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Mega Bloks King Arthur Battle Action Castle

Updated on July 3, 2017

King Arthur Battle Action Castle Toy

I wasn't so sure about the King Arthur Battle Action Castle from Mega Bloks when I first saw it because it looked a bit rickety and cheap. But it actually looks really great when it is set up. I think most kids that are into building or castles and knights should like it.

It's a little like putting Lego together, but not as many pieces and of course many of the pre-built pieces are a lot larger. That means it's much faster and easier to put together and gives a good balance of building and play time. Although if your child is young you may need to help them put it together.

You get quite a lot of extra detail to make it more fun such as a fireplace, anvil for the blacksmith, hunting hound dog and various food items too.

Your child is going to love the King Arthur Battle Action Castle from the Mega Bloks King Arthur Toys range - it goes great with the Mega Bloks Warship.

Building Block enthusiasts will love the balance of over 500 peices of this transformable castle with the playability that will appeal to both children and collectors alike.

A wonderfully designed fantasy medieval set which includes the Round Table, knights and even down to the smaller peices such as food items and the blacksmith's anvil.

Overall the King Arthur Camelot Castle Playset is a beautiful set that will be loved for years to come. Mega Bloks make great imaginative toys including the Halo Mega Bloks series.

Castle Pieces

My favourite piece that it comes with is the round table (but then I really liked the whole King Arthur stories as a kid). Although I hadn't heard of some of the knights that are named on it - I'm not sure how real this is according to the actual legends.

You get the knights too which have a good level of detail and great for making up stories and inventing adventures that your children will have a good time imagining.

This 550 peice Mega Blok set will have you returning to when knights were chivalrous and slayed the evil dragons in the time of King Arthur and the Round Table. At King Arthur Battle Action Castle, chivalry, courage and truth come to life. You can use the stunt sticks provided to create realistic scenes and fights as your figures seem to come to life. Battle mode is activated when you open the castle walls and discover the two secret battle compartments.

The set contains King Arthur, Sir Percival, Sir Bedivere, two dark knights, battle horse, flying gryphon, and three stunt sticks. You also get the round table which has space for all twelve knights with plates and goblets for your round table feasts. Don't forget the extra items such as treasure, throne, hunting dogs and prison (as well as many other items) in the King Arthur Battle Motion Castle!

Your castle has cannon launchers that fire real projectiles to help protect your beautiful flag covered castle. Once you take Excalibur from the stone you can then unwind the drawbridge. You can hide two figurines in the attack door to surprise your enemy and customise which weapons you'll use as a defence. Open the secret door and let leash the killing wheel onto your opponents. Or load up the rock thrower which will drop rocks on invading enemies.

Our Review:

Overall if you are looking for something for your little medieval knight then they will probably enjoy this set. But make sure you look for good deals. I've seen this set for as low as $30 or $40 down from its regular $70.00 price tag (which is much too expensive full price).

However if you want something that might last much longer then go with Lego instead which is much more durable and you can use it to build so many other things as well.

Product Details for King Arthur Battle Action Castle

- Battle Action Castle Legend of King Arthur is great if you want to relive the moments of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.

- Draw bridge that can be lowered when Excalibur is removed from it's stone.

- Castle walls that will fall in battle.

- Recreate different battle scenes for your epic adventures when enemies attack the castle.

- MicroMotion stunt sticks so that you can make lots of things happen without using your fingers in the King Arthur Battle Action castle

- Cannon Launcher for surprise attacks.

Have fun building the castle and playing with all 250 peices of the set so you can take King Arthur and his knights on epic adventures. Plan your battle strategies around the round table and then ambush your enemy as they try and storm the castle.

You can enjoy your very own medieval adventure as you plan what you are going to do next. Will you hide the treasure in one of the hidden chambers or launch a full on offensive by dropping rocks and firing cannons at your invaders?

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