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Metro Last Light Road for Two

Updated on June 10, 2013

In Metro Last Light, Artyom rescues the Dark One at last from the train. Artyom carries the Dark One to the surface, where the dark one uses telepathy to communicate with Arytom. Khan has instructed Artyom to use the dark one, but Artyom has other plans. Despite his attempts to send the dark one away, the dark one continues to follow Artyom. The Dark One, who is barely an alien child, helps Artyom anyhow. He transmits certain powers to Artyom, allowing him to sense enemies’ whereabouts and help him understand and read enemies’ thoughts. This will guide Artyom on how to survive the child mission, the Bridge mission and how to sneak past the enemies in the Road for Two mission.

Metro Last Light Road for Two Mission

Metro Last Light Road for Two Mission. Jump from one bus to the other without falling into the water.
Metro Last Light Road for Two Mission. Jump from one bus to the other without falling into the water.

Metro Last Light Bridge Mission

First, Artyom must transverse the outside and the surface and go through obstacles. The path to the objective is fairly simple. Follow the path on the ice and reload on filters and masks as much as possible. Artyom and the dark one will eventually reach a crossing and waterfilled area where he must jump from one bus to the other. That is the key to continuing.

Then climb the ladder and arrive at the Bridge.

Here there will be lots of monsters which will attack the hero. Make sure the mask is on, filters have lots of time remaining and arm the hero with the most powerful weapons. Then defeat the monsters and make your way across the bridge.

The winged creature returns whilst the hero is on the bridge. He snags at the rail car, and causes it to crash onto the ground. The Dark One distracts the winged creature and allows Arytom to find the exit to the next mission.

Metro Last Light Road for Two Mission

The hero continues on the road to Polis. First restock on ammo and upgrade weapons at the brief respite area. Then continue into the warzone. As Artyom comes out of the shack, people start firing at Artyom. From within the shack and platform above, use a sniper weapon to take them all out. When one or two enemies remain, move in and eliminate them all. Then move to the next area.

More men will be patrolling this next area. Move around and find cover. From stealth positions, sneak behind the men and take them out. Use Artyom’s fist or some kind of silencer weapon. This part of the Road for Two mission is easy. However, the next part is hard.

The key part to the final part of the Road for Two mission is to find a way through two rows of men guarding a stairway to the exit. The best way to do this is –

  • Go straight until Artyom reaches the end of the corridor.
  • Turn left and find a ramp and go up the ramp in crouch mode.
  • Put down the guard there and move rapidly to the left across a plank.
  • Put down the other guard.
  • There is actually a hole here which the hero may drop down into and go through a tunnel to get to an area near the stairs.
  • It may be too hard to do everything by stealth here, so if the hero is discovered, just hide in a dark corner and defeat the men here using sniper weapons. Then climb up the stairs when all the men are defeated.
  • Go up the stairs and finish off any other men.

Then open the door and find a man behind the door. The Dark One and the hero will put him down together.


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