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Mass Effect 3 Miranda Lawson Mission

Updated on April 15, 2012

Mass Effect 3 Miranda Lawson

Mass Effect 3 - the chance to save Miranda Lawson presents itself before the Priority: Horizon Mission
Mass Effect 3 - the chance to save Miranda Lawson presents itself before the Priority: Horizon Mission

Mass Effect 3 Miranda Lawson Mission

In Mass Effect 3, the miranda lawson mission is also the Priority: Horizon Sanctuary mission. Miranda Lawson is not really alongside Shepard for the majority of this mission. However, the Priority: Horizon mission defines the fate of Miranda Lawson in the mass effect universe, and her story is one of the main driving forces behind this mission. This will guide Shepard in defeating the various combinations of cerberus forces and reaper forces within this mission, and will guide him in going through various meetings with Miranda in the hope of saving Miranda Lawson from her almost inevitable fate at the end of the mission.

Mass Effect 3 Meet with Miranda Lawson

Miranda Lawson appears in Shepard's radar again at the end of Priority: Palaven mission. If Shepard had romanced her in Mass Effect 2, then Shepard must romance her again to give her something (other than her sister Oriana) to fight for and hold onto and therefore give her a fighting chance at the end of the Miranda Lawson mission. Do this at the first meeting with Miranda Lawson in Mass Effect 3. After this initial meeting, Miranda will meet with Shepard at various points and locations as the game progresses -

  • Miranda contacts Shepard again through email, and will appear through vidcom at Shepard's spectre office at the Embassies Offices in the citadel (after the second priority: citadel mission). Warn Miranda of Kai Leng at this point.
  • Miranda then will ask to see Shepard personally at the private apartments at the presidium commons at the citadel. At this point, give Miranda the Alliance resources she needs to find her sister Oriana. This is the end of personal contact with Miranda until the Priority: Horizon mission.

During the Priority: Horizon, activate all the video consoles to see Miranda Lawson's infiltration through the Sanctuary at Horizon.

Mass Effect Tactics to Defeat the Enemies at Sancturay on Planet Horizon

At Planet Horizon, Shepard will face about five or six waves of enemies in various combinations ie Cerberus forces comprised of phantoms and nemesis, and then reaper forces consisting of husks and then cannibals and ravages and so on. Although some of the fights are difficult, these monsters should not be a match for Shepard the infiltrator (likely into his mid 30s level) and his companions (Edi and Liara) at this point. Tactics for defeating these monsters are briefly described:

[Outside Sanctuary] Phantoms and a nemesis perched high up on the corridor balcony will attack Shepard. Go into stealth mode, and take out the nemesis with the maximally upgraded Black Widow V , and then change to the geth plasma shotgun or the M-300 Claymore. Use Edi's decoy power to distract the phantoms, and then sneak behind them and attack them. The geth plasma shotgun may be better because it can allow for up to five shots on the phantoms, allowing the phantom's defenses to drop the point where Liara's singularity will cause them to levitate helplessly. Finish the phantoms and proceed.

[Within Sanctuary Entrance] Search this area thoroughly and then go downstairs and finish off some cerberus operatives. Locate and view the first Miranda Lawson video terminal. Go past this, and find a massive indoor pool of water. Activate the control to drain the water, and head downstairs into the cerberus indoctrination research facility.

[Cerberus Research Facility Entrance] Enter this area, and finish off some pesky husks.

[Deeper into Cerberus Facility] The first difficult part of the mission comes in the form of a long corridor with a higher platform occupied by marauders. The lower areas of the long corridor is split into two and are occupied by a banshee and a ravager. To defeat these enemies, do not head into the long corridor. Instead, past the door into this combat area, position Shepard, Edi and Liara near the door. Wait for the banshee to arrive in this area, and use all the powers (Shepard's incinerate, Edi's incinerate and Liara's Warp) on the banshee, followed by Shepard's Black Widow V on the banshee. When the banshee finally reaches Shepard, her health would be low enough to wipe out completely. Now by this time, the ravager would have shuffled slowly to arrive at this area. One ravager is easily defeated. Now head into the long corridor and finish off the marauders there.

[Up the Ladder] There is a ladder which Shepard and team need to use to get near the tower. Past this ladder, Shepard encounters yet another long corridor which has lots of reaper energy barriers in it. Destroy the barriers and then take out the first wave of enemies as fast as possible. In this way, Shepard and team will have enough time to take on the next wave of enemies comfortably. If the enemies all start to congregate before they are wiped out, then this becomes a very difficult fight indeed.

[Shuttle Service] There is a shuttle that Shepard and team must take to the tower entrance. The way to activate the shuttle is to blast the circuit door on top of the shuttle, and then activate the circuitry when the door opens.

[Outside the Tower Entrance] In this area, Shepard and companions will face three brutes and a banshee. Luckily, the brutes approach one at a time. Use incinerate from Shepard and Edi, and warp from Liara to reduce the brute's health followed by the claymore or geth plasma shotgun's large damage to finish it off. Repeat this process on the other two brutes. If power cooldown is too slow, then use Shepard's sticky grenade to compliment reducing the brute's health before finishing it off with the shotgun. To defeat the banshee, use the above powers, and then shotgun technique. If the banshee still has armor left, then it may be worthwhile going around this area to allow powers to recharge and then unleashing powers and finishing off the banshee.

Mass Effect 3 Fate of Miranda Lawson

Finally, Shepard arrives at the tower, and faces the confrontation of Miranda Lawson and her father and sister Oriana. Hopefully, Shepard will have enough renegade or paragon points to activate certain conversational options in the talk with Henry Lawson (Miranda's father) to release Oriana. Otherwise, Shepard can activate the renegade trigger point and shoot at Oriana's leg to distract Henry Lawson. Miranda Lawson then uses her last remaining energy to push Henry out through the glass panel. Watch the cutscene as Miranda gets Shepard to promise to look after her sister. With that, Miranda dies in Shepard's arms.

Mass Effect 3 Miranda Lawson in Shepard's arms at the end of the Priority: Horizon Mission
Mass Effect 3 Miranda Lawson in Shepard's arms at the end of the Priority: Horizon Mission

Of course, if Shepard had played mass effect 2 and done all the right things for Miranda in mass effect 3, then Miranda can yet be saved.............


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