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Might and Magic Heroes 6 the Call of Malassa Quest

Updated on May 27, 2013

In Might and Magic Heroes 6, the hero Raelag must undertake some trials and find the black dragons. Only then can he become Malassa's champion and unite at least one of the fractured dark elf clans.This will guide Raelag on the correct path to finding and fulfilling all three trials and finding the black dragons.

Might and Magic Heroes 6 Use Stealth to Get Past the Gates

One of the trials in the Call of Malassa Quest involves using stealth to get past the castle gates.
One of the trials in the Call of Malassa Quest involves using stealth to get past the castle gates.

Might and Magic Heroes 6 Key Points in Completing the Three Trials and Finding the Black Dragons

  • Raelag will start off with one castle town and this will be located on the west to northwest side of the underground map.
  • The key initially should be to concentrate forces within Raelag's main unit.
  • There is a path east. Travel east and capture a blood crystal and an ore mine along the way.
  • Then find and fulfill one trial along this path until Raelag reaches a teleporter gate.
  • Go through, travel north and finish off the other two trials. One trial will involve using assassins to stealth past a gate and defeat the lurkers.
  • The final trial of strength is at the dragon's shrine itself, where the hero must defeat the black dragon units in battle to become Malassa's champion.
  • While Raelag is swiftly taking control of the dragon's shrine, hire a hero and give him or her a small army of dungeon creatures. Go up to the surface and get the woods mine.

If the hero focuses on the path to reach the dragon's shrine and are not deterred by other treasures along the way, then he will be able to finish off the trials and reach the dragon's shrine before the other clans. Otherwise this quest will be lost.

Might and Magic Heroes 6 Get to the Black Dragons

Might and Magic Heroes 6 map showing how to get to the Black Dragons  (see the mini-map on the bottom left)
Might and Magic Heroes 6 map showing how to get to the Black Dragons (see the mini-map on the bottom left)

Might and Magic Heroes 6 Defeat the Other Clans in the Call of Malassa Quest

With the finding of the black dragons, the hero Raelag will be able to build black dragon lairs in the castle. In addition, one of the other clans will ally with Raelag and Raelag can choose between the tears or blood path.

The other clans that did not ally with Raelag will betray him and turn to the demonic forces for help. The demonic clan lies to the south of Raelag's main castle and town. Concentrate all of Raelag's forces into his own unit and march south in a beeline to take over the castle of the demonic clan. If Raelag is swift and his resolve is unresolving, the demonic clan stands no chance against Raelag.

The advanced heroes of might and magic 6 may want to maintain the demonic castle to enhance the variety of gameplay. Hire a new hero from the inn to take command of the demonic forces or use Yrris instead. Use the demonic forces to explore and patrol the area. Build up more buildings within the dungeon castle. One essential building to give is the one that allows transportation between towns and transportation back to town.

With more dungeon creatures recruited, head up the stairwell to the west of the first dungeon town and then explore the region to the south of the exit to find the second dungeon town. Assault the town with Raelag's forces and capture the second dungeon town.

Once the second dungeon town is won, it's just a matter of time and building up Raelag's forces before one can take over the third and last dungeon town to the far east. Then wipe out the remaining forces of the renegade camp and complete the call of malassa quest.

It's time to bring back the tear of Asha and recall the invisible library.


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