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Might and Magic X Legacy Castle Portmeyron Quest

Updated on January 25, 2014

Might and Magic X Legacy The Rocky Road to Castle Portmeyron Quest

The road within Castle Portmeyron is even rockier.
The road within Castle Portmeyron is even rockier.

In Might and Magic X legacy, the heroes must travel to Castle Portmeyron and find the governor. This is the Rocky Road to Portmeyron quest, otherwise known as the Castle Portmeyron quest. Castle Portmeyron is located northwest of Sorpigal and can be traveled there easily. Few monsters litter the way, and can be dispatched easily. What is hard, however, is to find the levers and unlock the doors that within Castle Portmeyron that will allow the heroes or raiders to find the Governor. This Castle Portmeyron quest walkthrough will help the heroes find the levers, and keys and allow the heroes to go onto the next stage of the game.

Note that the heroes can get this quest from the knight garrison orc Maximus in Sorpigal.

The location of the important levers are in the two straight rooms (coloured grey in the mini map on the right bottom corner). Reach them and activate the levers to get to castle portmeyron level 2.
The location of the important levers are in the two straight rooms (coloured grey in the mini map on the right bottom corner). Reach them and activate the levers to get to castle portmeyron level 2.

Might and Magic X Legacy Castle Portmeyron Level One

Castle Portmeyron is divided into three levels. In Castle Portmeyron level one, the heroes will encounter brigands and archers. These are easy to defeat. Use fireballs and firebolts and other ranged weapons to finish them off from afar. The key here is to look for levers and activate them. Doing so will allow doors that are unopened to be opened.

As the heroes go deeper into lever one, they will encounter the first of the rogue mages. The problem with the rogue mages are that they can cast fire spells as well as the heroes can cast them, and they can resist fire spells. If the heroes are powerful enough, finish off these mages from far. Otherwise go close to them and finish them off with melee attacks.

There are several obstacles to finding the levers in Castle Portmeyron level one –

  • Advance from the entrance to the castle until the heroes arrive a room blocked by items. There will be a lever on the wall. Activate this.
  • There will be a room with a hole in the wall. Go through the hole and advance to another room with a dead body in it. The way forward will be blocked initially. Find a lever somewhere in another room blocked by items and activate this.
  • This will open up a door which will lead to stairs to Castle Portmeyron level two.

Might and Magic X Legacy Castle Portmeyron Level Two

In Castle Portmeyron level two, the heroes will continue finding levers. Again, where there are doors that cannot be opened, look around for levers and open them.

The main problem with this level is the emergence of the rogue mages and elite brigands. One of them is ok, but when the start pairing up within one tile, the effects are devastating. Defeat them using lots of healing, regeneration and fire spells.

Eventually, the heroes will reach a room with three levers. Activate them in the correct order (see end of the video), and access to the next lever will be opened.

Might and Magic X Legacy Castle Portmeyron Level Three

Castle Portmeyron level three is easy to navigate. What the heroes need here is the silver key, which will be dropped when the elite rogue mage and the rogue mage are defeated. Use the silver key to unlock the door to Iven, the main boss of Castle Pormeyron.

Iven deals large amounts of damage. Make sure one of the characters have the light ward spell. Use it before talking to Iven. That character will have to keep casting the light ward spell and use it to absorb Iven’s damage. The rest of the party must hit Iven repeatedly with heavy damage spells or attacks. Iven’s men will also step in to stop the party, but if the party’s heavy attacks are large enough, then Iven’s men and Iven will be defeated.

Now go to the Throne Room and speak to Jon Morgan. He will issue the next quest for the heroes. Go to the roof Castle Portmeyron and find the griffon rider. It’s time to head to the elemental forge.


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