret Invasion #4

Chapter 5: Revelations

Secret Invasion #5

Chapter 6: Worlds War II

Secret Invasion #6

Chapter 7: The Battle of Central Park

Secret Invasion #7

Chapter 8: Conclusion and Epilogue

Secret Invasion: Fantastic Four #3

Secret Invasion #8

Mighty Avengers #20

Secret Invasion: War of Kings #1

2012 Oct 26 - This list is still populating. Check back in the next few days (or weeks depending my on schedule). I'm fixing it all up right now.

Prelude to The Secret Invasion - The Secret Invasion Infiltration

Excerpt from New Avengers: Illuminati #5, a part of The Secret Invasion Infiltration
Excerpt from New Avengers: Illuminati #5, a part of The Secret Invasion Infiltration

Before the Secret Invasion takes place or goes into full effect, you might want to pick up the issues that were part of the Secret Invasion Infiltration mini-series. They are entertaining, informative, and have relatively little in the way of spoilers. On the other hand, if you want to avoid any foreshadowing of events, skip the infiltration altogether.

Most of the issues here follow the first finding of a Skrull Impersonator, and how the information slowly and quietly spread among the superheroes of Earth.

PR01 New Avengers: Illuminati #1 (Technically, this is not a Secret Invasion Infiltration bannered issue, but the link between this issue and the entire event is too important to overlook. Gathering together, Iron Man, Reed Richards, Professor Xavier, Dr. Strange, Namor, and Black Bolt decide to go to the Skrull Throneworld and confront their leader. This mission is to convince, or warn, him not to ever come to Earth again. It doesn't work, and by the end of this issue, something...strange is afoot with the Skrulls.)

PR02-PR03 New Avengers #31-32 (Luke Cage and his new Avengers team enter into a battle, killing Elektra. But it's not Elektra; to their dismay, the body turns into a Skrull. For the remainder of the story they discuss and decide what to do with the body and the possibility of a Skrull invasion. The death of the Elektra imposter is the trademark event that uncovers a Skrull invasion plot. As you follow the body, the story unfolds in a well-organized manner.)

PR04 Avengers: The Initiative Annual #1 (A series of stories that goes into the origins of heroes such as Hardball, Armory, and The Scarlet Spiders. At the end, a story from The Liberteens - one of the newly established supergroups - turns into a Secret Invasion lead-in as one of their team turns out to be a Skrull.)

PR05-PR09 Captain Marvel #1-5 (of 5) (This begins the story of Mar-Vell, a long-dead superhero who suddenly reappears at the end of the Civil War. A 5-issue limited mini-series, it is a very good read and foreshadowing of the events to come. Throughout the story, he interacts with Ms. Marvel and Tony Stark, all during the rise of the Church of Hala, a religious group revering him as some form of messiah. In the end, the tale takes a turn as he learns who he really is, making a decision that will change his life. Only #4 and #5 have the Infiltration banner, but it's better to read the entire saga.)

PR10 Mighty Avengers #7 (Spider-Woman brings the body of the Elektra imposter to Tony Stark and reveals what her teammates have concluded. Stark decides to bring her on his Avengers team to help find any infiltrators. This issue follows the continuity of the Skrull body from the moment it was discovered.)

PR11-PR12 New Avengers #38-39 (After issue #32, the team has some side adventures, but picks up with #38 and the Secret Invasion Infiltration banner. Notably, Spider-Woman is now on Stark's team, which places it right here. With the anticipated invasion, Avengers start fighting amongst themselves. Luke and Jessica have a separation moment and Echo, while out alone, is ambushed by a replacement Skrull, barely surviving.)

PR13 New Avengers: Illuminati #5 (Stark reveals the body of the Skrull Elektra to the rest of the Illuminati and tells them the Skrulls are likely preparing for war. While they argue, Black Bolt reveals that he is a Skrull and attacks. He is killed, but other Skrulls then ambush the group. Using nearby reactors, Iron Man sets off a blast that kills the aliens. With no one sure sure who to trust, the group disbands, going their separate ways in preparation for whatever the Skrulls intend.)

PR14-PR16 Ms. Marvel #25-27 (Carol Danvers' story occurs very close to the beginning of the actual invasion. After following a suspicious truck, she finds AIM has allied with a Super-Skrull. It escapes, but she later has other encounters, including one with a Skrull posing as herself. Leading her Lightning Storm team of Sleepwalker, Machine Man and Agent Sum, they realize the first wave is about to begin. This story ends right as the Secret Invasion begins and belongs at the end of the Infiltration story arc.)

Secret Invasion: Chapter 1 - The Awakening

Excerpt from Secret Invasion #1
Excerpt from Secret Invasion #1

Picture: Tony Stark reveals that Skrulls have been living among Earthlings, undetectable for some time.

Note: If you've decided to skip reading the Secret Invasion Infiltration, you'll miss very little. The actual event starts with many flashbacks and brings you quickly up to speed.

Timeframe: Months to Hours before the official attack on Earth.

001 Mighty Avengers #12 (This issue is composed of a series of past accounts, starting many months back. It's a perfect intro, especially if you pass over the prelude. This issue shows how Nick Fury learned there are Skrulls preparing to invade the Earth. After finding out one of his lover, Agent Contessa Valentina Allegra de Fontaine, is a Skrull, he kills her and eventually contacts Maria Hill as a warning. Later he meets with Spider-Woman, telling her to join SHIELD once again. By the end of the story, it is obvious that Fury is now preparing for the inevitable Skrull attack while he is "off the grid".)

002 Mighty Avengers #13 (A flashback to six months before the invasion. Nick Fury, now preparing for the coming Skrull attacks, begins recruiting his "Secret Warriors" based on "Caterpillar Files" - documents of candidates with powers that nobody else knows about.)

The Inhuman Front

Before the Skrulls attacked Earth, their agents had awakened in the city of Attilan, home of the Inhumans. Their encounter on the moon and in space is believed to occur some time before the actual invasion on Earth. The best indication of placement is the last issue, where the Skrull Armada is shown outside the main planet's atmosphere. Because of the lack of any other chronological markers, this entire 4-part mini-series Secret Invasion: Inhumans is best presented together in entirety, here.

003 Secret Invasion: Inhumans #1 (of 4) (Takes place mostly on Attilan and the moon. Iron Man shows Medusa the body of the dead Skrull who posed as Black Bolt and she takes the body, revealing it to the Inhuman Council and King. As they begin wondering over the true identities of those among themselves, the Skrulls begin their ambush on Attilan. At the end, we see the real Black Bolt is alive and captured; they are planning on using his powers as a destructive weapon. The attack on Attilan has commenced.)

