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Might and Magic Heroes 6 The Quest of the Unknown Tear

Updated on May 27, 2013

Might and Magic Heroes 6 Raiders of the Lost Tear Quest

In Might and Magic Heroes 6, the hero Raelag must find the tears of Asha in order to get the invisible library to be teleported to his clan from Sheogh. This act will unify his people. This is the quest for the unknown tear, also known as Raiders of the Lost Tear quest. In this quest, Raelag will have to defeat the Naga clans standing in his way. This will guide the hero with tactics on how defeat the Naga clans and accumulate enough and relevant powers for the ultimate showdown.

Might and Magic Heroes 6 Raiders of the Lost Tear Quest

The mini map on the bottom left will show the location of the three Naga towns.
The mini map on the bottom left will show the location of the three Naga towns.

Might and Magic Heroes 6 Tactics to Defeat the First Naga Clans

There are two Naga clans here. However, Raelag will not meet the first of the two clans until he descends deeper underground in the crystal caves. Raelag had been misguided through a portal into a level higher than where he needs to be. Do not waste time collecting treasure in this level. Head in a beeline towards the next level and go claim the first town or castle. This will guide the hero -

  • Once in the lower level, understand the locations of the three castles or towns. One is located north of the stairwell leading to this level.
  • The other town is located to the east of the first town and is accessed through a passegeway to the south of the map.
  • The third town is located past the gates to the north of the first town. This is the honor guard town and will not be accessed until the first Naga clan is annihilated.
  • The hero will start with Raelag and Yrris. Transfer the units from Yrris to Raelag and use Raelag to attack the towns primarily.
  • Conquer the first town as fast as possible and then concentrate on collecting the resources around the town.
  • Convert this Naga town into a dungeon town and concentrate on building the teleportation towers first before the units buildings.
  • Once the teleportation towers are built, go south and attempt to conquer the second town.
  • At this time, while Raelag is to the south, the Naga clan will send its hero and troops to assault the hero's castle via the northern (waterway) route. When the enemy is just within the town's doorstep, use town teleportation to teleport Raelag back to the town. Then chase after the enemy until it is eliminated.
  • This will reduce the enemy's numbers. Then, buy more units and add onto Raelag's forces. And then head south again. The sequence will be repeated until the enemy is so weak that it cannot send out more troops to assault the hero's town.
  • By this time, the hero will have reached the second (weakened) enemy town. Capture the town and finish off the first Naga clan.
  • Note that on route to capturing the second water domain town, the hero will pass through a fort. Capture this and convert all towns, forts and nearby dwellings to dungeons.

Might and Magic Heroes 6 Defeat the Second Naga Clan

Once the first clan is defeated, the gates leading to the second Naga clan will open and it's time to attack the second clan - the guard of honor. The guard of honor clan will use the same tactics as the first clan - attack the hero's castles when he is away. So make sure the two towns have teleportation towers.

The difference in this case is that the hero should be very powerful by this time. So just head to the town belonging to the guard of honor and defeat the units within. Once the third town is captured, the now astray and final enemy unit will return to somewhere near the third town and attempt to take it back. Defeat the final unit and finish the guard of honor clan. With the two clans defeated, the hero will have the time to gain more powers and artifacts and use them to defeat the next foe.

It's time to go get the tear of Asha.


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