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Mass Effect 3 Citadel Missions

Updated on March 16, 2012

Mass Effect 3 Citadel Missions

Mass Effect 3 Citadel Missions - Going Planets to Scan for Artifacts and Biotic Tech
Mass Effect 3 Citadel Missions - Going Planets to Scan for Artifacts and Biotic Tech

Mass Effect 3 Citadel Missions

In Mass Effect 3, Shepard will obtain a series of citadel based missions which require him to trek around the galaxy and scan various planets. This will guide Shepard in the completion of some of the citadel missions during the first part of the game, before completion of the “curing the genophage” mission on Tuchanka. It will provide a brief scanning guide for some of these missions and also provide some insights on some of the rewards obtained from completion of these citadel based missions.

Mass Effect 3 Barla Von Mission

Shepard will encounter Barla Von in the Presidium commons at the citadel. Barla Von wants Shepard to go to the Reaper infested Krogan DMZ cluster to search for some stranded mercenaries. Look for the mercenaries on planet Dranek in the Rothla system. Note that Shepard has to scan the planet when he reaches the planet to activate the scanning probe to find the mercenaries.

Mass Effect 3 Dangers of Scanning Reaper Infested Clusters

This particular mission highlights the dangers of trying to scan for things in reaper infested clusters. Each scan will increase reaper alertness to the presence of Shepard by a certain percentage point. When this percentage point reaches 100%, reapers appear on the galaxy radar and will actively pursue Shepard (like an arcade game) and the Normandy SR-2. To avoid this from happening, scan once, and quickly scan the planet for the required object and leave before reaper alertness reaches dangerous levels.

Mass Effect 3 Ismar Frontier Prototype Components Mission

The Ismar Frontier mission is picked up in the Huerta Memorial Hospital. After this mission appears in Shepard's journal, head there and go for the planet Metaponto. Scan the planet to pick up some advanced biotic tech. When this is obtained, Glyph (Liara's tech sphere robot) will inform Shepard of intel tech upgrades available at the tech intel terminal in Liara's room on the Normandy SR-2. Head there and activate the power damage bonus +5% and the power recharge speed +5%. Also return to the salarian who provided the information (first room on the left in the Huerta Memorial Hospital) to receive some experience points.

Mass Effect 3 Kite's Nest Pillars of Strength Mission

This mission is picked up from the batarian preacher at the Docks: Holding Bay / Refugee area. Head to cargo bay C (also the place for the Batarian State Arms kiosk , where one can pick up the Terminus Armor) and speak to the batarian preacher. Next head to the Kite's Nest cluster and then the Harsa System. Go to planet Khar'shan and scan the planet for the pillars of strength. Be wary of reaper activity if Shepard scans this area too much. Return to the batarian preacher with the pillars of strength and be rewarded with some credits and the batarian fleet addition of military strength in Shepard's war assets.

Mass Effect 3 Banner of First Regimen Mission

Pick this mission up from the turians inside the Purgatory Bar. Head to the Apien Crest cluster and then the Castellus System and Planet Digeris to scan for the artifact. Return to the turians with the Banner of First Regimen and obtain some credits and an increase in the turian 7th fleet military strength score.

ME3 Shrike Abyssal Prothean Obelisk Mission

Pick this mission up from the diplomat in the Citadel Embassies area. Head to the Shrike Abyssal cluster, the urla ras system and launch the probe on planet Talis Fia to look for the prothean obelisk. Receive the achievement “Lost and Found” and head back to the diplomat at the citadel for more rewards.

Citadel Missions that Require Other Off World Missions to Complete

There are some citadel missions that require Shepard to undertake some other off world (or off – citadel) missions before Shepard can return to the citadel to complete the missions. Here are some examples -

  • At the Grissom Academy Mission, obtain the citadel biotic amp interface. Return to the asari scientist at Huerta Memorial Hospital and obtain an increase in the citadel defense military score
  • At the N7: Cerberus Attack on Tuchanka, obtain the improved power grid schematics and offer this to Alison outside Purgatory Bar at the citadel and obtain an increase in the alliance fifth fleet military score
  • At the N7: Cerberus Lab Mission, obtain the alien medi-gel formula and offer this to Dr Ravin outside the Huerta Memorial Hospital inpatient area


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