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Might and Magic 6 Heroes 6 Raelag Shadow Slayer Level Up Guide

Updated on May 26, 2013

Heroes of Might and Magic 6 Raelag Shadow Slayer Level Up Guide

In Might and Magic 6 Heroes 6 Shades of Darkness, the hero Raelag must level up so that he can imbue his units with the power needed to defeat the various monsters and enemies in the scenarios. Raelag can level up in the way he wants. This will guide the hero on what skills to choose so that he can influence his units and make them the strongest possible.

Might and Magic Heroes 6 Raelag Shadow Slayer Level Up Guide

Might and Magic Heroes 6 Raelag Shadow Slayer Level Up Guide
Might and Magic Heroes 6 Raelag Shadow Slayer Level Up Guide

Heroes of Might and Magic 6 Raelag Heroic Abilities

Raelag’s heroic abilities can be divided into his faction abilities. The faction abilities in this case belongs to that of the dungeon faction, meaning Raelag can cause his first level, and then second level and third level and finally fourth level units to go invisible. With higher levels, the ability to make higher level units go invisible will become faster and faster. When units go invisible, they cause more damage, receive no retaliation and take less damage.

Raelag’s next heroic ability Heroic Strike is Offering to Malassa. This heroic ability allows the hero to mark an enemy as offering to Malassa. This unit will take darkness damage for 3 turns and cause the faction gauge to fill up faster.

Raelag’s specialization heroic ability is Fleet Feet. Raelag receives the haste spell, allowing more movement and faster action. Haste and mass haste will cost less to cast. When mass haste is combined with invisibility, Raelag’s units can often annihilate enemies so fast they do not know what hit them.

Raelag’s next ability depends on his reputation – blood or tear. The blood or tear choices are made in the second scenario. With blood reputation, Raelag gains the following reputation abilities (which will be gained as the blood reputation meter increases) –

  • Shadow Pact – when there is one invisible unit in the battlefield, the units cause more damage.
  • Find Weakness – the invisible units in the battlefield will cause the enemies to fight at a reduced might defence.
  • Soul Mark – a target is soul marked, meaning units will create more damage against this unit.

Raelag should choose the following abilities as he levels up. The key points are to get those abilities that will maximize the damage of the units. These abilities are –

  • Destiny’s Chosen 1 – 3 – this paragon ability is a must, as units’ damage are maximized during hits.
  • Diplomat – this paragon ability will be of use later on, when units will be recruited into Raelag’s ranks.
  • Tactics 1 – 2 – this tactics ability will allow Raelag to position his troops so that they can move forward so fast and so stealthily that the enemies cannot see what is coming. In addition, surrounding the ranged units with large units is important, as Raelag’s ranged units, when given high morale and high destiny and high damage, are simply just untouchable.
  • Pressed Attack – this Warcries ability will allow Raelag to attack the most powerful enemy unit and destroy it as fast as possible.
  • Flawless Assault – this Warcries ability will allow Raelag’s chose unit to inflict maximum damage.
  • Archery 1 – 3 – this Warfare ability will allow Raelag to reduce his ranged defense and increase his attacks.
  • Giant Slayer – this Warfare ability allows Raelag’s units to cause more damage on larger units.
  • Mass Life Drain - this darkness spell is necessary to restore the numbers in Raelag's units once they are attacked.
  • Mass Haste - allows Raelag to increase the movement and initiative of his units to the point where the first five units (Manticore, Faceless, Black or Shadow Dragon, Assassin and Stalker) to move first against the enemies will cause a lot of damage and surround the enemies and reduce the damage of the enemies.
  • Fireball - fireball or other mass destructive spells are needed later on when Raelag is immersely powerful. Remember the black dragons are immune to magic.


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