004 Secret Invasion: Inhumans #2 (of 4) (Continues from issue #1. The Inhumans are in the middle of a battle against Skrulls impersonating their people. After quelling the attack, Medusa tortures one of the Skrulls and gathers enough information to learn Black Bolt may be alive. She and the Royal Family take one of the Skrull ships and prepare to head towards space.)

005 Avengers: The Initiative #14 (The events in this issue occur before Secret Invasion #1 and the activation of the alien virus on Stark Technology. Pym's true identity as the Skrull, Criti Noll, is fully revealed beginning with some flashbacks and through his associations at Camp Hammond. The story then centers on The Crusader, a Skrull posing as a superhero hiding from other Skrulls, and 3-D Man who spots a Skrull posing as the superhero, Magnitude, at his new post in Hawaii. After beating him, he teleports back to Camp Hammond to announce an invasion, but is confused when Crusader uses his Freedom Ring to make everyone look like a Skrulls.)

006 Secret Invasion #1 (Iron Man shows Reed Richards and Hank Pym the dead Skrull body that had posed as Elektra. Near simultanously, a single Skrull ship crashes into The Savage Land. As Iron Man raises the alarm for his team, Spider-Woman secretly alerts Luke Cage and the New Avengers who teleport to the Quinjet and steal it. In the Savage Land, both Avenger teams meet there and nearly come to blows, but suddenly, as Cage prepares to open the ship, everything goes freaky. Iron Man's armor shuts down - an alien virus is running rampant through Stark Technology - and all the world's highest security systems. Jarvis, the Avenger's butler is a Skrull; Hogan on the SWORD HQ is also an alien; he blows it up. While Richards is analyzing the Elektra imposter, Pym breaks out a weapon and shoots him; he's also a Skrull plant. Once the alien ship is opened, many heroes thought to be dead - and some in outdated costumes - appear. Now no one knows who is human or Skrull.

007 Secret Invasion: Who Do You Trust? #1 (One Shot) (A compilation of short stories around the world, with the Skrull Invasion at various stages. The Captain Marvel story happens before and up to Secret Invasion #1. Agent Brand's story occurs after Secret Invasion #1 and before Secret Invasion #4. The Beast and Wonder Man's story occurs sometime after Secret Invasion #2. Noh-Varr's story occurs just before the whole invasion. The final story occurs on the west coast of the U.S. with The Atlas Foundation, and could be happening around Secret Invasion #3 or #4.)

Guardians of the Galaxy #4 (This story can be placed near Secret Invasion #1, because it refers to the Skrull plans against Earth, but doesn't tell the reader if anything has or hasn't happened yet. An explosion on Knowhere, a Science base and also headquarters to the Guardians, reveals Skrulls. The team and security forces then begin questioning who else is an imposter. When they try to interrogate Drax, he has disappeared.)

Guardians of the Galaxy #5 (Continues from GotG #4 for continuity. The Knowhere security begins looking for Drax, but he takes them out. Quasar manages to track him down, only to learn he is planting synapse bombs over the base. Warlock melds with the Celestial brain and learns that Cosmo is working with Skrulls. He goes to fight, but then the bombs go off.)

Guardians of the Galaxy #6 (Continues from GotG #5 for continuity. The synapse bombs go off and everyone is brain dead for 90 seconds. With that information, Drax then locates the Skrulls with Quasar and heads there. They encounter Warlock and Cosmo, now defending the Skrulls and about to fight until Cosmo reveals that these Skrulls are pacifists and want nothing to do with an Earth Invasion. Soon after, the luminaries show up and they fight the guardians until Cosmo shuts everyone down.)

Secret Invasion: Chapter 2 - First Wave

Excerpt from Secret Invasion #2
Excerpt from Secret Invasion #2

Picture: The Avengers come face to face with...Avengers in The Savage Land!

008 New Avengers #40 (This issue is place here because it released at the same time as Secret Invasion #1. Rather than spoil the issue, it's best as an intro to Chapter 2. This issue is an extremely important issue that looks back at Skrull History, as their plans to invade earth are revealed. Veranke becomes Queen and chooses to join in the first wave of the Secret Invasion as Spider-Woman.)

009 Secret Invasion #2 (Continues from Secret Invasion #1. In the Savage Land, the groups of Avengers meet and among them are Skrull Imposters. The problem is that there is no means of detecting them. To make things worse, a Tyrannosaurus Rex appears and scatters them. Iron Man's armor has been infected by an alien virus and Ms. Marvel pulls him out of combat to a mutate citadel lab. Chronological Markers:

1. The Sentinel is driven mad by a Skrull ploy delivered by an imposter-Skrull posing as The Vision.

2. Iron Man tells Ms. Marvel to fly to the mainland and prepare for battle.

3. In New York, The Baxter Building glows brightly and then half of it disappears.

4. In Manhattan, Times Square, a Skrull Ship releases the first wave of Super-Skrulls on the city. The attack on Earth officially commences.

Within the backdrop of the story, It's also important to mention that Ares, god of war, calls the encounter in The Savage Land what it is - a trap - right as the imposters and true heroes meet. He tells those who can to fly to New York and prepare for battle.)

These issues correlate with scenes in Secret Invasion #2.

010 New Avengers #41 (Scenes in this issue correlated with Secret Invasion #2. This issue takes place where the Tyrannosaurus attacks and follows Spider-Man as he, by chance, meets up with Ka-zar and Shanna.)

011 Mighty Avengers #14 (Centers on The Sentry, but shows scenes during Secret Invasion #2. It then resumes back in New York where Super Skrulls have appeared.

012 Secret Invasion: The Amazing Spider-Man #1 (Jackpot voices her angry at the Daily Bugle and then has to confront the Skrull Invasion as they first start appearing in Manhattan.

013 Secret Invasion: The Amazing Spider-Man #2 (Continues from Secret Invasion: The Amazing Spider-Man #1. Jackpot fights a Super Skrull designed to battle Spider-Man and joins forces with Robbie Robertson.)

014 Secret Invasion: Fantastic Four #1 (of 3) (In Secret Invasion #2, there is a scene where the Baxter Building glows and disappears; this is the continuity issue of that event. Sue is captured and impersonated by a Skrull. She goes into the Baxter Building and sets off a reaction that pulls it into the Negative Zone. She attempts to convince Johnny, but he figures out she is the Skrull, Lyja.)

