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Model trains and railways - A favorite of the hobby enthusiast the world over

Updated on November 15, 2011

Models trains and railways have and will remain a plight of the hobby enthusiast the world over.

There are guys and gals, old and young who recall their childhood with model trains and railways circling the Christmas tree on Christmas Day. Model trains are traded and collected by some of the worlds most renowned antiques collectors and the N Gauge railway tracks are still sought after on a regular basis for kids and adults alike.

The joy of models railways as a hobby is that there is no limit to the potential arena size for the locomotive tracks and the buildings and surroundings that can be hand built or purchased online or from hobby stores in most neighborhoods still.

model railroad trains and railways
model railroad trains and railways

A massive model railroad layout in Germany

So what are your choices in terms of model trains

Bachmann Model Trains

Bachmann originally produced other products to the pre-war consumer and eventually temaed up with a plastic molding company in the post war era going into the early 1960's to produce the first plastic molded trains following previously metal configurations.

An American company with production costs limited by having an offshore manufacturing plant, Bachmann trains were geared for the American market at a cost effective price making them affordable to most families and the Bachmann model trains quickly became sought after products in the toy and hobby community.

There next marketing campaign launched the ever successful Plasticville USA series of buildings, miniture people and farm animals making the ever popular growth in model train layouts extremely artistic and creative. Extra model train tracks were hten sold seperately form the sets and folks began to increase the size and functionality of their model railway.

Bachmann model trains are produced in a variety of track width configurations including the popular N Gauge, H Gauge, G Gauge and HO Gauge. The vast majority of Bachmann series trains are produced in scales of 1:160 and 1:140 derivatives.

Popular Bachmann produced series of model trains include American Flyer, Big Haulers, Spectrum and Williams model trains.


Other manufacturers of model trains

There are a number of collectible model trains and railway sets that have been produced over the last century with Lionel Model Trains being a collectors favorite.

Other manufacturers you may want to investigate include;

  • KATO Model Trains
  • Atheran Model Trains
  • Walthers Model Trains

Whichever you favorite model railway train, track or layout for your railway may be, we are all certainly in agreement that the model train enthusiast is here to stay.


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    • bn9900 profile image

      Clayton Hartford 4 years ago from Alger WA

      Very interesting hub, your poll needs an other option, All of the above.

      I prefer KATO and Proto 1000/2000 for locomotives, Athearn, for Freight cars, and older locomotives. ConCor and Riverossi for passenger cars.