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Might and Magic Heroes 6 A Selfish Prayer For Light

Updated on June 9, 2013

In Might and Magic Heroes 6, the vampire Vein accepts the Hierophant Anastaysia's request to uncover the mystery surrounding the plague affecting the undead in the holy empire. His first task will be to guide his dying undead army to find Ludmilla and the town of Nelsham-Nadin within 7 days. His next few tasks are protect the Nelsham-Nadin in the siege of the town, prevent the angel leader from wiping out the necromancy armies, destroying the war machines and then defeating the princess Drew Falcon. These quests are not easy. This will guide the hero as he tries to achieve the above objectives.

Might and Magic Heroes 6 Guide Vein to Find the Town of Nelsham-Nadin

The town of Nelsham-Nadin lies somewhere to the southwest of Vein's starting point. Do not attempt to attack the stray creatures along the way to the objectives. Just focus and guide Vein towards the fort of Nelsham-Nadin. Along the way, essential events will happen -

Vein will meet the necromancer experimenter Yashar. Yashar will only allow Vein to enter his fort if he has proven himself (go to level 7). So it is not now.

Vein will continue south and have to attack the earth elementals guarding the one way path to the required fort. The earth elementals are easy foes. The next blockage is not that easy. It is the team of angels and sunriders. Some of Vein's undeads would have perished by this time, so Vain can only attack with reduced army strength and units. Close ranks and attack.

Once Vein overcomes this blockage, he will continue and reach the fort of Nelsham-Nadin.

Might and Magic Heroes 6 A Selfish Prayer for Light

The minimap on the left lower corner will show the path needed for A Selfish Prayer for Light quest.
The minimap on the left lower corner will show the path needed for A Selfish Prayer for Light quest.

Might and Magic Heroes 6 Defend the Fort of Nelsham-Nadin

The next few quests involve the defending of Fort of Nelsham-Nadin from the Haven armies of Princess Drew Falcon. Vein must achieve the following objectives -

  • Destroy the second and third angel vanguards
  • Destroy the catapults before a given amount of time elapses. The way to the catapults is through the third angel vanguard at the north of the necropolis fort.
  • Once the third angelic vanguard is destroyed, the angel leader will set forth to open a gate near the Yashar's laboratory.
  • At the same time, sea raiders of the haven empire will land ashore and lay siege on the fort of Nelsham-Nadin.
  • After a given number of turns, the bridge leader will begin building the bridge to attack the fort of Nelsham-Nadin. The hero will have to destroy the bridge leaders and the sawmill.
  • Finally the princess will attack the fort of Nelsham-Nadin personally. Her armies must be destroyed.

Might and Magic Heroes 6 Tactics to Complete the Selfish Prayer For Light Quest

The first step to complete the above objectives is to increase Vein's army size. Vein's army is severely depleted by the time he reaches the fort. Build the fort into a town and capture the wood and ore mines to the south of the fort.

  • The crystal mine is to the east of the fort (west of Yashar's lab).
  • While building up the necromancy town, remember to build the necromancy or reanimation tower so that fallen units can be raised again. Vein will need every single unit for the final battle.
  • Head out and try to capture another fort to the west of the Nelsham-Nadin fort. However, if this fort is taken by the enemy, it is still all right.
  • Proceed to the south of this fort and capture the upgrade building and the scroll of undead. This will accomplish one of the side quests and allow Vein to recruit undead archers from the mass graveyards around the map. Then use the upgrade building or teleport back to the town of Nelsham-Nadin to upgrade the units.
  • By this time, time would be running out to destroy the wooden catapults. After defending the forts against the seafaring haven troops, depart immediately for the small area north of the other fort. The third angel vanguard is here, guarding the portal to the wooden catapults.
  • Defeat the final angel vanguard and teleport across. The hero must have enough troops by this time to prevent the other haven units from attacking him. Now move rapidly across (need at least 7 - 9 days left in this quest) and take out the three catapults.
  • When the catapults are destroyed, teleport back to town and gather your troops (both fallen and new). It's time to raise your level to 7 to get even more troops.
  • Move back to the area where Yashar's lab is and destroy the foes in this area. This will raise Vein to level 7. Accept Yashar's troops at his lab and launch an attack on the angel leader.
  • Whilst trying to raise Vein's level, more seafaring haven troops will assault the fort of Nelsham-Nadin.Teleport back and defend the town.
  • Finally, with the angel leader defeated, Vein will have enough troops to stage an assault on the bridge repair leader.
  • When the bridge repair leader is defeated, the princess will attack the fort of Nelsham-Nadin. Teleport back to the fort and gather all new and 'old raised' troops and defeat the princess.

Congratulations! The hero Vein has won the first scenario A Selfish Prayer for Light.


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