015 Secret Invasion: Fantastic Four #2 (of 3) (Continues immediately from Secret Invasion: Fantastic Four #1. Johnny battles Lyja until she realizes that he still has feelings for her, then they fight in the Negative Zone together. Once things calm down, Franklin Richards helps them put together a plan to head to the Negative Zone Prison and find a "bad guy" who can help them escape.)

016 Secret Invasion: Runaways & The Young Avengers #1 (Simultaneous with the end of Secret Invasion #2. The Runaways encounter the first wave of Skrulls landing in New York; Xavain knocks them out to protect them from attack. Meanwhile, The Young Avengers are also caught in the middle of the attack and some of the Super-Skrulls are focusing their efforts on Hulkling. Xavain manages to provide protection and takes them underground.)

017 Secret Invasion: Thor #1 (of 3) (Occurs in Asgard and Broxten, Oklahoma. We assume that the events in Secret Invasion #2 have happened or are currently transpiring, including the surprise attack on Asgard that would happen - near synchronous - with the invasion on Earth. Beta Ray Bill lands in Asgard near Broxton, Oklahoma and claims he has been tortured by Skrulls. When Loki learns this, he whispers rumors that Skrulls could be among them. The Asgardians respond by forming a mob against Bill and Thor steps in, passing his own Mjolnir to him so he can transform. Empowered, he rejoins the fight as Asgard becomes attacked by the aliens. The Attack on Asgard has commenced.)

Excerpt from Secret Invasion #3
Excerpt from Secret Invasion #3

Secret Invasion: Chapter 3

Broken Fronts

These issues comprise an informative Intro into Chapter 3 and the Secret Invasion. They work best before Secret Invasion #3.

018 Might Avengers #15 (This is a recap story that shows how Hank Pym was replaced by a Skrull. It has no particular placement except in the Mighty Avengers numbering chronology.)

019 Mighty Avengers #16 (A recap on how Elektra was replaced before the Skrull Invasion.)

020 Mighty Avengers #17 (A blast from the past showing how the Skrulls tried to replace Hank Pym multiple times and failed.)

021 Mighty Avengers #18 (This issue shows Nick Fury and his caterpillar team as they train for the missions. At the end, the invasion has started in New York.)

Picture: Wiccan, The Young Avengers, and numerous other superheroes face the Skrull Invasion in Manhattan.

022 Secret Invasion #3 (The Avengers Initiative at Camp Hammond goes into alert and prepares to arrive at New York. In the next scene, The Young Avengers and Runaways with Hulkling are present there and currently in battle. It's a huge conflict and The Initiative finally shows up. In another scene, the Skrull-Captain Marvel is beating up all The Thunderbolts and Norman Osborn attempts to parley. Switching back to the main battle in New York, we see The (Young Avengers) Vision is nearly killed, taking a crippling shot to the head. And finally, back in The Savage Land, Queen Verenke, Spider-Woman, approaches Stark while he's trying to fix his armor, telling him he's a specially-trained and brainwashed Skrull Spy. The final scene of the issue shows Nick Fury and his newly-trained Secret Warriors, teleporting in to join the Manhattan fight.)

The following issues have scenes which correlate with Secret Invasion #3.

The Manhattan Front

The center of most of the action is Manhattan Island, where Skrulls have appeared in the middle of Times Square. Heroes involved: The Avengers Initiative, Jackpot, Ms. Marvel, The Runaways and Young Avengers, and briefly, The Secret Warriors.

Avengers: The Initiative #15 (This issue covers a long scope of events, including the activation of the Alien Virus to the Battle in Manhattan. By the end, it is Simultaneous with Secret Invasion #3. 3-D Man confides his beliefs with Crusader, without realizing that he's talking to a Skrull. They leave on a mission to investigate and suddenly their craft goes down when the alien virus attacks Stark Technology. Back at Camp Hammond, the alert goes out and Skrull-Pym tells them that there's an invasion and to head to Manhattan. Gauntlet and his cadets enter the battle there and the story then centers on Crusader, ironically facing an old Skrull friend in battle, killing him.)

Secret Invasion: Runaways & The Young Avengers #2 (Occurs at First Wave Invasion +13 minutes, and continues from Secret Invasion: Runaways & Young Avengers #1. Princes Xavain and Dorrek fight with the help of the Runaways and Young Avengers. Commander Chrell sends a powerful Super-Skrull named X'iv to take them out. They manage to escape. In this issue, there is also a reference to The Vision being shot in the head.)

New Warriors #14 (The issue shows scenes of the initial invasion in New York. The New Warriors escape from New York with a bit of Skrull battle and then follow Night Thrasher as he looks for clues about his brother, Dwayne, and whether he might have been a Skrull. At the end of the issue,though, he's confronted by Vance, Rage, and former Warriors.)

New Warriors #15 (Continues from New Warriors #14 and this issue ends somewhere in the midst of the invasion. The New Warriors and Vance's team fight, but finally Night Thrasher reveals who he really is: Donyell Taylor. Now Vance decides to help him determine the true identity of his brother's body, which is actually on a SHIELD helicarrier. After battles with the Skrulls attempting to take it over, they learn it's really Dwayne who died in Connecticut.)

Secret Invasion: The Amazing Spider-Man #3 (Continues from Secret Invasion: The Amazing Spider-Man #2. The writer admits the series concludes around the incidents in Secret Invasion #3. Jackpot continues battling the anti-Spider-Man-Super-Skrull and finally lures it into a deep freeze unit. The story then jumps days after the invasion is over.)

The Savage Land Front

This small part of Chapter 3 deals with the simultaneous events happening in The Savage Land, home of Ka-zar, and where many of the The Avengers are currently fighting.

New Avengers #42 (This is a recap story showing how Spider-Woman was swapped out by the Skrulls. Works great after Secret Invasion #3, once she revealed herself to Tony Stark.)

New Avengers #43 (Picking up where New Avengers #41 left off. Spider-Man and Ka-zar face the Skrull Captain America. The story then recaps how this creature was made within the empire.)

The Asgardian/Broxton Front

Thor and Beta Ray Bill are now locked in deadly combat for the future of Asgard - and subsequently Broxton, Oklahoma - where this battle takes place.

