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Might and Magic Heroes 6 - Celebrating 25 Years of Might and Magic

Updated on August 13, 2011

Might and Magic - Celebrating 25 years of Might and Magic

Might and Magic in 1986
Might and Magic in 1986

Might and Magic Heroes 6

With the impending release of Might and Magic Heroes 6, let's take a look back at the 25 years history of the might and magic franchise, and the nostalgic experience it brings back.

In 1986, a new game found the shelves of gaming stores, although in those days it was more of stores containing a mixture of hobby games, boardgames, computers, computer accessories, and floppy discs hanged up on shelves. Might and Magic - that sounds like a good game...... Let's take it. And so it began, and 25 years later, one is still looking forward to the next generation of Might and Magic.

Might and Magic - the Beginning

The beginning was thoroughly enjoyable. What do kids do apart from play all day long? Especially since the internet and mobile was non-existent. Might and Magic introduced one to four directional travel within white or blue grids advertised as walls. Occasionally monsters will appear at the end of a corridor, and one would have to fight by pitting characters' numbers and magic against the creatures' might and statistics. It was great! The keyboard and only the keyboard became the late 1980s geeks' best friends. One would have memorized the keys on the keyboard so much that movements were automatic, and one could slew all the monsters on the screen by touching a certain pattern of keyboard buttons..... fast and automatic.

Heroes of Might and Magic - the Evolution

Might and Magic - the Evolution

Along came the mouse, but it did little to change the gameplay amongst early might and magic gamers. Movements were now increased to being able to move in an arc and multi-directional, rather than four directional. Monsters become more than just words and crude pixels on the screen. They evolved, becoming more cunning, more vicious, more vivid and for most cases more frightening.

And then Might and Magic continued to evolve, introducing one to the concept of Heroes of Might and Magic, and the mouse came the hero of the game. Love those clicking and building more and more castles and cities and launching attacks and defense against countless scores of monsters. Beyond the shrouded mist and darkness were more treasures and more monsters. It was even more fun than Might and Magic and countless nights and weekends were spent ploughing through the lands of Might and Magic.Fans of Heroes of Might and Magic will always argue about which was the best nostalgic Heroes of Might and Magic. For today's discussion, it will have to be Heroes of Might and Magic 4, just because it gave so much options and expansions and later players' modules to the game.

Might and Magic - the Near Extinction

And then the rpg and turn base fantasy strategy of Might and Magic world hit a snag. It appeared hard to move on from there. And might and magic nearly disappeared into extinction. But a certain game called Baldur's Gate came along and reinvigorated the genre. And many years later, might and magic returned to as Heroes of Might and Magic 5. It was all pseudo 3D by this stage, with players being able to swirl the screen and look at the map and characters and combat screen from all directions. Intensive story lines were built into the Heroes of Might and Magic 5 system. And from there came the free MMORPG version of heroes of Might and Magic. Might and Magic has returned, albeit briefly.

Might and Magic Heroes 6 - the Return

Might and Magic Heroes 6 is being prepared to be displayed in front of a lucky selected few at Gamescom 2011. Although might and magic heroes 6 has been delayed numerous times, it is likely that it will be released sometime this year. The return of Might and Magic is imminent. Are you ready? To wet your appetite, let's review the videos of might and magic heroes 6 - teaser, trailer, creatures, and gameplay.

Might and Magic Heroes 6 - Celebrating 25 Years of Might and Magic


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