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Metal Gear Solid / MGS

Updated on September 30, 2014


METAL GEAR is a game first released in 1987, for MSX2 console. Metal Gear Solid is published by Japanese company named KONAMI. The game was conceived and directed by HIDEO KOJIMA. Metal Gear was issued for the MSX2 computer, soon followed with a version for the NES console. The player is in the role of Solid Snake, a special agent of the secret black-ops unit Foxhound.

Metal Gear is well known and important because it is the first game in which the main goal is to hide from enemy, and not go into direct combat with him. Although it seems a seemingly naive game, it deals with possible life in the near future and also deals with interpersonal relationships and social problems and phenomena through the relationships of the main characters. Exactly because of that the game is highly praised in the world and when new sequel is about to come out, millions of loyal fans are waiting for hours to be among the first to get a copy of the game.

The story is about solo operative, Solid Snake, who was sent to an isolated fortress of Outer Heaven to disable mobile launcher nukes METAL GEAR. He succeeds in this, but also gets in a conflict with his former mentor, Big Boss, who's clone he is. Metal Gear was very successful and it got a sequel in 1990, titled : METAL GEAR 2: SOLID SNAKE. And after that new game is released in 1998 for PlayStation under the name METAL GEAR SOLID and became one of the best selling games in the history.

A list of titles with the hierarchy of events from the first to the last is as follows:

Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker

Metal Gear

Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake

Metal Gear Solid

Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns Of The Patriots

Photo credit: Jetijones / Foter / CC BY


The official sequel – Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake was released in 1990, again available for the MSX2. The game has managed to repeat the success of the original. There was a large progress, larger codec conversations and inserts, and also it had a great and nostalgic soundtrack. Hideo Kojima didn't participate in making this sequel.

The series is idle until 1998, when light of the day saw Metal Gear Solid for PlayStation. Powerful hardware and warehouse wasteland that this console has brought with it enabled the development team to move into the 3D action. Things here are starting to severely complicate, Foxhound is a terrorist organization, and in the game we find that Solid Snake has a twin brother - Liquid Snake ...

There were some great changes but one thing remained the same – the atmosphere. The atmosphere was so good and incredibly intense, that you always had the feeling that you are in the same place as Snake.

Did you miss anything if you have not played these two episodes? Yes, you missed a good part of the story, because in fact, the story of MGS, continues the story from its predecessor with the MSX2 platform. Metal Gear 2, finished with Snake’s leaving to Alaska, where he tried to find peace and forget about all the fights and battles. But unfortunately his vacation doesn’t last too long. An old friend Roy Campbell, brings him to a military base, where he tries to explain all the details of a possible attack on Washington. A man called Liquid, gathered five specials from Fox Hound. But they made a mistake, and kidnapped Roy’s niece – Meryl. So Snake as old Roy’s acquaintance decides to help in a rescue mission. Snake is on his way, and to facilitate communication, gets Codec, through which at any point, he will be able to contact Roy and the team from the base.

The most interesting thing to know when you start the game is that you forget everything you've heard in the beginning, and get ready for a bunch of information, upheaval and exciting moments. That really is the charm of MGS's. Until the end, you will not know who's in your side and who's on opponent's side. You will absorb information for which you will later find out that they were lies covered with lies. So, don’t expect to understand the story when playing it just once.

Except for story, Metal Gear Solid has something that very few games have these days. Throughout the game you will develop your feelings and empathy for other characters, which is perfectly complemented by an excellent soundtrack. You will regret for killing the bosses, because Kojima succeeded in showing dying of people who were a few minutes ago your sworn enemies. It is simply fascinating. Not to mention the very end and goodbyes, as from the characters you meet during the game, as from those who you only hear through codec. Although Snake is a true warrior, cold-blooded, as to women, as to civilians who need help, in the game he will still get engraved the names of two people in his heart. The first is the aforementioned Meryl'' niece'' (under enormous quotes)of Roy Campbell. Another character is a fan of Anime, who calls himself Otacon. He will be inseparable (via codecs) partner in your adventure, and with the help of ‘’Stealth Camouflage’’ you will easier discover all the secrets of Alaska.

Perhaps most insignificant part of the game is exactly the Stealth. The truth is, the soldiers are pretty dumb (at a lower level of difficulty), and sometimes they will not notice you even if you hide in a cardboard box in front of them, but that’s not the point of the game. Stealth is there for the atmosphere, for the feeling that in every moment someone can pop out in front of you and try to kill you. There is one more thing that proves that the Stealth is here only for the atmosphere. It’s the BOSSES. Although the game seems a little too serious for that to happen, it’s one of the best parts of the game. You will have hard time figuring out the strategy for each one of them, their good and bad sides, their attacks and defenses. Most bosses are former members of Fox Hound who have special powers. They are little more than men, but each one of them is dying in the same way – repenting for all his actions. And Snake’s heart even gets softer after every killed boss…except one…last, but no, I won’t tell you!