Secret Invasion: Thor #2 (of 3) (Back on Asgard and in Broxton, Oklahoma. Having given Mjolnir to Beta Ray Bill, Donald Blake remains in Broxton, Oklahoma to help deliver a child. Meanwhile, the battle in Asgard rages true. Suddenly, a Super Skrull having the offensive powers of Titania, Thundra, BattleAxe, and Volcana takes the front line. Only Bill and Baldur can withstand the onslaught; slowly they are being driven back. With the child delivered, Blake appears in the final scenes. Beta Ray Bill is down; the hammer of Thor is at his feet, and Blake stands ready to become Thor again. )

Secret Invasion: Thor #3 (of 3) (Back on Asgard, continues immediately from Secret Invasion: Thor #2. Blake retrieves the Hammer, Mjolnir, while the Super Skrull is distracted and becomes Thor. At that point, he unleashes the full power of the God of Thunder and the two have a cataclysmic battle. Near her defeat, the empowered Skrulls throws away her weapons towards Broxton, but Thor summons his power to stop them. The weapons return to Beta Ray Bill and he returns to full strength. Together the two save Asgard as it is about to fall with sheer godly strength. With the battle of Asgard over, Bill leaves Thor to earth and the remaining invasion.)

Thunderbolts Mtn. Front to Washington D.C.

From the scenes in Secret Invasion #3, we see Captain Marvel, actually a Skrull, taking out his vengance against the Norman Osborn and the "heroes" at Thunderbolts Mountain. The situation clearly escalates and moves to a battle in Washington D.C.

Thunderbolts #122 (Takes place before and simultaneous with Secret Invasion #3. Swordsman's sister shows up and they can't figure out where she came from. Captain Marvel appears, attacking, and Osborn tries to talk to him.)

Thunderbolts #123 (Continutes from Thunderbolts #122. Osborn takes his team to Washington D.C. to guard the Capital. At the end, lots of Skrull manipulations cause the team to lose cohesion and Osborn to lose his sanity.)

The Realm of Gods Front

The Hercules story, while is spreads across the Reading Order, starts sometime near Secret Invasion #3, due to a scene that shows The Battle of Manhattan. This means that this plot is a reaction to the invasion.

Hercules #117 (The Son of Zeus is joined with Snowbird and other gods to attack The gods of the Skrulls. This plan in devised by Athena, and at the end turns out to be a trap; she's not Athena, but a shape-shifting Skrull.

Hercules #118 (Continues from Hercules #117. A scene from this issue shows the Battle of Manhattan occurring. Herc and his "god squad" enter the dream world and battle Nightmare.)

Avengers: The Initiative #16 (This issue resumes where 3-D Man's quinjet crashes; it also shows scenes of Nick Fury's Secret Warriors in New York, in battle. 3-D Man is rescued by She-Thing, who turns out to be a Skrull. Before he can be killed, the Skrull Kill Krew appears and destroys the alien. Together, they join forces and manage to kill another Skrull and learn that every Initiative team is infiltrated. Meanwhile, back at Camp Hammond War Machine receives a private beacon message left by Iron Man and heads to a secret location. As they disperse Ant-Man learns that Pym is a Skrull and the base will be their headquarters.)

Secret Invasion: Chapter 4 - Worlds War I

Excerpt from Secret Invasion #4
Excerpt from Secret Invasion #4

Picture: Nick Fury enters the battle with his Caterpillar team in New York.

Secret Invasion #4 (Continues the story from Secret Invasion #4. Fury and his Secret Warriors round up the wounded while battling in Manhattan. As they teleport out, he fires at the real Ms. Marvel, thinking she's a Skrull. In the Savage Land, the Skrull Queen works her mindgames on Stark, but is stopped by The Black Widow. Using her leadership tactics, she gets Tony back on his game. Meanwhile, Reed Richards, whom Stark begins to look for, is captured; the entire planet is now under attack.. The Skrull-Jarvis is trying to get Agent Hill to surrender the Helicarrier and all the SHIELD assets, and Agent Brand of SWORD stows away on a Skrull ship. At the end of this issue, Thor is spotted joining the battle, which means his mini-series, Secret Invasion: Thor #1-3 is over.)

The following issues are near-simultaneous with Secret Invasion #4.

Manhattan Front, Part II

Secret Invasion: Runaways & Young Avengers #3 (of 3) (Concludes the series. This story happens occurs during the Invasion First Wave: +43 minutes. The Super-Skrull, X'Iv, locates Prince Dorrek and the battle ensues once more. As his forces begin to fail, Commander Chrell goes supernova, but Xavain is able to absorb the energy, saving his friends. )

Ms. Marvel #28 (Takes place after immediately after Secret Invasion #4. Ms. Marvel, after being shot by Nick Fury, fights her way out of the Skrull hordes in the Battle of Manhattan.)

Ms. Marvel #29 (Continues from Ms. Marvel #28. Ms. Marvel finishes her part in the Manhattan battle and she attempts to lead victims to The Raft, where they can hide.)

The British Invasion

Although the direct start of the Skrull invasion in The British Isles is unknown, it's clear the actual attacks have started over the airways, which suggests near the events of Secret Invasion #3. Captain Britain and the European heroes have responded in kind.

Captain Britain and the MI-13 #1 (The Guns of Avalon, Part I. The invasion is already in effect, and many Skrulls have come out of hiding within the Prime Minster's Cabinet. Consolidating their resources, the P.M. gives Pete Wisdom control of MI-13 with Captain Britain, "John" (a Lennon-imitating Skrull ally they've had for years), and Spitfire. They learn that the Skrulls want to take out or control the magic of Avalon. They head to "The Siege Perilous" (The Druidic Stone-gate to Avalon) and begin fighting. In London, the issue centers on a medic, Faiza Hussein, and The Black Knight; he keeps them at bay while she works to keep other alive. Suddenly, she is struck down by a ray blast. On the last few pages the Skrulls fire a missile at the stones, destroy them, and kill Captain Britain as he sacrifices himself.)

Nova #16 (No chronological marker, but is happening during the invasion. On a foreign planet, Nova is ambushed by a Skrull Kill Team, but suddenly finds help from the original Super-Skrull who eventually convinces the centurion to take it back to earth. Upon their arrival, they are detected by the Skrull Orbit Watch. And before Nova can determine a course of action, the Super-Skrull turns on him, claiming to have taken their foe down.)

