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Melissa and Doug Puzzles Overview

Updated on July 28, 2014

Melissa and Doug Puzzles Overview

The Melissa and Doug puzzles come in such a huge variety, choosing the right one as a parent can be quite tricky. Which is why I decided to dedicate a lens to these puzzles. I don't think I'll be able to cover all of them, but I will try to at least cover the different types of puzzles and recommended age groups.

Here we go!

2 Materials of Melissa and Doug Puzzles

With the Melissa and Doug puzzles you can choose from two different types of material; cardboard and wood.

Melissa and Doug Wooden Puzzles

These are hand-crafted, high quality puzzles most kids can't resist. Among the different types of wooden puzzles are peg puzzles, knob puzzles, classic jigsaw puzzles as well as special puzzles with built in lights and sounds. There are even puzzles with textured fabrics! All the wooden puzzles have engaging themes and bright, colorful graphics to attract childrens interest.

Melissa and Doug Cardboard Puzzles

These are made with thick, sturdy die-cut pieces. There's a whole variety of artwork in different colorful themes and a wide variety of piece counts. You get to chose from classic jigsaw puzzles, large floor puzzles in a different shapes and sizes, and unique puzzle cards that are delivered in a handy wooden storage box.

Melissa and Doug Puzzles on Amazon

Do most of your shopping online? Then you should definitely check out the Melissa and Doug puzzles at Amazon. Truth be told Amazon doesn't always have the best prices, but by offering deals like the FREE Super Saver Shipping deal, you can often times save more buying all your toys and other products at Amazon instead of shopping at several different stores.

Melissa and Doug Wooden Puzzle Types

There are more than 5 different categories of wooden Melissa and Doug puzzles to choose from.

Jumbo Knob Puzzles

The Jumbo Knob puzzle pieces have easy to grasp knobs for little hands and matching pictures underneath extra-thick pieces! Classic childhood themes make these puzzles interesting and educational. These toys are great for first time puzzlers.

Chunky Puzzles

The thick, chunky wooden pieces that fit neatly into the puzzle board make this a very innovative toy. They can even stand up for pretend play! Under each piece is a full color picture.

Peg Puzzles

See-inside and peek-a-boo puzzles hide colorful pictures under each piece. The mix 'n match puzzles allow kids to interchange the pieces and form their own wacky creations. As you can telll, these wooden peg puzzles offer many opportunities for fun, learning and creative thinking!

Sound Puzzles and Blocks

This exceptional line of wooden puzzles and puzzle blocks has built-in speakers that play realistic sounds. Place pieces correctly in the puzzle board or match the cubes in the tray to hear music, animals, vehicles, letters, numbers and more.

Jigsaw Puzzles

Classically cut wooden jigsaw puzzles delivered in a sturdy wooden tray. The piece-counts range from 12 to 48 pieces. There's a whole variety of themes to choose from.

Other Puzzles

  • Magnetic puzzles where you have to catch a fish or bug are great for improving hand-eye coordination.
  • The Maze puzzles, where you have to slide the puzzle pieces, are not onlly good for hand-eye coordination, but also for fine motor skills, language development. And just plain fun of course.
  • Touch and Feel puzzles are a great sensory experience for any kid. These wooden puzzles contain textured pieces that help stimulate tactile and hand-eye development.
  • With the Cube puzzles, you get 6 puzzles in one. The blocks have color-coded sides to help your kid assemble the right image.
  • As some games are to big and bulky to take with you on vacation, the Melissa and Doug team came up with the Mini Puzzle Packs. Each pack includes 4 mini puzzles is delivered in a compact wooden case to keep everything togetther.

Melissa and Doug Puzzles Video Overview

Share your favorite Melissa and Doug puzzles right here and inspire others.

Your Favorite Melissa and Doug Puzzles

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    • profile image

      Top12ChristmasGifts 5 years ago

      Wooden puzzles are my favorite, as they are forever. My wife treasures hers made by her grandfather. We occasionally get a puzzle out and rebuild it. Its still so much fun.