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Mega Man 11

Updated on March 1, 2011

Disclaimer: This Hub is fan speculation; there is no guarantee that any of these features will appear in Mega Man 11, or that there even will be a Mega Man 11.

The Mega Man series has enjoyed a great deal of success with its return to its old-school origins with Mega Man 9 & Mega Man 10.

And while both games were insanely fun and well designed, I think Capcom should give fans a visual upgrade for the series' 11th edition. I really miss the detailed and fluid 2D graphics from Mega Man 8 and Rockman & Forte / Mega Man & Bass.

If Marvel vs. Capcom 3 is any indication, Capcom may be abandoning pixel visuals entirely, choosing to focus on cel-shaded graphics for the future of its flagship franchises.

Regardless, here is my wish-list for Mega Man 11. I took some liberties with it, but that's just due to a lack of Blue Bomber fiber...Enjoy. If you have any suggestions or ideas, feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of this article.

Mega Man 11 Mock Cover by xamoel
Mega Man 11 Mock Cover by xamoel | Source

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Dr. WIly creates his own mechanical planet called Wily World, and wrecks havoc on the Earth from outer space in Mega Man 11.
Dr. WIly creates his own mechanical planet called Wily World, and wrecks havoc on the Earth from outer space in Mega Man 11. | Source

Dr. Wily goes absent after the Roboenza pandemic he created in Mega Man 10. The Blue Bomber and the rest of the main characters enjoy the peaceful months in wake of the outbreak, although hesitantly.

As more and more time passes, Dr. Light begins to worry greatly about the fate of his former colleague. Even Bass and Treble have no idea where Wily is or what he has been up to.

Proto Man appears one day to deliver a message to Mega Man. He noticed some activity at an abandoned airfield on the edge of the city, and asks Mega Man to come investigate. Bass and Treble tag along as well.

They find several of Wily's discarded robots there. Suddenly, they come back to life! Mega Man & Co. fight their way to the center of the facility. After defeating the one final robot, they find a large monitor there. They access the computer and discover blueprints for a Robot Planet, authored by none other then Dr Wily himself!

It seems that Wily lured them there to distract them long enough for him to launch his "mechanical paradise", which he predictably dubs, Wily World. It's main function is to cause obsolete robots and machinery to come back to life and cause destruction all over the planet!

The heroes are prevented from directly assaulting Wily World by a forcefield generated by 8 orbiting satellites, all manned by Robot Masters.

It becomes evident that the only way to stop these "Zombie Robot" riots is to defeat Wily's Robots, break the shield guarding his space station, and defeat the evil doctor yet again!

Mega Man 11 Pyro Man's Theme (Music) (Fan-Made)

Robot Masters

Mega Man 11 Robot Masters Artwork by Rootay
Mega Man 11 Robot Masters Artwork by Rootay | Source

Mega Man 11 introduces 8 new Robot Masters for the heroes to overthrow. They are:

Hydro Man - His main function is filtration and cleaning dirty machinery using high-speed water jets. He is a neat-freak with a bit of an OCD complex, but he is a dedicated worker.. His planet resembles a water-cleaning facility, and he himself resembles a bubble-shaped water tank.

Fossil Man - He was created to oversee Wily's mining and excavation efforts. His number one past-time is treasure hunting. Not surprisingly, he and Hydro Man are often at odds because he generates a great deal of dirt while out on digs. Fossil Man looks like a dinosaur fossil encased in glass.

Noise Man - This music-loving Robot Master was designed to monitor and control sound levels around the Earth. Unfortunately, he only seems to want to rock out to music played at deafeningly high-levels. His stage resembles a concert venue, and he himself looks like a boom-box.

Balloon Man - A carefree Robot Master with no true purpose other than to provide Wily and the other Robot Masters with entertainment during downtime. He resembles a small blimp, and his satellite is based on amusement parks.

Cyber Man - He is a computer genius and excels at hacking and creating computer-generated imagery. He's a bit of a recluse, as he chooses to spend the majority of his time in cyberspace. His satellite is one giant virtual arena, and his design comes form a wire frame 3-D cube.

Knuckle Man - Wily created this Robot Master to enhance his other's hand-to-hand combat and close-range fighting. However, Knuckle Man seems more concerned with picking fights and arm-wrestling than combat training. His planet has a dojo theme, and he looks like a punching bag.

Battery Man - He is an expert at generating, storing, and transforming various types of energies. All the energy he collects has made him extremely hyperactive, but that's the nature of the job. His satellitle is a power plant, and he looks like a set of car-chargers.

Rocket Man - Rocket Man is a master of flight and space travel. He is a very fearless and daring individual. So much so that his actions seem reckless to the others, especially Cyber Man, who feels he's too irrational. His stage looks like a space colony, and he looks like an astronaut with a rocket attached to his back.

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Mini Megaman Weapons 1-6 by NinaUsagi
Mini Megaman Weapons 1-6 by NinaUsagi | Source

With 8 new Robot Masters comes 8 new Weapons for Mega Man to acquire. Many of them have multiple functions:

Jet Geyser - Deploys a floating faucet head that shoots a surge of water forward. If Mega Man stands in front of ii while fired, he will be propelled forward at lightning speeds. Hydro Man's Weapon.

Mole Runner - Fires an advancing seismic wave that causes the earth to erupt in its line of fire. Can climb walls, unearth buried objects, or activate buried switches. Fossil Man's Weapon.

Warp Grenade - Fires a holographic warp point that Mega Man trades places with it, leaving behind a surge of energy where he used to stand. Cyber Man's Weapon.

Echo Bullet - Unleashes a circular radius of sonic energy that can be used to reflect certain enemy shots, and to move certain blocks. Noise Man's Weapon.

Aiming Knuckle - Guided, fist-shaped missile that can be controlled with the D-Pad. Can be used to retrieve out-of-reach items, or to pull Mega Man to specific latches. Knuckle Man's Weapon.

Pressure Balloon
- Fixates a balloon on Mega Man’s firing arm that grows as the button is held. At maximum charge, it flashes momentarily, then explodes producing a small set of fireworks. Releasing the button will detach the balloon and cause it to drift upward before exploding. Mega Man will jump higher, and descend slower while this weapon is charging. Balloon Man's Weapon.

Rear Burner - Summons a tubular swell of fire from behind that attacks the entire “row” Mega Man is standing on. Rocket Man's Weapon.

Energy Spike
- Throws a prong forward that surges with electricity upon hitting a target. Stays lodged in an enemy scoring multiple hits. Can be thrown in a wall and used as a stepping stone. Battery Man's Weapon.


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