Nova #17 (Continues from Nova #16. The Super-Skrull takes a kill shot at Rich, but it turns out to be a trick and Nova heads to earth, checking in with his family. Then he heads to Project PEGASUS, where his brother, Robbie, and staff are defending against Skrull attacks. Rich is initially believed to be a Skrull imposter, but quickly confirms his identity. Robbie wants to unleash a powerful weapon, but they need to get the Nova Worldmind back online. Once they do, the energy turns into Quasar, who joins the battle.)

Nova #18 (Continues from Nova #17. Now Nova is joined with Darkhawk and Quasar, and the entire forces of Project PEGASUS are used in conjunction with the Worldmind to repel the Skrull attackers. By the end of the battle, Quasar fully unleashes, destroying them, and Rich is surprised to see members of the Nova Corps arriving.)

Deadpool #1 (This issue does not have the Secret Invasion banner. It also lacks chronological markers. It does occur during the first wave of the invasion. At a baseball game, the Skrulls announce their intentions. Down below, they shoot the only superhuman DNA, which turns out to be Deadpool. But since almost nothing kills him, he locks the field-dome over the ship, trapping them inside with him, and starts killing. Although they believe they've killed him, it turns out he has laid explosives on their ship, bringing it down. In the final pages, though, he turns around and asks the wounded Commander permission to join the Skrull army.)

Excerpt from Secret Invasion #5
Excerpt from Secret Invasion #5

Secret Invasion: Chapter 5


Introduction: As more and more of the Skrull imposters are revealed, we're given a look at the evolution of their plan, which centrally focused on using the genius of Reed Richards to figure out how to bypass magic, psychics, and technological scanning. As the brilliant mind of Mr. Fantastic, it becomes clear that his role is pivotal in changing the outcome of this event.

New Avengers #44 (This issue uses New Avengers: Illuminati #1 as a template, and is best starting off this chapter. A past look as The Skrulls attempt to determine a shape-changing science from the cloned mind of Reed Richards. In all their previous encounters, they were defeated by technology that revealed them; now, they learn a way to hide from the humans.)

Picture: The Skrulls have won, but Reed Richards escapes. And now, he's figured them out.

Secret Invasion #5 (of 8) (Agent Brand gets on board the Skrull Ship and frees Mr. Fantastic. Simultaneously, she ejects the rest of the occupants. They steer their way back towards the Savage Land, where Reed, once within range, fires a weapon that reveals the Skrulls from humans. A battle ensues as they begin taking out the aliens. The major backdrop in this issue occurs in the middle, where a mass broadcast of recognizable public celebrity and political faces announce that the Skrulls have come to take the planet.)

Avengers The Initiative #17 (The Skrull-Pym makes a comment to the queen that their mass broadcast was issued moments ago. Ant-Man continues spying on the arriving Skrulls; he's unsure what to do. Bengal, however, sees the problem from the Day Care Center and activates the Shadow Initiative with Constrictor, Mutant Zero, and Trauma. Once they get together, they decide the best plan is to assassinate Skrull Queen Verenke. There attack succeeds, but only kills a double. Using the surprise, the Skrulls capture the Shadow Initiative. Elsewhere, Jocasta joins forces with the former 3-D Man and makes a call to Devilslayer in Hawaii. Using his teleportation power, she ports to the new 3-D man and prepares a retaliatory strike. In the backdrop of this story, Fury and his Warriors are now out of the battle and reviewing the Skrull broadcast over and over.)

Incredible Hercules #119 (Continues from Incredible Hercules #118. After finding their betrayer, the god squad faces broken pantheons and their minions on the way to the temple of the Skrull Gods.)

Incredible Hercules #120 (A scene occurs where Skrulls are exclaiming that Reed Richards just escaped. Still locked in a battle with Skrull Deities, the God Squad finally faces them down, causing the Book of Worlds to explode.)

Secret Invasion: X-Men #1 (of 4) (There is a reference that the Skrull broadcast, which happened in Secret Invasion #5, just transmitted. The Skrull invasion begins on the west coast and they learn, after landing their ground troops, that the X-Men reside in the area. From the faulty intel, mutants begin taking out the Skrulls. Cyclops kills one of their Captains and Nightcrawler grabs one of their artifacts, meditating with it in secret. Meanwhile, the Skrulls retaliate and put up a thought wall to baffle the mutant telepaths and send Super-Skrulls into battle.)

Secret Invasion: X-Men #2 (of 4) (When the Super-Skrulls enter the fray, the X-Men retreat; they are taking heavy hits and aren't ready to face this level of power. Soon though, they return with hit-and-run tactics. Cyclops organizes a plan to help Beast gain tissue samples; with Pixie as bait, they take down a Super-Skrull and begin looking for a weakness to beat the alien invasion.)

X-Factor #33 (He Loves You, Part I. Looking for Darwin, the mutants stumble upon him with Longshot. All it not as it appears when She-Hulk and a Skrull bounty hunter show up.)

She-Hulk #31 (He Loves You, Part II. Sometime in the early stages of the Skrull invasion, Jen and her bounty hunter Skrull friend head to chicago to find the "Talisman", a holy figure hidden on earth. Their goal is to capture or kill him, thus ending the war.)

X-Factor #34 (He Loves You", Part III. Darwin, the mutants, and She-Hulk capture the Talisman.)

She-Hulk #32 (Jen and Jazinda make their way to Detroit while holding The Talisman. As they stop for rest and interrogation, a Skrull Herding Ship flies by and Jen attacks, downs it, and frees the humans contained therein. Soon thereafter, Jazinda's father arrives and attacks them; the result frees The Talisman and the craft they hijacked nears explosion.)

Deadpool #2 (Continues from Deadpool #1, but is placed after Secret Invasion #5, where Fury is now out of battle. Wade is now in a conference with Skrulls, and this quickly decide to dissect him. That's when they learn of his unique, almost-unkillable, metabolism, and now they decide to reproduce his powers. Still alive, Wade convinces them to let him train the new Skrull-Deadpool army. They concede, and he begins a chaotic training schedules that practically wipes out an entire regiment of Super-Skrulls. In the confusion, Wade makes it to a console, contacts Nick Fury, and tells him that he's ready to help.)

Deadpool #3 (Continues from Deadpool #2. In the middle of trying to send Skrull information to Fury, Deadpool suddenly has to go on the run, a Super-Skrull nemesis is now after him, and the Skrull-Deadpool regiment. He manages to freeze up the Super-Skrull, and the other Skrulls begin dying off because his powers won't work right for anyone else. Once he gets back to the console with Fury, he sends him the files on how to kill the Skrull Queen. But Nick Fury doesn't get them; on the last page, we see that somehow Normon Osborn intercepts the information.)

