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Magic The Gathering Modern Masters Reprints

Updated on October 13, 2014

Tarmogoyf Reprint Presents Challenges To MTG Finance

Modern Masters for MTG brings a reprint of the mighty Tarmogoyf which I feel is a milestone in Magic the Gathering history. Released June 7, 2013 the set contains 229 reprints from older sets, Eighth Edition (8ED) up through Alara Reborn (ARB). It has possibly the most limited print run ever in this games history - which creates higher price tags. The set is made up only of tournament legal cards that are meant to be played in the "Modern" competitive format. No basic lands exist in Modern Masters, and every pack is guaranteed to contain one foil. If that's not enough, some of these reprints have alternate artwork - which I'm a big fan of! I'll discuss what's so special about this set and why next, so read on!

Modern Masters Boxes on Amazon - Difficult to find locally?

Many local card and hobby stores have long since sold out of this limited edition set. Don't miss your chance to get this limited edition set!

magic collection for sale
magic collection for sale

My Sob Story About The Modern Format

I had to sell all my Modern cards!

A few years ago I was struggling to pay bills, and made the hard decision to sell my Magic collection just to pay the rent! I always felt bad about having to part with my collection. What's worse, selling off my old cards also made it hard to get back into the formats that allow the older cards. These days I play mainly standard and limited formats as I still don't have many of the cards to compete in formats like Modern.

Reprinting To Solve The Scarcity Problem - Is "supply and demand" really good for gamers?

modern masters booster
modern masters booster

Part of Magic The Gathering, from its original design, is the "scarcity" component. That being a limited amount of the rare powerful cards compared to less powerful ones. The problem with Modern format was quite simple. There were too many tournament players wanting to play the same competitive decks...a high demand, and not enough supply in circulation to support them all. This was starting to affect the game and discourage players from playing Modern format - and Wizards took notice.

You see as more sets rotate out of standard, the Modern format grows in popularity as players still desire to play those cards they know and love outside of the short lived Standard format. Therefore the user base grows, and those players realize what decks work best - and seek to build those. So the root of the problem has a pretty simple cause. People are unwilling to let go of their good playables that win them games. For example, people who have 4 copies of Tarmogoyf are just not going to sell them - or if they do, it will be for a price most people just won't or can't afford to spend on a game. So we have extremely high demand for that card, and simply not enough of them to be found. Thus forcing Wizards to do something they have always been reluctant to do - reprint some highly sought after, valuable rares.

Modern Masters is still selling on eBay! - My local Magic shop sold out!

If you want to get your hands on a box of Modern Masters, it isn't going to be cheap. You really had to have preordered a box or worked at a gaming store to get the best price right when they came out. The print run was extremely limited, so chances are your local stores have sold out and you'll have to look online to buy these cards. If that's the case, perhaps you should try the worlds largest marketplace - eBay!

modern masters dark confident
modern masters dark confident

Money Or Skill? What Should Win Games?

Is MTG all about the Benjamins?

It's my belief that when the game was invented, the creators never meant for games to be decided by what player spent more money. However that's almost where we're at in the current state of competitive Magic. In my opinion, the scarcity element of this game is a blessing and a curse. A great gimmick to keep people cracking open booster packs, but bad for players who can't get their hands on cards they need to be competitive due to increasingly high prices on key cards.

Highest Value Modern Masters Cards

The eight hottest and most valuable cards

This set has so much value, just about every card is worth SOMETHING... and the prices on these reprints are only going to go up from here as they become harder to find! Here are the top 8 most valuable rare cards from Modern Masters!

Tarmogoyf ladies and gents is the big chase rare of the set and in my opinion the real experimental card they reprinted due to high demand/low availability prior to Modern Masters. A foil version can be worth two or three hundred dollars or more! When you open a pack keep your fingers crossed you'll get one.

Dark Confidant

Cryptic Command

Vendilion Clique

Doubling Season

Elspeth, Knight Errant

Arcbound Ravager

Sword of Light and Shadow

modern masters city of brass
modern masters city of brass

What Part of Modern Masters Is "Experimental"?

Reprinting MTG big money cards

Reprinting valuable, high demand cards has always been a hot topic of debate.

As you can probably tell, Wizards is extremely wary about reprinting valuable cards. I recall them once vowing that they would never reprint high value cards. The reason being fear that collectors would get upset and stop buying, trading, and selling cards due to the frustrations of their collections being devalued at the companies whim.

Tarmogoyf is probably the major key reprint of the set that everyone is talking about, and watching the prices fluctuate on the original prints versus the new reprints will be a good measure of the success or failure of this experiment. Before Modern Masters was introduced, Tarmogoyf was sitting pretty at around $100 second market value. Time will tell how reprinting will affect the price, and that may well be the deciding factor in whether or not other valuable cards will be reprinted in future sets.

Modern Masters MTG Player's Poll

Vote For Your Favorite Modern Masters Reprint!

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tarmogoyf mtg modern foil
tarmogoyf mtg modern foil

Why Am I Excited About Modern Masters?

I want to open a foil Tarmogoyf!

It's not JUST the idea of cracking open a $500 foil 'goyf, and it's certainly not going to bring back all those old cards I had to give up... but it shows the willingness of the creators of Magic to listen to the plight of the old school competitive players like myself. I believe sets like Modern Masters will go far towards alleviating the pain of getting into some tournament formats, enabling fresh new Magic players to get in on that old school action. Or people like myself who lost or sold off their collections of older cards and would like to get themselves back into playing older formats.

Tarmogoyf - The Top Card From Modern Masters - Get a Tarmogoyf on eBay!

Pick up what is hands down the #1 hottest card from Modern Masters!

Video - Opening A Modern Masters Booster Box - Check out this guy happily opening a box of this set.

Author Bio GoblinLackey Image
Author Bio GoblinLackey Image

About The Author - GoblinLackey

As a MTG player since 1994 I have plenty to share! I play a lot of games, but Magic is my favorite. I play competitively in various local Magic the Gathering tournaments and am an avid player on Magic Online. I have a small gaming site and blog over at Indri Games.

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