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Might and Magic Heroes 6 Shades of Darkness Walkthrough

Updated on May 25, 2013

In Heroes of Might and Magic 6, the Shades of Darkness is an add-on to the original Heroes of Might and Magic fantasy turn-based strategy game. Shades of Darkness adds the dark elf hero Raelag, clan and dark elf faction monsters and units to the game. Fans of the dark elf, black dragon and stealth genre will love the Shades of Darkness dlc. This Shades of Darkness Walkthough will guide the hero Raelag as he strives to retake his kingdom and reunite his clan in the first mission the Other Elves. It will guide the hero on what to anticipate in the first quest as he brings a very limited army to get the ashes of Queen Tuidhana, kept in a sacred Reliquary in a territory controlled by the Unicorn Duchy.

Heroes of Might and Magic 6 Shades of Darkness Units

Might and Magic 6 Shades of Darkness Units - beware the invisible assassins. But for swift completion of the mission, avoid conflicts unless these are absolutely necessary.
Might and Magic 6 Shades of Darkness Units - beware the invisible assassins. But for swift completion of the mission, avoid conflicts unless these are absolutely necessary.

Heroes of Might and Magic 6 the Other Elves Dungeon Campaign

The dungeon campaign starts and sees Raelag trying to unite his clans by getting the ashes of Queen Tuidhana. Raelag starts off with a very limited army, and there is not much in terms of dungeon castles and towns to grow his army. He must protect his army from losses in the first mission the Other Elves from the start of the mission to the end.

Raelag starts off with the following units –

  • Assassin – the assassin can shadow cloak after two turns of not fighting. The assassin starts off cloak and will uncloak after two rounds of being cloaked. Position the assassins in squares where enemies are anticipated to reach the adjacent squares. Then watch as the assassins uncloak and deal the enemies one might damaging strike without retaliation.
  • Stalker – the stalker is a ranged attack which can throw chakrams at enemies far away. The ability of the stalker to act fast and twice during the start of combat makes this unit a formidable foe indeed.
  • Shadow Lurker – the shadow lurker is another ranged attacker that looks like a beholder. The shadow lurker’s harrowing vision inflicts damage over time.

It is tempting to use these new units to attack enemies on the map on sight, but it may be wiser to conserve Raelag’s army numbers and use the units to attack only the essential creatures in this first quest.

Might and Magic Heroes 6 Shades of Darkness Walkthrough

Might and Magic Heroes 6 Shades of Darkness path to the reliquary
Might and Magic Heroes 6 Shades of Darkness path to the reliquary

HOMM 6 Key Steps in Completing the Other Elves Quest

The following are key steps which can be used to complete the other elves quest.

  • From the bridge, head across and find a way to the first observatory tower.
  • From the observatory tower, note an altar for summoning lurkers in the distance. Raelag cannot access the altar easily because the way north is blocked by a gate. So he must find an alternative way to finish off the Eyes of Malassa quest.
  • Raelag must get blood crystals from easy foes along the way to complete the Eyes of Malassa quest and get more lurkers.
  • From the first observatory tower, head west until an ancient stairwell is reached. Reach the surface with Yrris. The new objective is to capture the Angel Erael.
  • As Raelag travels along, he will ask for Yrris’ finest stalker warriors. Try to get to all three groups to increase Raelag’s army numbers.
  • Somewhere to the north of the ancient stairwell will be some sun knights guarding another bridge. Defeat them and proceed.
  • After the bridge, find a small Haven fort where the angel Erael is located. Defeat the forces within the fort and capture Erael. Try to limit the loss of creatures within Raelag’s ranks at each encounter.
  • Southeast of the fort lies an entrance to another series of subterranean passages. Proceed downwards and get to the altar to get more lurkers if the hero has enough blood crystals.
  • The subterranean passages also contain a recruitment area where the hero can strengthen his army if he defeats some dungeon creatures.
  • Once Raelag emerges from the subterranean passages from an exit to the west, go forth and find the lost legion of minotaurs on this side of the surface. The minotaurs will not join the hero until he defeats the Haven army in this area. This will further strengthen Raelag’s army, provided he does not lose too many units in this particular fight. There is a teleporter here that will lead Raelag to the third unit of stalkers.
  • Once Raelag has enough army units, go down into the subterranean passages again and head far east. Defeat some monsters guarding the way up to the surface via another stairway.
  • Raelag will enter a forested area with paths that form a circle. There is a sheltered area in the middle of the circle and two Haven armies patrolling the circle. Go into the sheltered area to prevent any fight and then head to the west and into the outside of the Reliquary. Then march into the castle of the Reliquary. This is a major fight. Hopefully, Raelag has enough army units to finish off the haven forces here.
  • Once the Haven forces are defeated, Raelag must return to the unopened gate in the subterranean passages. Try to avoid all Haven forces chasing after Raelag. He must conserve his forces for one last surprise attack by another dark elf faction forces at the gate.
  • The key here is to wait for the Haven forces to patrol themselves to a point where they cannot chase and engage Raelag once he leaves the shelter in the middle of the circle. Run away into the subterranean passages and then travel as far away from the Haven forces as possible until the unopened gate is reached. It will be opened. March through and fight off the surprise attack.

Then lead Raelag’s forces back home with the tears and the other elves quest will be completed. It's time to get the ultimate units for the dungeons clan.


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