Secret Invasion: Chapter 6 - Worlds War II

Excerpt from Secret Invasion #6
Excerpt from Secret Invasion #6

Picture: Marvel Superheroes begin a counterattack. The God of Thunder calls for the final battle.

Mighty Avengers #19 (Continues at some point after Thunderbolts #123, where Osborn confuses the Captain Mar-Vell Skrull to leave Thunderbolts Mountain in a daze. Starting with Noh-Varr who has taken over his prison, he leaves to confront Captain Marvel, whom television reports suggest has returned. Switching to the Skrull Captain Marvel's perspective, this creature doesn't know how to respond to the invasion, but then decides to attack Skrulls. He heads up into space, fights a great battle, but then plummets earthbound where he is picked up by Noh-Varr.)

Secret Invasion #6 (of 8) (The sixth chapter of the Secret Invasion is built as a chronological hallmark of small subsections; it jumps across multiple subplots to anchor other titles to this one.

1. The Captain Marvel Skrull dies in Noh-varr's arms. - This immediately follows from Mighty Avengers #19, where Noh-varr locates the Skrull imposter posing as his nation's traitor.

2. The X-Men and mutants are seen battling on the west coast. - This subsection picks up where the X-Men are now locked in battle against the Skrulls on the California west coast.. Details in "West Coast Invasion" below.

3. Medusa is screaming in anger on Attilan, the moon. - This appears to occur between the break in Secret Invasion: Inhumans #2 and #3, before the royal family of Attilan heads into the cosmos, looking for their leader. Details in "The Inhuman Invasion" below.

4. In Wakanda, the Black Panther is about to face the massive Super Skrull. - The entire episode of Wakanda facing Skrull invaders is encapsulated in Black Panther #39-41. Further details are located below in "The Invasion of Wakanda".

5. Shanna, in the Savage Land, is seen over dead Skrull bodies.

6. The Avengers are heading back to New York from The Savage Land.

7. The teams fighting in New York are referring to their victory.

8. Thor appears in Central Park and brings the heroes to a big showdown against the Skrulls.

9. A scene where the upper half of the Baxter Building is still missing within a glowing sphere.)

West Coast Invasion

Secret Invasion: X-Men #3 (of 4) (A scene from Secret Invasion #6 shows the X-Men in battle against the Skrulls. Emma Frost has been caught in a telekinetic barrier by the Skrulls, but with the help of the Cuckoos supporting her life functions, she manages to start taking them out and breaks through the alien defense. Meanwhile, the battles continue, but the main parts of the issue are about how Beast figures out a way to hurt Skrulls. It takes Nightcrawler, appearing with the Skrull A.I. device, to learn that Stryfe's Legacy Virus would kill Skrulls. Unfortunately, it would also get the mutants.)

Secret Invasion: X-Men #4 (of 4) (The X-Men learn that the Skrulls have populated specific buildings with humans and will blow them unless the mutants surrender. At the final moment, Cyclops has all the mutants give up at different locations, but then calls on the Skrulls to surrender. As part of his plan, all of the mutants are carriers of the Legacy Virus and the Skrulls are now falling sick. The X-Men leader tells them he has the cure, but the Skrull Commander decides to blow up his fleet to avoid infecting the rest of his race.)

The Inhuman Invasion

005 Secret Invasion: Inhumans #3 (of 4) (Continues from Secret Invasion: Inhumans #2. No chronological markers.The Royal Family travels to the location of Ronan The Accusar, a proud member of the Kree Race. Medusa forges an alliance with him and then splits the group into three as they follow Karnak's plan for locating Black Bolt.)

006 Secret Invasion: Inhumans #4 (of 4) (Continues from Secret Invasion: Inhumans #3. The last panel of this issue shows the Skrull warships outside of Earth's atmosphere, suggesting the invasion either hasn't occurred or it is still underway. Each group of the Inhumans works through their own trials, eventually achieving a key piece of the puzzle needed to locate their king. With success, they are able to invade the ship carrying Black Bolt and take out all resistance. Soon thereafter, they return to earth. This time, though, Black Bolt and Medusa have made a decisive change: they will no longer be passive. Instead, they will bring war to those who have wronged them.)

The Invasion of Wakanda

In Africa, the Wakandan nation is now beset against the Skrull Invasion, facing super-powered Skrulls and matching their technology against each other.

Black Panther #39 (The Skrulls face Wakanda. Both sides knock out each other's technology.)

Black Panther #40 (The battle for Wakanda. T'Challa faces their best, but is only brought down when Ororo is captured.)

Black Panther #41 (T'Challa surrenders and both he and Ororo are taken prisoner. The Skrulls, ordered by Skrull Commander K'vvvr, torture them only to learn they are actually killing disguised Skrulls. Both T'Challa and his wife then drop their own disguises and kill the Commander.)

Avengers: The Initiative #18 (References are made in this issue of the Skrull Sorcerers busy in England working on the magical issue. While the battle is raging on, 3-D Man, The Skrull Kill Krew, and their team are using Devil-Slayer's teleport ability to whisk through the fifty states and attack the other Skrull imposters on their sister teams. The Skrulls, however, are away of their attacks and manage to show up in Georgia. Before they can be defeated, the team teleports out. That's when they notice Ant-Man, who was traveling with the Skrull wave. He reveals their plan to destroy the Earth if it can't be taken over. Elsewhere, Nick Fury and his catarpillar team have merged with The Young Avengers, Runaways, Progidy,, and other Initiative members. In their base, they restock their arms and head back up for another counterattack.)

Captain Britain and the MI-13 #2 (The Guns of Avaolon, Part II, continues. The country feels the loss of Captain Britain in their hearts, and now the doors to Avalon, the Otherword, are shut. On their ships above, the Skrulls have created one entry point and use it to attack the dimension, thus hoping to take control of magic. Pete Wisdom, sensing all may be lost, enacts his treaty with Avalon and summons "Tink", who transports to the magical land. In there, the battle is underway while Oberon is sealing off all the other doors to hidden places. Back in London, Faiza somehow survives; surprisingly, she has strange powers, and rises to help The Black Knight. At the end, the beings of Avalon have lost; the Skrulls gather all the magical items and turn them into one chain, which one of their own wears, controlling all the magic.)

