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Metro Last Light Through Hell Mission

Updated on February 8, 2014

Metro Last Light Through Hell Mission

In Metro Last Light, the hero Artyom arrives at the church and rendezvous with Anna. Anna is angry.She is feeling ashamed of having left Artyom at the hands of the third Reich. She tries to make amends by being nice to Artyom. Arytom is enjoying this but good feelings in Metro 2034 do not last long. Some traitors led by Lenistsky smash through the doors of the church. Artyom is buried (alive) under a pile of debris. Anna is captured. And the hero must go through hell to rescue Anna. This will guide the hero as he tries to survive in the through hell mission to rescue Anna.

Metro Last Light Through Hell

Hell has many monsters, including this one.......
Hell has many monsters, including this one.......

Metro Last Light Defeat the Monsters with Limited Ammo

Artyom crawls out of the debris. Anna is gone, and so are her captors. The only way onward is through some subterranean tunnels. This area is intermittently stricken with what appears to be EMP residues. Nothing electromagnetic works. So it's literally going through darkness, unless the hero wants to strike up a lighter. There will be several events or obstacles in this area -

  • The hero will descend via a makeshift elevator and will crash land as watchers spring out to assault the hero. They have no concept of the weight limit on the elevator.
  • After the elevator crashes, come out and walk through more darkness. The hero will be severely short of ammo here, so be very conservative or just stock up at the church before going into the through hell mission.
  • Artyom will approach a wooden door with some corpses nearby. At this time, watchmen jump out to attack the hero. The hero may still be short of ammo and have to devise other means to defeat the watchmen. After the watchmen are defeated, go turn the doorknob and the wooden door will be lifted. Go through and find a lever on top of a moving platform. Get onto the platform and ride it to the next area.
  • The hero must descend into lower levels and then find a staircase on the left side to get to higher grounds. This area is surrounded by watchmen. Pick up ammo from the ground and be prepared to fend off the watchmen. There will also be a sonar firing creature. Defeat them and use the staircase.
  • The staircase will lead the hero to an elevator. Pull on the lever to get the elevator to come down. Obviously, while this is happening, watchmen will jump out and attack the hero. The key here is to survive. To survive, stand at one corner of the elevator shaft. For some reason, the watchmen are reluctant to attack whilst the hero is at this position.
  • Finally, after an eternity, the lift arrives. Get into it and get to higher grounds. The hero is about to make it past a bridge.

Metro Last Light Defeat the Through Hell Mission Boss

And then the through hell mission boss monster appears. It is bigger and meaner than the watchmen. But some things remain the same. It has no concept of weight limit. The bridge collapses and lands the hero and the monster into the lower levels.

  • The key to defeating the boss the first time is to shine a light into its eyes so that it will charge at the hero. In this way, lure the monster to charge at the pillars until the structural integrity of the cavern is compromised and a hole appears in the walls.
  • Go through the wall and chaos erupts. The hero is somehow dumped into the next cavern and the overweight boss falls from the roof into the cavern. Repeat the sequence of luring the boss to smash through all pillars of the cavern. Then, for this particular hero that had no ammo left, strike at the beast repeatedly with melee attacks until it expires.

The cavern fills rapidly with water and Artyom ia sucked through a hole in the ground and lands somewhere near Anna's location. Convenient.

After the hero goes through Hell, it's quite inevitable what will happen next.


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