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Metal Detecting Tips & Tricks

Updated on July 17, 2015

Looking for a fun hobby to do amid the warmer months of the year? Then metal detecting is a great choice! Not only is there always something new to find, but the hobby can pay for itself, and quickly if you know what you’re doing!

What is Metal Detecting?

Metal detecting is a leisurely sport that has gained attention with millions of people all over. People head outdoors with their tools in search of treasures big and small that have been buried for days or even centuries.

At some point, you may have seen a person who looked seemingly strange equipped with or without a headset, a long rod sweeping across the ground, and digging holes at random. This person is involved in the sport of metal detecting and if you watched them further, you likely saw them pull some loot out of the ground!

Metal detecting definitely takes a lot of time to learn and a bountiful supply of patience as you are likely to come across many bottle caps and pennies before discovering something amazing buried in the ground. Here’s a few metal detecting tips to get you started!


Metal Detecting Tools

Now, just like any sport or hobby, you need the right tools to get started! As always, you get what you pay for, but if you’re not sure that you want to dive head-first into the hobby, stick with cheaper items until you’ve made up your mind. Just be sure to read reviews on products from multiple websites before making any kind of purchase! Here’s some necessary tools to have for getting started on metal detecting:

  • All-in-One Kit: If you want to make things easier, there’s many metal detector starters kits out there on the market that contain literally everything you need to get started! If you prefer to start smaller, move on to the next bullets.

  • Metal Detector: If you’re getting into metal detecting, this is the first tool that you will need! You don’t just want to go around digging random holes in search of something, and this is the tool that literally tells you if there is something metal underneath it, hence the name “metal detector.”

  • Headphones: Things that are buried deep down will set off a quieter chime in your metal detector, and if you are searching in a public place such as a busy park, chances are, there’s a lot of noise around you! Using headphones enables you to hear your metal detector, and only your metal detector.

  • Digging Trowel: If your detector goes off, you don’t want to find yourself digging with your hands! Get a good digging trowler that allows you to cut out a patch of grass and dig so that you can find your object, cover the hole, and replace the patch of grass.

  • Pinpointer: The pinpointer is quite an optional tool, but a very handy one to have on your toolbelt. Basically, once a metal detector locates some metal, the pinpointer makes it easier to locate smaller objects in the midst of your digging ventures!

  • Pouch: You will be needing something that you can put your finds in whether it’s a satchel, apron, or a fanny pack. Whatever suits your style!

  • Metal Detecting Tips Handbook: Hit your local library and see what they have as far as books on metal detecting go. You might find something that will turn you into the master metal detector!


Best Locations for Metal Detecting

Once you have everything you need, it’s time to think about where you will be looking for your buried treasure! When it comes to metal detecting tips, location is key in finding something truly astonishing and worth lots! Here’s some ideas:

  • Parks: Any place that’s frequented by a lot of people is always a good bet, and at parks, just think about how many kids lose their lunch money! Really though, be sure to search around park benches and everything where parents would sit.

  • Beaches: Most people remove their jewelry and put them in seemingly safe places while at the beach, only to find them missing later, and not by theft! Beaches are chock full of treasures just waiting to be found!

  • Historical cities: You can find lots of cool things simply scanning around a historical town, especially known battlegrounds!

  • Hiking trails: Hiking trails can offer a wide variety of different treasures, so go on a hike while looking for treasure!

Tip: Before stepping foot on any property, be sure to know about any local laws and restrictions on digging. Also, it’s kind ask homeowners if you can go digging in their yard before going through with it, no matter how tempting it can be!

Now that you have a few metal detecting tips to get you started, it’s time to, well, get started! Always remember the amount of patience that is necessary in order to get your first real find. Finding bottle caps and old cans may get old, but you can make yourself useful to Earth by simply picking these little pieces of garbage up and recycling them, which can also mean money!

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