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Model Car Collecting - Diecast Cars

Updated on December 21, 2013

Toy Car Collecting - Model Cars and Diecast Cars

A Collector knows that collecting model cars is a quest that never ends - and it takes lots of passion to make a great collection. However, you don't need to spend a lot of money on model car collecting (even though you may want to do it because of that passion to get the vintage batmobile and such). The trick is to buy the lastest Hotwheels model and keep it inside the box - not only you got yourself a future investment as now you have the chance of owning one of the rarest models of toy cars of the future (remember that time passes, and the new will become the old).

So, its up to you to decide what kind of collector you want to be, and if you already collect cars my advice is to never only think about the old and valuable cars, Think about the future and about the new inexpensive models, think about setting a nice display of cars inside their boxes that will go on getting value as they grow older.

On the other hand, you might want to try focusing on a single type of car.. Ferrari, Subaru, etc... That is viable too because who wants to be all for everyone ends up being nothing to no one.

If you are not new to model car collecting, you may find in my recommendation some tools you didn't know of, or even find a good deal at amazon (after all, the better place to shop for collector items is in amazon and ebay, as the "real-life" auctions get inflated all the time.

This lens also gets a view on another subject - should the models be opened or kept in their boxes? What is the best option for you? Are you the passionate collector type? Or just a regular guy that thinks this is an investment?

For those that want to start, or find this an interesting theme, please continue reading :D

Big Tip

Collectors Guild

One of the keys to success in diecast scale model cars collecting is, as in many areas, networking.

Knowing some other collectors may yield better knowledge, opinion sharing, better prices and an opportunity to trade with them.

If you haven't done it already you should join a collectors guild - You can meet collecting gurus there, get some sweet deals, submit photos for model appraisal, sell some cars you don't want etc...

Also, if you happen to be one of the lucky persons that have a shop dedicated to the commerce of this collectibles in your town or area of residence, appraise your items in that shop - they mostly are free to get.

New Collector? Then these supplies are for you.

Big Tip - Focusing

Don't spray and Pray

How many car brands do you know? How many car types? How many manufacturers? Racing Cars, Sports Cars, Vintage Cars, Muscle Cars.

If you want it all, you wont have a good collection unless you are richer than Mr. Burns. The key to having a good eye-friendly and awe inspiring collection is - Focusing.

What's your favorite type of car? Favorite Brand? Or perhaps you want to focus on a fixed manufacturer. Focus and quest for it. Ferraris are a popular choice. Having a segmented collection not only makes it more eye appealing and interesting - it also increases its value as a collection.

Don't spread yourself, focus your energy in getting the cars you really want. Be known for your McLaren collection like the one in the video below (worth checking), have a spectacular Ford collection, you decide...

Have fun!

Amazon Voting - What is your favourite? - NASCAR Dale Earnhardt Jr. No. 88 - its mine...

Help build a list of my reader's favourite models...

The Obama limo is one of my favourites, but what I really like is the NASCAR Dale Earnhardt Jr. No. 88 - sweet,

Mclaren model car collection - If you like racing cars....

Note to Self

Presentation is everything.

You dont want your hard earned collection to be inside some box - Set up a display wall for it, you will love to pass it by and it will get you commited into improving it.

Myth or Truth?

You should never remove them from the box...

One would argue. If you don't remove the cars from their boxes, their value is lots more than outside of it BUT its uglier and what's the pleasure of having something you can't touch or use?

Although lots of collectors don't remove their cars from the boxes, I do. I want them out, want to touch them, clean them, display them outside their case side by side etc... It just works for me, because its not an investment, it's a hobbie.

If you are purchasing diecast model cars with the intent of keeping them to sell later (investing) you might want to keep them in their box - but you might as well keep in mind that model cars are not the best investment out there :D

So, take them from the box or keep them there - its your choice. You are the one that knows what to do with your collection. Think as your inner child and do what your heart tells you to. You wont regret it. Above all - Have fun!

Car Spotlight - My next buy - you got to love it....

Kyosho is a really good model-maker and this classy british model shows the quality of the manufacturer. When the 3000 was introduced in 1959, it cost just 1326$ including taxes - it promised a lot of power and reliabilty for a very little investment. Offcourse it enjoyed a tremendou success.

The design is very important for me, and its detail and finishings are awesome... I can only imagine what it felt like to drive this beauty.

For now I'm a bit short on cash, but when I have some - this is the car im going to buy!

Choice Time - I'm really curious to know what's the majority doing...

What is your collecting strategy?

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    • Rangoon House profile image

      AJ 5 years ago from Australia

      I used to love collecting model cars as a little girl!

    • SusannaDuffy profile image

      Susanna Duffy 5 years ago from Melbourne Australia

      A great way to display your model cars is with a diorama

    • glenbrook profile image

      glenbrook 5 years ago

      Your advice on focusing is right on. I struggle with that in my model railroad collecting and as a result I have lots of really cool locomotives I'm not all that interested in. Your observation that it's a hobby, not an investment is also spot on. I don't see the point in collecting things if you can't enjoy them.