Although the graphics aren’t at the level of today's mega hits, if you're a true gamer, you will have to plays this game eventually. The only flaw is that it doesn’t last long, but I can’t complain, because for that period and those standards that was enough. You will enjoy in every dead soldier, mourn over every killed boss and killed friend, you will applaud the fantastic outcome and, finally, you will cry watching one of the saddest endings in the history of gaming. TIMELESS MASTERPIECE IN YOUR HANDS!!!!

Photo credit: Jetijones / Foter / CC BY


PERFECT MASTERPIECE is probably the only sentence that can describe my astonishment after I finished this game - MGS Sons of Liberty. Hideo Kojima has left a big impact in gaming industry with making this game. Kojima has showed to every single generation how to make a game, that will be a long time parameter for determining good title. MGS Sons of Liberty is firstborn for the PlayStation 2, and it still is one of the best titles for the PS2. The first game trailer thrilled spectators at E3, some people have sworn they haven't watched more exciting trailer in their lives. Trailer contained all the aspects of an exciting Hollywood trailers (tension and excitement), and graphics that astounded many people with whom Kojima showed the possibilities of future Sony's console. Therefore he received the award for best trailer of E3's show in 2000.

On the day of release the game broke record of sold copies in the first week, and everybody hoped that if the game is half as good as the first title it's gonna be one great game, but what MGS offered was far beyond every expectations. Chaos arose in Japan and many have bought PS2 just for this title.

The story is divided into two parts, and it is continued two years later after the events in the first Metal Gear. The story begins with Snake Solid, who is now a mercenary who works for an anti-Metal Gear organization called Philantrophy. Philantropy received the anonymous message that a new version of Metal Gear's ready to use and that they are in a boat that needs to sail from Manhattan. At the very beginning of the game we can perceive the classic atmosphere and phenomenal cinematic experience of MGS games. Snake is boarding on the ship, but he isn't the only one who has heard of new version of Metal Gear. Russian special forces attack the ship and easily take it over. Two old characters appear in this sequel - Otacon, who will provide help on the radio and is used as save point, and Ocelot who helps Russia's forces to take over the ship. Snake finds out that the Marines in the independent project made Metal Gear RAY that will serve to stop the other Metal Gears. After a couple of fantastic animation and twists that will leave you breathless, Snake successfully ends his mission and the story goes on, two years later. At the site where the ship sank was an oil spill, and soon was built oil refinery Big Shell. Big Shell was taken over by the terrorists who call themselves the "Sons of Liberty." They kidnapped the president, and require 40 billion dollars. If their demands aren't fulfilled they said they will release high dose of toxins into the ocean and make the greatest biological disaster ever. Their leader calls himself Solid Snake, but it is impossible because he died in that mission two years ago. New Foxhound organization, has invited his new agent Raiden to reveal whether terrorists really have the ability to release toxins, and to save the president. Raiden will have to do all secretly because nobody must know of his presence, and Seal Team 10 will also try to free the president. Raiden will get help at the field from his supervisor Colonel Cambell same character from the first part, and the data analyst Rosemary.

In many places, MGS 2 is exciting, intense, spectacular and better than any Hollywood title. This is true game cinematic masterpiece. Artistic design, the choice of scenes, the use of sound effects, music and synchronization have set a standard that only a future game needs to reach. Gameplay is quite interesting and insensibly merges with cinematic gaming experience. AI is really up to the elite level, enemy soldiers will always react naturally and will always be aware of your presence and your surroundings. MGS2 puts in spotlight sneaking and stalking, as well as his predecessor. Gameplay is complex and there are many details that you need to accept before you can actually say that you have become effective. Fighting is the last thing you do, but sometimes if the situation require you have to fight. Raiden will be equipped with a bunch of gadgets, and there aren't a lot of weapons. Each boss is a story for himself, they have a well-developed personality and their inner demons are chasing them. Through fighting with them you'll find out more about them and in some cases you won't be able to determine who is really good and who is bad. During the game you can save your game in every room and hall you visit.

Raiden and Snake with their kung-fu moves may very good kick the enemy, and also with few bullets they can destroy enemy searchlight or camera. The story is such that you non-stop speculate or assume a further course of action and it is exciting enough to play the game until the end. But the party doesn't end here; MGS has a great replay value because it offers you over 500 VR missions, where you meet with the various facilities that aren't in the game and 5 Snake Tales.

The atmosphere is tense non-stop, and every moment of the game will carry you to greater progress. Artistic design, animation models and level design is excellently done. Models are alive and expressive, which significantly enhances otherwise superb cinematic experience. Fantastic visual aspect is supplemented with professionally produced synchronization, which makes its expressiveness typical of the entire experience. Very good music is composed by Harry Gregson Williams and it fits right into the action.

