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Matchbox Stinky - The Garbage Truck

Updated on December 13, 2010

Matchbox Stinky - The Garbage Truck

Stinky the Garbage Truck from Matchbox is an interactive, working garbage truck with a hilarious, larger-than-life personality. As the newest addition to the Big Rig Buddies line, Stinky features sensory points, an articulated body that allows his head and front half to move, and over 90 phrases and sounds. Kids aged 3 and up will be eager to make Stinky their best interactive buddy.

Stinky has a big, bold, and entertaining personality that he expresses with over 90 phrases and songs. Sometimes he's all business, and will let you know that the cleaning crew is coming through. Other times he's in the mood to sing, exercise, or solicit high fives. Boys who love interactive toys will find a fun new friend in Stinky. This rough-and-tumble vehicle features plenty of moving parts that define his distinct personality.

In a nutshell, Stinky's a feisty and loveable interactive garbage truck that loves to talk, sing, eat, and dump.

Order Stinky Garbage Truck

Order Stinky Garbage Truck
Order Stinky Garbage Truck

Matchbox Stinky is all set to be a top toy for this Christmas Season.

Have you bought Stinky yet?

Matchbox Stinky Garbage Truck - Modes of Play

Kids can turn Stinky off and play with him manually, just like a regular toy vehicle, but his five interactive modes are where the fun is at. When he's pushed and pulled in his vehicle position, he'll turn his head-like cab side to side and blink his headlights. To have Stinky speak, push or pull his smokestack, lift his rear door, or poke his belly button.

Stinky's not shy about telling you he's hungry. The grille of his cab functions as a mouth in which you can feed small items that'll be dumped out later. Even Stinky's bright green trash compartment operates like the real thing--drop small items into the top, and he'll dump it out of his rear door when you pull on his smokestack.

Who would've thought that a stinky garbage truck could sing? Push the button on his smoke stack repeatedly, and he'll rear up to dance and belt out a funny tune. If Stinky is left alone for too long he'll fall asleep; press his smoke stack to rouse him awake. He comes with four C batteries that are for demo purposes only, so you'll need to replace them with fresh batteries before handing him over to the kids.

Stinky makes you love him!

Customer Review from Amazon

"This robot toy in the form of a garbage truck, and with the super-attractive name of Stinky, isn't cheap, but he makes you (esp. if you're a male) fall in love with him in no time. He talks, sings, tells jokes, and is just plain funny. His front fender drops like a jaw which, while nothing new, makes him seem really comic. I saw this at my local TRU and, despite being unemployed, I just couldn't help but buy it, for myself! For men and boys of all ages, I highly recommend this loveable companion!"

Matchbox Stinky

MATCHBOX Real Working STINKY THE GARBAGE TRUCK Vehicle: Give Stinky a push and watch him come to life! He's ready for action with sensors that let him know when he's hard at work. Lights, sounds and new phrases keep kids guessing about what he'll do or say next. Boys will love all the talking, dancing and singing Stinky the Garbage Truck brings to playtime!

Now you can add our Matchbox Stinky the Garbage Truck to your Matchbox collection! Stinky is the name, gobbling garbage is his game! The newest addition to the big rig buddies assortment is every boy's best friend: a real working garbage truck brought to life! Stinky has the best features and interactive qualities of his buddy Rocky the Robot Truck with a brand new personality, new Sensor points, new articulation and many fun surprises boys will love. This interactive buddy talks, tells jokes, eats, exercises and sings!Matchbox Stinky the Garbage Truck features:Sound ActivationMotion SensorDirection SensorContainer SensorBelly SensorSpeakers and Motorized MovementStinky the Garbage Truckª is the interactive garbage truck that any child would love to call their buddy! With over 90 funny phrases and sounds, amazing sensor points and an appetite for garbage and dumping, this smart truck knows when he's hungry, lets you know when its time to dump and will even sing and tell jokes! This interactive play pattern encourages cooperative play and friendship-building skills. Stinky the Garbage Truckª also functions as a freewheeling garbage truck for push-around play! Age 3 Years +

Matchbox Stinky - Very entertaining toy for my son

Great Reviews

"Wow, I'm so amazed at the other reviewers account of this toy. We love it. The truck caught my eye at a toy store, and my son who is under 3 loves playing with it, the voice is hilarious, so New York, and I think it's very interactive and a positive toy. Now I'm looking for the "stinky" book which someone at a playground told me about when they saw my son with the truck, their son was also obsessed with the truck, great for little hands."

Stinky? As in does it Stink?

Matchbox Stinky does NOT Stink !!!

Stinky? As in does in Stink?

Matchbox Stinky does NOT Stink !!!

Stinky doesn't Stink

"I wasn't sure about ordering Stinky until I saw a YouTube video of him. Stinky came and my son loved him. It took him a day to learn all of Stinky's functions but he was having fun with him right out of the box. Stinky performs everything as demonstrated. I did find one drawback - it would have been nice if the Matchbox have included a volume control in the design- Stinky is loud. I couldn't find anyway to muffle him but that is the only drawback. One other thing you should know is in the manufacturers directions it advises that Stinky not be played wit outside as dirt, sand and wter can cause him to malfunction so if you child takes him in the sandbox- he isn't going to work and that's a lot of money to pay for a fancy Tonka toy. I think Matchbox should tell you that up front.

All said my four year old really seems to like playing with him. Amazon's price with free delvery was competitive with anything I've seen in stores and he is way cheaper than Big Foot who to me doesn't really do much of anything. "

Matchbox Stinky Truck - Great Toy

"My Grandson loves this truck. He specifically asked for Stinky the Truck & loves playing with it & hearing it talk. He immediately bursts into laughter when he hears the voice. I would buy this product again for another child. Also the customer service at this seller is excellent. They really strive to make a customer "happy"."

So have you fallen in love with Stinky yet?

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