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Get Minions Toys for Your Special Gift!

Updated on December 21, 2014
Minion | Source

The Charming Mini "Soldiers"

Last month, I took a loan of Blue-ray animation movie from my office mate. He recommended me to watch this series which I love this kind much. Firstly, I was not so interested watching it, anyway... my sons were doing their final exam for this semester.

When the exam was completed, I watched together with family in my home theater room. Yeah... the tittle was Despicable Me. It was 2010 movie which followed by Despicable Me 2 in the sequel.

In the first 10 minutes, I assumed it was not as funny as the movie produced by Pixar Studio. BUT, after the small yellow, cute, funny and adorable figure appeared, I and the family burst out laughing seeing their behavior.

Yes, their name was minions. I did not know where they came from. The movie just told us that they were the "soldiers" (probably they were not soldiers but employees) of Mr. Gru who helped him in carrying out his acts of evilness and goodness sometimes :)

minion toys
minion toys | Source

The Story Begins

The story begins with the disappearance of the Giza pyramids in Egypt. It was the world horrendous crimes committed by Gru's competitor as the best villain in the world.

Hearing the news, Gru planned a greater evil than that, stealing the moon. It required a reducer tool of course.

Gru has a basement under his house. This is where the minions work. The cuteness continues with the arrival of the orphanage children adopted by Gru to "help" him in his action for the sake of stealing reducer.

Did Gru succeed stealing the moon? How could Gru turn to be a good person because of his adopted children? Watch the movie!!!

The Story Continues

Gru has turned into a good guy, he had a jelly-making business with the minions as the employees.

Meanwhile, the FBI was investigating the disappearance of monsters serum that could endanger the world. Gru was recruited to be an agent with a beautiful partner, even though he didn't look like it.

While Gru was busy investigating several stores in the mall that the FBI suspected, Dr. Rofario resigned, the minions kidnapped by a mysterious person and one of his adopted daughter fell in love.

In this second sequel, the director adds the spices of romantic love between Gru's adopted daughter with her oldest idol guy and a romance between Gru with his FBI partner.

Did Gru succeed to uncover the serum thief? Why were the minions kidnapped? How was the love story between the two pairs? Happy watching!!!

Minions' Name

Minions Name
Minions Name | Source

They are so many Minions numbers at all. But only some of them are always shown to be a special assistants of Mr. Gru. They sometimes help taking care the adopted children of Mr. Gru, shopping at the supermarket, and also assisting Mr. Gru in his action.

Among them which one do you like best?

See results

Minion Dave special collection

Despicable Me Minion Dave Talking Action Figure
Despicable Me Minion Dave Talking Action Figure

This is the real Dave one; he is talking. You will hear many different 55 unique minion saying, but the best one is "super banana mode". You want it?


The Minions Toys, Love them so much?

You know why he's called by "the bazooka Dave"? Yeah, he loves bazooka and missiles so much. Remember when Gru was about to share his idea to steal the moon in front of all minions, Dave got over exited and fired his bazooka made an exploding fountain of minions hahahaha....

He has two eyes, with flat and centered part hair. He also has flat body not like Jorge, with average minion height and he absolutely hates waiting.

5 stars for Minion Dave Plush

The Minions' Songs

Minions have their own language that adopted from multiple languages in the world. Although we can’t understand it, but their ridiculous behavior makes us laugh off course.

In the last scene of Despicable Me 2, minions covered couples of a famous song. Here, they sang “I swear”, at first I frowned want to guess what the song was. In the chorus bar, I just realized that they were singing a song “I swear” by replacing it with the word “underwear”. Movements and the costumes they wore, described that they sang seriously, but they still made me and the kids laughing of a lot.

Have You Minions Toys?

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