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Might and Magic X Legacy Forge of Heroes Quest

Updated on April 2, 2016

In Might and Magic X Legacy, the heroes will receive this quest after they defeat the massive earth elemental. The forge of heroes quest will make heroes out of the raiders. This will guide the raiders on how to complete the forge of heroes sub quests.

Each forge of heroes sub-quests requires the heroes to find a shard to access the doors in the elemental forge. The shards required are -

  • the earth shard
  • the shard of water
  • the shard of air
  • the shard of fire
  • the shard of light
  • the shard of darkness

Each shard will open the corresponding door in the elemental forge and allow the heroes to restore the altars. Of course, the path to the altars is always blocked by a puzzle and also a boss elemental. By defeating each elemental boss, the heroes will get the blessing of that dragon god.

The heroes will need the Blessing of Sylanna to get through forested areas like this, where there is a green light.
The heroes will need the Blessing of Sylanna to get through forested areas like this, where there is a green light.

Might and Magic X Legacy Get Blessing of Sylanna

Sylanna governs the earth realms and the forests. The earth shard that opens the door to the garden in Sylanna will be dropped by the assassins who have come to attack the heroes. Bring the earth shard to the elemental forge level 1 and use it to open the doors. Go inside and look for some shrubs. This is actually the shrine of sylanna.

The earth elemental Gralkor will emerge and attempt to annihilate the heroes. Use celestial armor to absorb damage and then defeat the earth elemental.

Might and Magic X Legacy Get Blessing of Shalassa

The raiders need the Blessing of Shalassa to walk in shallow waters and reach important areas and dungeons, such as the Sun Hind ship and the Karthal sewer entrance on the outside.
The raiders need the Blessing of Shalassa to walk in shallow waters and reach important areas and dungeons, such as the Sun Hind ship and the Karthal sewer entrance on the outside.

Might and Magic X Legacy Get Blessing of Shalassa

Shalassa governs the water domains. The heroes need the blessing of Shalassa to transverse shallow watery areas. This is one of the most important blessings to get. However, before the heroes can do this, they must get the Shard of Water.

The Shard of Water is found in level 4 of the lost city. It is guarded by undeads and is found in a chest at the end of the corridor.

After the raiders get the Shard of Water, go back to the elemental forge level 2 and open the door into the water domains. Go inside and fiddle with the levers until all the water pour into the basin in the center of the chamber. Click on this and the water elemental guardian Ackwalander will be released.

Again, cast celestial armor and use a combination of magic and melee attacks to defeat the water elemental. With the defeat of Ackwalander, the party will get the blessing of Shalassa.

Might and Magic X Legacy Get Shard of Air

If the heroes progress normally in the main quests, eventually they will reach Rock Skull. Rock Skull level 2 contains the shard of air. However, it is guarded by lots and lots of nagas, kenshi and pearl priestesses. By this stage, the heroes' levels would be high enough for them to annihilate the whole army of them using fire spells.

The final stage to getting the air shard is to pass through the mermaid queen Lemanja. Defeat her, search the vicinity for a small chest and the air shard belongs to the heroes.

Might and Magic X Legacy Air Shard Puzzle Quest

Now, the tricky part of the air shard quest is actually getting to the air elemental boss. The raiders must align a series of steps in the air so that they can climb the steps or pedestals and reach the top to meet and defeat the air elemental boss. The sequence or number of times to step on the pedestals is actually quite simple. Do this -

  • step on the south pedestal 1 time
  • step on the north pedestal 2 times
  • step on the west pedestal 3 times
  • step on the east pedestal 4 times

Go to the step at the very south of the room and step on it to get to the top. Once the heroes reach the air elemental boss Shelwand, use air ward and celestial armor. Release your most offensive spells and melee attacks and the boss will be defeated. The heroes will get the Blessing of Ylath.

Might and Magic X Legacy Get Shard of Darkness

The next few stages of the main quest take the heroes down to the black guard Karthal jail. Here, the heroes will come face to face with the guardian of the shard of darkness. This guardian is the Butcher. Defeat him and the heroes will have the shard of darkness. It actually lies on the table behind the butcher.

Might and Magic X Legacy Shard of Darkness Puzzle Quest

Head back to the elemental forge. The room that the darkness shard opens is located at level 1 of the elemental forge. Go inside and find a series of teleporters in the dark.

The heroes should approach the darkness teleporters in the following way -

  • Head inside and turn left when faced with the first teleporters
  • Then go south and reach the next teleporter
  • Next, go to the teleporter just north of the entrance to the puzzle room and go through it
  • the raiders will be back at the place of 4 teleporters. This time, face east and go through that teleporter
  • Now go through the eastern-most teleporter
  • Then go through the teleporter on the right and the hero will arrive at the main chamber

The darkness elemental boss Sinshan is in this chamber. Before engaging Sinshan, put up darkness ward and celestial armor and then launch into battle. With the defeat of Sinshan, the heroes will get the Blessing of Malassa.

Might and Magic X Legacy Get Shard of Fire

The raiders will have to wait for some time to get more powerful before they return to the lost city level 3 to get the shard of fire. The lost city level 3 is really one corridor with doors that lead to rooms with undeads.

Find a room near the center part of this corridor and go inside. Defeat the crystal spider and then get the shard of fire.

Might and Magic X Get Blessing of Arkath

Now, return to the elemental forge and go to the fire shard room. Use the levers and defeat the fire elementals and get the blessing of Arkath.

Might and Magix X Legacy Get Shard of Light

Finally, there is the shard of light. Falagar's Mansion in Karthal contains the shard of light. The heroes will need to fiddle with three levers to open the door in Falagar's Mansion level 1 to get to level 2. In level 2, defeat the enemies and find the cogwheel to use the lever to get the shard of light.

Might and Magic X Legacy Shard of Light Puzzle Quest

Return to the elemental forge and use the shard of light to enter the light room. Then solve the shard of light puzzle (really easy) and face the light elemental boss to get the Blessing of Elrath.

Congratulation! The raiders have completed the forge of heroes quest, and obtained all blessings of the dragons.


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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Its amazing to lisetn to how self-satisfied Kapoor and Balmond are about their dull mess. They really think they've done something that will transcend the ages. The don't even recognize how unoriginal it is.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      In it's defence, I would say that the Orbit is many thgnis but dull' is not one of them. A mess certainly but even one of its many detractors, Douglas Murphy, admits he finds it endlessly fascinating. The reasons why it is a mess and what that means is also interesting. The odds are that this structure will be around in 30 years so the fact is that it will, in one very mundane way, transcend the ages'. Why do you think it is unoriginal?

    • ilikegames profile image

      Sarah Forester 

      6 years ago from Australia

      An amazing resource, great job!


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