Captain Britain and the MI-13 #3 (The Guns of Avalon, Part III. How that they have all magic, the Skrulls prepare to take Britain and face a final battle on the Westminster Bridge in London. In Otherworld, Spitfire retreats while John continues fighting. Knowing the danger, Pete Wisdom backs off and opens the door to the contained evil, freeing Merlin and a host of other creatures. The ancient Druid, now free, explains he has removed the evil within himself and uses his powers to resurrect Captain Britain, who takes the sword Excalibur. )

Secret Invasion: The Front Line #1 (of 5) (Ben Urich reports from the sealed off Avengers Tower, thirteen hours after the Skrulls have invaded. He and the rest of victims are holed up for the night.)

Secret Invasion: The Front Line #2 (of 5) (The stories continue through the invasion from various civilian perspectives.)

Ms. Marvel #30 (Conclusion of her Battle of Manhattan. At The Raft, Carol stumbles upon an upgraded version of the Super Skrull. They battle until she can finally defeat him. That's when she learns he's some twisted product of Hydra instead of a true alien.)

Captain Britain and the MI-13 #4 (The British superheroes have been captured, but Captain Britain is back with Excalibur. He fights the Super-Skrull Sorcerer and breaks his all-magic chain, freeing magic. Back on Avalon, John the Skrull is killed and the evil Pete released frees them. They grant him one boon, and he tells them to get rid of all the Skrulls. Now the invasion in Britain is over and the Captain unites all the heroes to guard the magic in times henceforth.)

Secret Invasion, Chapter 7 - The Battle of Central Park

Excerpt from Secret Invasion #7
Excerpt from Secret Invasion #7

Picture: Janet van Dyne, aka Janet Pym, aka The Wasp, is the bomb. Literally.

Secret Invasion #7 (of 8) (The war in Central Park commences. Reed Richards takes a frontal role because his technology has figured out how to see through the Skrull shape-shifting technology. On the other side, the Skrull Queen is leading her troops to take him out. Each side knows the stakes and at the end, just when it appears the aliens might be losing, they unleash their secret weapon in the form of Janet Pym. It turns out that awhile back, the Skrull Pym imposter, infused her with some form of metabolic bomb.)

Secret Invasion, Chapter 8 - Conclusion and Epilogue: The Reunions

Excerpt from Secret Invasion #8
Excerpt from Secret Invasion #8

Picture: The invasion is over. High above in space, a ship carrying long-forgotten heroes is returned to earth.

Secret Invasion: Fantastic Four #3 (of 3) (No specific chronology marker, but Ben and Johnny manage to return portions of the Baxter Building back to Manhattan. Upon arriving, they see their city is totalled. A brief scene of the Baxter Building returning is seen in Secret Invasion #8.)

Secret Invasion #8 (of 8) (The heroes pick up the pieces in the aftermath of the battle at Central Park, and we learn that Janet Van Dyne, the Wasp, died in the final confrontation. Only through the efforts of the remaining superheroes did lives get saved. Iron Man, partially functioning, manages to run scans on the fleeing Skrull ships in orbit and finds one in peculiar, bringing it back to earth. Once opened, everyone is stunned to find the surviving heroes that have been captured, tortured, and played by imposters. At the end, the President of the United States decrees SHIELD disbanded, Tony Stark out of a job and under investigation, and Norman Osborn, the man who fired the shot killing the Skrull Queen, in charge of the new brand of security.)

Avengers The Initiative #19 (References are made to the lost battle at Central Park and that the Skrull Queen has been killed. This places this issue behind Secret Invasion #8 so as to avoid spoilers. The battle is over in Central Park, but the Initiative teams are still fighting across the country; that's when the Skrull Leader decides to unleash their final plan - to explode the planet into the negative zone. But before he can do that, The Initiative teleports in and fights them. At Central Park while the Avengers are picking themselves up after the fight, Crusader sees the Skrull-Pym running off and follows him back to Camp Hammond. They both join the major battle there. In the end, The Initiative wins, but the victory is shallow with a surprise ending.)

Mighty Avengers #20 (Secret Invasion Epilogue issue where Hank Pym, now returned from Skrull capture, has to deal with the fact that his wife is dead.)

Secret Invasion: War of Kings #1 (Specifically states that the invasion has ended. Black Bolt makes a decision and opens the Chamber of Devices. Taking his throne, he uphinges the city of Attilan and leaves the moon. It is now a ship...a warship. Black Bolt has decided that the Inhumans will now take the offensive and this cosmic battle continues in The War of Kings.

A snapshot of many of the potential Skrull Imposters amidst Earth's Heroes (Secret Invasion #1, 2008))
A snapshot of many of the potential Skrull Imposters amidst Earth's Heroes (Secret Invasion #1, 2008))

The Victims of The Secret Invasion

Those Who Were Impersonated By Skrulls

The following is a list of known heroes that were captured or impersonated by the Skrull Race during the Secret Invasion:

Right: A snapshot of many of the potential Skrull Imposters amidst Earth's Heroes exiting a Skrull spaceship, from Secret Invasion #1 (2008).

Black Bolt - During a meeting of the Illuminati, the imposter Black Bolt reveals himself and attacks. No one knows when the real Black Bolt, and his son, where captured, but the Skrulls have him on a ship where they're trying to use his powers as a weapon.

"Dum Dum" Dugan - It's unknown when the legendary SHIELD operative was captured, but his imposter arrives on The Peak (SWORD HQ) and blows it up.

Edwin Jarvis - The Avengers Butler was captured early on and given the task of corrupting all Stark Tech with the Skrull virus, shutting down the Iron Man armor and multiple defenses around the world.

Henry Pym - Tricked by a Skrull impersonating a female college student to cheat on his wife. She then knocks him surprises him and knocks him unconscious. His job is to inform on the Avengers Initiative and he also takes out Reed Richards in the early stages of the invasion.

Jessica Drew, Spider-Woman - A major piece in the invasion, she is replaced by the Skrull Queen, Verenke.

Magnitude - Part of the Hawaii Avengers Initiative, he's revealed to be a Skrull by 3-D Man and attacks.

She-Thing - Although her impersonation was not explained, 3-D recognizes that she is a Skrull when his aircraft crashes and she is about to pull him from the wreckage.

Susan Storm, The Invisible Woman - In Vancouver, she's tricked by a fake Reed Richards in her hotel room and apprehended. The imposter's job is to go into the Baxter Building and cause a breach in the Negative Zone, which will indirectly take the remaining Fantastic Four members out of the fight.

