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Mint Sets and Uncirculated Coins

Updated on December 13, 2014

Silver American Eagle


Mint Sets and Uncirculated Coins

Mints often issue circulating coins packaged as uncirculated coins. These sets have several advantages over simply collecting coins in new condition. First, they are packaged free of contaminates, such as those that could result from handling. Another advantage is they are protected from environmental exposure. And, coins in mint sets are easier to prove their uncirculated condition to potential buyer.

Mints also package individual coins, such as commemorative coins, in special mint issued packaging. Again, the same advantages apply.

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Uncirculated Coin Grades

A coin is uncirculated if it is in the condition it was when it left the mint. Some coins have stronger strikes due to how long between polishing of the die the coin was minted. Some have errors. These things do not change the condition from uncirculated.

Uncirculated coins are not all of the same quality. The grades range from MS-60, not that great, to MS-70, perfect.

Grading Uncirculated Coins

Mint Sets Make Collecting Easy

Mint sets usually have entire collections of coins grouped together. This means the collector can find an entire set of coins from a particular yer, and finish a major prt of that year's issues all at once.

Mint Sets Are Not the Same as Proof Sets

Proof refers to the method of producing a coin. A coin can show wear due to handling and still be proof, but it would not be uncirculated. However, a coin in a proof set is usually also uncirculated, while a coin in a mint set is not proof.

Are Mint Sets Expensive?

Many mint sets can be found for less than twice the total of the denominations of the coins in them. Of course, the cost depends on demand, and some are quite scarce. Modern mint sets, however, are usually minted in great quantities.

Individual Uncirculated Coins Packaged by the Mint

The United States Mint, as well as many other world mints, often produces specially packaged versions of circulating coins, some alone and some combined with other coins, and sells these coins to collectors. In addition, many commemorative coins are packaged and sold to collectors.

One place the Royal Canadian Mint leads in uncirculated coin distribution is to sell coins, some circulation pieces and others uniquely designed for collectors, at face value. Some of these special coins are sold only within Canada, and others are available within both Canada and the United States. There are limits as to the quantity a person is allowed to buy.

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