I can say that for me, MGS2, was and is a beautiful experience. The size of the project and the way in which Kojima pulled this out leaves me breathless. Hideo Kojima is certainly a master of his craft, which is confirmed by each new shift in the story. My recommendation is YOU MUST PLAY THIS MASTERPIECE!

Photo credit: ManuelSagra / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA


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The third sequel – Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater was published in 2004, again for PlayStation 2. The action takes place in year 1964, during the Cold War, and the main protagonist is Naked Snake, a former Green Beret and CIA operative (who will later become one of the greatest villains of the series). He was sent to the Soviet Union to save scientist Sokolov.

Metal Gear / Metal Gear Solid franchise includes not only the aforementioned games. Over the years on this subject were issued dozens of spinoff titles. Thus, for mobile phones there is Metal Gear Solid Mobile, PSP has duo Metal Gear Acid - pulling strategy game with cards, for Nintendo GameCube a Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes, Xbox owners remember Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance ... There's even a version for the Game Boy.

For this series of games is linked to a whole range of interesting information and anecdotes. Metal Gear is considered as a founder of sneaking genre – the first stealth game that has ever appeared on the market. Also, Kojima got the idea for the plot watching Hollywood action movies. The creators of the game say that the appearance of Solid Snake in a 3D version of the game is based on the musculature of famous actor Jean-Claude Van Dam, and that the facial features were inspired by Christopher Walken. What a mixture!

Photo credit: L.Bö / Foter / CC BY


Metal Gear Solid 4 not only contains characters from the previous episodes, but the "action plot" is closely related to the events from the past. The year is 2014, armed conflicts, which are more numerous than ever, orchestrated by the private armies. Nanoparticles get injected into the bloodstream through which they can "follow" their soldiers and workers (vital functionality, stress ...), but also to eliminate them like rats if they refuse obedience.

The five largest private armies are under the ownership of the infamous Outer Heaven, and the strings are pulled by none other than Liquid Ocelot. He wants to control the system that controls nanoparticles, and thus enslave world with his influence. Solid Snake was sent to eliminate him. However, Solid Snake is barely recognizable - instead muscular commandos in his best years in front of us appears messed old dude (he still has the muscles). Snake is suffering from accelerated degradation of cellular cell (or whatever), that resulted in accelerated aging (that's why he's called Old Snake).

Atmosphere and technical characteristics - extremely detailed modeled locations, surreal animation movements, precise surround sound, a great soundtrack. There are then staged and incredible voice acted interplays, a bunch of different weapons and accessories that can be bought, gadgets, sneaking and stealth techniques, mimicry. I can say that MGS 4 is divided into five major segments and for their completion you must surely have between 15 and 20 hours of active gaming. Finally, when you finish the campaign, you can play in online multiplayer battles, in which can participate up to 16 players.

MGS 4 will be remembered for being the first game, which was placed on a dual layer Blu-ray disc! The authors have managed to pile nearly 45 GB of data on a disc! Individual segments are duplicated, so that the unique material has about 30 GB.

Although Konami promised a lot when it comes to graphics solutions, the announcement isn’t fulfilled. First of all resolution is 720p. At first glance, the graphics in general doesn’t seem that impressive. Also, the camera can get annoying occasionally, although in most cases it’s perfect. On the other hand, new players might not fully understand the story, and the relationship of the characters who obviously have a joint history. They will have problems with following the action, and the only thing that I can recommend is to get their hands on previous sequels and play them.

Photo credit: Akiraman / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA


Kojima Productions Team has organized celebration of 25th anniversary of the Metal Gear Solid series, and they announced a lot of interesting stuff. Certainly the most important news is the announcement of the game Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes, which was presented with 20 minutes long demo. Presentation, judging by the Twitter comments, delighted everyone. Ground Zeroes demo is demonstrated on a PC, and this is also the first official appearance of the new FOX engine, where Hideo Kojima has been working for some time, and which is intended for current hardware.

The demo shows the section on a rainy night in a huge military base in the midst of tropical forests, with the mechanics and punching bag from the perspective of a third party. This will be the first open world MGS game where Zero will be able to call the helicopter to be transported to the desired position, or he can do it by jumping on a variety of vehicles.

For those who don’t know, Zero will replace Solid Snake. Zero was Snake’s mentor in MGS3: Snake Eater, who later become his enemy. It’s character with the most impressive and quite dark biography, which states that he is a former SAS operative who is recruited by CIA, and later, under the name of Big Boss founded the ‘’Patriots’’.

Metal Gear Rising

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance
Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

You got to have one of these!


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      3 years ago

      People normllay pay me for this and you are giving it away!

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      4 years ago

      I haven't played the metal gear solid series but really hope to give these a try one day as they do look awesome thanks for explaining more what the game is about as i have always been interested.


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