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Mass Effect 3 Second Priority: Citadel Mission - Defeat Cerberus Forces

Updated on March 18, 2012

Mass Effect 3 Outcome of Second Priority Citadel Mission

Mass Effect 3 Outcome of Second Priority Citadel Mission Depends on Persuading Ashley Williams
Mass Effect 3 Outcome of Second Priority Citadel Mission Depends on Persuading Ashley Williams

Mass Effect 3 Priority: Citadel Mission

In Mass Effect 3, Shepard must head to the citadel for the second Priority: Citadel Mission. Shepard must defeat the cerberus forces trying to take over the citadel. This will guide Shepard in preparing for the mission and will provide tactics to defeat the new cerberus enemy units in the citadel, including the nemesis and phantom. Also, the outcome of trying to persuade and recruit Ashley Williams at the end of this mission will be discussed.

Mass Effect 3 Preparations for the Priority: Citadel Mission

Before heading into the priority: citadel mission, Shepard should have finished all or most of the side missions preceding this. Shepard the infiltrator should bring the following into this mission -

Shepard will also bring Edi and Liara along for this mission. It is quite important to have the powers decoy and singularity for this mission to distract enemies and allow Shepard a brief moment to heal up whilst enemies are levitating helplessly.

Mass Effect 3 Tactics to Defeat the Cerberus Forces at the Citadel

Commander Bailey will contact Shepard and ask him to save the councilors within the citadel. On arrival at the citadel, Shepard and team face cerberus forces lined up in a semicircle arc ready to attack Shepard. The key here is to hide behind cover and use sniper shots from this cover position (firing down the aisle). It is possible to defeat the cerberus forces without having to move from this position. Once the enemies are defeated, advance to Commander Bailey and speak to him.

Move on to a chamber where the water sprinklers have been turned on. Use the stealth and shotgun approach in this relatively confined area. Proceed further to find yourself in an area with corridors and rooms attached to it. Remember to pick up the items in this area before moving on. The more interesting items include -

  • Recon Hood
  • M-25 Hornet
  • Securitel Helmet
  • M-76 Revenant

The next fight takes place in a kitchen / cafeteria area, where Kai Leng, Shepard's nemesis will make his first appearance and assassinate the salarian councilor. Defeat the enemies in this area, and chase after Kai Leng in a citadel shuttle. Kai Leng sabotages the citadel shuttle, and Shepard and crew crash onto the Presidium.

Then it's a fight through a series of long corridors on the Presidium against new cerberus enemy units – the phantoms and the nemesis, together with “older” cerberus units. Tactics to use against the phantoms and the nemesis include the following -

  • Phantoms – these enemies will cloak and appear near Shepard or companions armed with melee weapons, poised to attack. Even when cloaked, these phantoms can still be seen as shadowy glitches on the screen. Arm Shepard with the shotgun and fire at the phantoms from close range. If they do hit Shepard, roll away and heal up, and cloak Shepard himself, or use Edi's decoy powers to distract the phantoms whilst finding new cover and then counterattacking the phantoms.
  • Nemesis – this enemy will hide behind cover and sniper shoot Shepard and company from afar. Again the best approach is to advance to them using stealth, and launch shotgun attacks on them.

To make this mission easier, and to allow Shepard some time to recover his tactical cloak powers when the phantom approaches him, use Edi's decoy power to distract the phantom. In addition, use Liara's singularity power to create traps and bottlenecks at points in the battlefield or corridor that are the most narrow, or have the highest numbers of enemies.

Then the tactics to finish off the cerberus units are to use shotgun attacks on the phantoms, switch to sniper attacks on the cerberus assault troops and the nemesis that are visible, and switch to the stealth and shotgun approach again when hunting and flushing out the remaining nemesis and phantoms. Remember to use Edi's and Liara's powers and use cover and heal up as necessary.

Once this long corridor fight is over, Shepard will advance to the next area, where another atlas mech and some cerberus operatives await. Defeat these enemies, and head into the exciting action rpg elevator battle.

Mass Effect 3 Outcome of Priority: Citadel Mission - Persuade and Recruit Ashley Williams

This will focus mainly on persuading and then recruiting Ashley Williams as the primary outcome or ending for the priority: citadel mission.

After the elevator battle, Ashley will be seen guarding Councilor Udina. Hope that Shepard has been treating Ashley nicely up to this point, including at various points in mass effect and mass effect 2, and also repeatedly visiting her in hospital and reassuring her that Shepard is on the Alliance's (and not Cerberus's) side. Shepard should also have enough renegade points at this stage to initiate some renegade or paragon conversational options (which should help persuade Ashley). Watch as Udina succumbs to the conscience of his own guilt and Ashley is finally won over to the side of Shepard.

Later, when the citadel is peaceful again, speak to Ashley when trying to leave for the Normandy from the citadel and she can be recruited. The other option above is to put Ashley down; however this will obviously prevent her from being recruited into Shepard's task force.


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