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Melissa and Doug Puzzles - Where to Find The Best Melissa And Doug Wooden Peg and Floor Puzzles

Updated on September 20, 2011

Melissa and Doug is a company known for their above average quality when it comes to all of the wooden toy items they make.

One of their most popular lines and products however are their wooden puzzles.

Each of their puzzles are not only made 20% thicker and sturdier than most of their competitors, but their products are also known for being educational as well as fun!

They feature wooden puzzles in just about every form such as:

  • Jumbo peg puzzles
  • Regular peg puzzles
  • Mix and match puzzles
  • Large Floor puzzles
  • Jigsaw Puzzles

Most of their puzzles also help children to learn by displaying corresponding names, pictures or sounds when pieces are attached together correctly.

Read on to find out more about all of the Melissa & Doug wooden puzzles that are available, their cost and where you can purchase them.

Melissa and Doug Safari Puzzles and Animal Puzzles

When it comes to Safari puzzles, Melissa and Doug have come out with just about every type of puzzle imaginable featuring great safari animals!

There are peg puzzles, chunky wood puzzles, touch and feel puzzles, 200 piece jigsaw puzzles and even huge floor puzzles all in the safari animal theme.

They even have a couple of jumbo knob puzzles to be used by smaller hands.

Melissa and Doug Car Puzzles and Truck Puzzles

Melissa and Doug has a huge selection of Car, Truck and Vehicle puzzles to choose from as well.

Puzzles featuring these exciting vehicles include: Peg puzzles, feel and touch puzzles, mix and match puzzles,and  jigsaw puzzles.

They also have sound puzzles where the puzzle will make the correct sound of the vehicle when the pieces are put in the correct places and a box puzzle that features different vehicles on each side of the blocks to mix and match together.

Kids who love vehicles will love any of these puzzles, and luckily Melissa and Doug make them for kids of all ages.

Melissa and Doug Letter Puzzles and Name Puzzles

If there is one quality that Melissa and Doug products are known for, it is their combining of fun with learning.

These letter and number puzzles are not only fun for little ones to play with, but are educational as well.

With their "See and Spell" puzzles, kids need to find the correct letters that will describe the item pictured on the wooden block. They then fit the correct letters into the inserts.

Each of these long wooden blocks are two sided giving them even more 3 an 4 letter words to spell.

The Letters sound puzzle will describe each letter as it is put into place and then there are the 10 foot long alphabet floor puzzles which will teach them which letter follows other letters as they complete their large train.

Melissa and Doug Jumbo Knob Puzzles

Melissa & Doug Jumbo knob puzzles are made specifically for little hands and can be used by children ages 1 and up.

They are perfect starter puzzles with extra large pictures and extra thick puzzle pieces.

They feature cute farm animals, large trucks, pretty large fish and many more options.

These jumbo knob puzzles also help teach in the process.

Kids love these puzzles and are one of the reasons that Melissa & Doug are so well known fro their quality toys.

Melissa and Doug Floor Puzzles

These Melissa & Doug Floor puzzles are another favorite of kids everywhere.

Some of these extend to over 3 feet long when complete!

Melissa & Doug puzzle pieces are 20% thicker than any of their competitors which makes them more durable and easier for little hands to handle.

They have the added benefit of being extremely colorful as well as educational which means kids are learning at the same time they are playing.

Some great floor puzzles below include the solar system and a map of the United States

Most of these floor puzzles contain jumbo size pieces that range from 36 pieces to 45 pieces.

Melissa and Doug Peg Puzzles

Another puzzle favorite of kids everywhere are peg puzzles.

Each of the puzzles in this category contains pegs on each of their pieces which makes placement fun.

These puzzles too are educational as well as fun.

There are mix and match peg puzzles which can have you dressing characters in different clothing options because the clothing puzzle pieces are exactly the same shape.

There are also quite a few of these puzzles that make realistic sounds when you place the correct piece in its correct spot, making these puzzles extra entertaining!

For larger pictures and more detailed descriptions, simply click on the blue link next to the item.


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