The Who's Who of Skrulls

A Compendium of The Shape-Changing Race

Commander Ak'Strk - The Skrull Leader who failed to take down a Deadpool while attacking a baseball stadium.

Ard'Ran - A low level engineer with low telepathic ability who was asked to rely messages to the mutants when all the Skrull main telepaths had been killed.

Criti Noll - (This is an ambigious character and possibly an aberrant part of the Marvel Universe.) In Mighty Avengers #17, he is the first Skrull to impersonate Hank Pym. Believing the alien invasion plans to be a failure, he ends up killed fighting his cohorts. In the same issue, though, Criti Noll is brought in to become the next Hank Pym; one possible explanation is that this is a Skrull clone of the original Criti Noll. Otherwise, this just happens to be a Skrull with the exact same name as his predecessor. (And if you can help me figure this out, leave a message in the guestbook!)

Dro'Ge - Royal Priest of the Sciences. He is tasked with using the biological collections from the Illuminati (Richards, Xavier, et al.) as a means to help the Skrulls plan their invasion. Sent to planet Tarnax X, he uncovers the methods for Skrulls to fully duplicate super powers and become completely undetectable.

Commander H'Kurrek - Military leader in charge of the Skrull attack on the west coast of the United States. He faced the X-Men in battle and ended up sacrificing himself and his fleet to keep the rest of his race from a viral infection.

Lieutenant Jash - Commander H'Kurrek's second in command in the west coast invasion.

"John" - A Skrull adopting the look of John Lennon who has been allied with the MI-13 department of British Intelligence. For years he's been honorably serving the Queen.

King Dorrek - Former leader of the Skrulls, who lived on the world Satriani. It was his plan to gather biological data on the super-humans. He banishes Princess Veranke when she attempts to undermine his rule, but later dies when Galactus destroys the Skrull Throneworld.

Khn'Nr - The Skrull genetically and mentally altered to pose as Captain Marvel. Once he learns he is a Skrull, he fights against his race to the death.

K'Rten - A minor character of the invasion, he was a close friend of Z'Reg, dying in the Battle of Manhattan at his hands.

Kl'Rt - Also known as the Super-Skrull. His exploits are known to the Fantastic Four when he was augmented, through science, to duplicate their powers.

Commander K'vvvr - Commander of the Skrull 7th Fleet, he leads the invasion against Wakanda, and eventually dies by the hand of T'Challa.

Lyja - Former lover of Johnny Storm, she impersonates Sue Storm to get into the Baxter Building and trap it in the Negative Zone.

Rl'Nnd - Son of Rm'Twr, and a Super Skrull imbued with X-Men powers. He fights, and is later killed, by Ms. Marvel before the actual invasion begins.

Siri - Warrior woman, and one of the first Skrulls to impersonate a hero on earth. She takes the form of Elektra Natchios.

Princess Veranke - Royal Blood and Skrull Queen who leads the race to their Secret Invasion based on an extremist interpretation of the Book of Words. She adopts the guise of Jessica Drew, Spider-Woman.

Wor'Il - War Council Delegate.

Z'Reg - The Crusader - Working as part of the Initiative, this Skrull has been posing as a superhero and never had any desire to be part of the invasion. He is actually surprised when it occurs.

Secret Invasion Checklist

Your Secret Invasion Release List For The Event

The following issues are considered a part of the Secret Invasion event. Before it really started, the banner that pre-ignited the alien incursion was Secret Invasion: The Infiltration. Once they resolved, the invasion itself took place. (Currently, this page is being updated. If the titles are in bold, then they have been incorporated.)

Secret Invasion: The Infiltration

Avengers: The Initiative Annual #1

Captain Marvel vol. 6, #1-5

The Mighty Avengers #7

Ms. Marvel vol. 2, #25-27

The New Avengers #31-32, 38-39

The New Avengers: Illuminati #5

The Secret Invasion

Avengers: The Initiative #14-19

Black Panther vol. 4, #39-41

Captain Britain and MI: 13 #1-4

Deadpool vol. 4, #1-3

Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2, #4-6

Incredible Hercules #117-120

Iron Man: Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. #33-35

Marvel Spotlight: Secret Invasion Saga #1

The Mighty Avengers #12-20

Ms. Marvel vol. 2, #28-30

New Avengers #40-47

New Warriors vol. 4, #14-15

Nova vol. 4, #16-18[26]

Punisher War Journal #24-25

Secret Invasion #1-8

Secret Invasion: Aftermath Beta Ray Bill: The Green of Eden #1

Secret Invasion: Dark Reign #1

Secret Invasion: Fantastic Four #1-3

Secret Invasion: Front Line #1-5

Secret Invasion: Inhumans #1-4

Secret Invasion: Requiem #1

Secret Invasion: Runaways & Young Avengers #1-3

Secret Invasion: Spider-Man #1-3

Secret Invasion: Thor #1-3

Secret Invasion: War of Kings #1 (1SHOT)

Secret Invasion: Who Do You Trust? (1SHOT)

Secret Invasion: X-Men #1-4

She-Hulk vol. 2, #31-33

Skrulls! (one-shot)

Thunderbolts #122-125

X-Factor vol. 3, #33-34


And thanks for dropping by! If you've seen or heard anything pertaining to information provided here, or you'd like to submit some of your own, please feel free to sound off with your constructive criticism or opinions. All are welcome; just remember to be courteous because this is a free resource.

Invading Opinions - Your Comments for The Secret Invasion

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    • BlakeCzirr profile imageAUTHOR

      Blake Czirr 

      5 years ago

      @anonymous: I'll make notes on your titles, Gareth. This Reading Order is still backlogged on "ToDo" list because of all the stuff happening with Marvel NOW!, but your comments are noted. Thanks!

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Also no home invasion stuff

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Need war machine issues and punisher issues. Otherwise, perfect.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Where is Punisher War Journal issues?

    • BlakeCzirr profile imageAUTHOR

      Blake Czirr 

      6 years ago

      @anonymous: Good catch! Thanks for pointing that out.

      Yep, while I'm staying on top of all the current events, Secret Invasion is my current "past" event project. (Hopefully I'll have it done before Christmas.)

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Awesome. I'm looking forward to reading through this again once your list is finished.

      Just a heads up though - New Warriors #15 is listed twice, in two separate places and with different descriptions. I haven't read that particular one so I don't know if it's supposed to be different issues or just misplaced.

    • locksmithbrisbane profile image

      John Magee 

      6 years ago from Brisbane

      Unbelievable! How you put it all together is amazing!


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