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Metro Last Light Find Pavel in the Venice Mission

Updated on February 8, 2014

Metro Last Light End of Bandits Mission

Metro Last Light ring the bell and wait for the ferryman. It's an agonizing wait, literally, as monsters appear to assault the hero.
Metro Last Light ring the bell and wait for the ferryman. It's an agonizing wait, literally, as monsters appear to assault the hero.

In Metro Last Light, the hero will get to an area where there are refuges. Artyom must then head further into the metro system with his rail car and then look for Pavel and the dark one in Venice. This will guide Artyom on the difficult parts of the missions, particularly on how to fend off the monsters while waiting for the ferry, how to find Pavel in Venice and how to sneak past the guards to reach Pavel.

Metro Last Light Bandits Mission

From the area with refugees, head forward with the rail car and then stop somewhere outside the bandit barricade. Snoop around in the darkness and take out the bandits with the silencer take weapons. Then return to the rail car and carry on.

Artyom will eventually reach an area where there are no more rail tracks for the rail car. Come out of the rail car and look for an opening in the real rail train on the left. Go through and proceed through some carriages and then a tunnel to reach a large station. One part of the station is submerged in water. Stay on the ground floor and look for a machine that will signal for the ferryman.

The noise generated by the machine alerts some subterranean monsters. Before they emerge, go to the upstairs part of the station and grab the quad barrel shotgun. This shotgun will shoot twice at the monsters and then need reloading. Run around the compound and use the shotgun on the monsters. Fend off the monsters until the ferryman arrives.

Metro Last Light Get to Venice

The ferryman transports Artyom across the waters to the post-apocalyptic Venice. As the tour guide, the ferryman feels obliged to point out the presence of large shrimp like predators callef creepers. The creepers are at first peaceful. And then they attack. This part is mostly choreographed gameplay, so defeat the creepers and get to Venice.

Metro Last Light Find Pavel in Venice

Venice is another place where Artyom can upgrade his weapons and buy ammo, so explore the marketplace and get a silencer for the weapons. Now walk around the modern Venice until the hero reaches the end of the walkway. Pavel is just inside. Go in and enjoy the story scenes. Then follow Pavel and sneak past the guards to reach Pavel.

Artyom is almost taken down by Pavel but a friend emerges on time to save him. Artyom then follows the friend to the surface. It's time to brave the swamps.


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