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modern warfare 2 sales

Updated on November 13, 2009

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Modern Warfare 2 Breaks Sales Records

The highly anticipated Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has broken one day sale records.  According to sales figures released by Activision, a total of 4.7 million copies of Modern Warfare 2 were sold in the United States and the U.K. in the first 24 hours after release.  One day sales figures have been estimated at $310 million, dethroning the original record holder, Grand Theft Auto 4.  The $310 million first day sales make Modern Warfare 2 the most succesful entertainment launch in history. 

With the incredible sales success of Grand Theft Auto 4, and now Modern Warfare 2, it has become apparent to the power's that be that games, not movies, are the financial powerhouses of today's entertainment industry.  As such, don't be surprised if hollywood and other financially powerful industries start knocking on the doors of game developers. 

With gaming now firmly set in stone as the highest earner, it's wise to anticipate a huge number of high-budget, winner take all games to begin pouring out of the game development industry.  As such, it is wise to also anticipate a large number of high-budget busts as well, that will shake the industry as far as the eye can see. 

Production Costs

 As of writing, I have been unable to find an accurate number for the total production cost of Modern Warfare 2.  I've come across several relatively unreliable sources, such as forum posts.  One post claims the game cost $60 million US to make, while another claims $100 million at the most.  Suffice to say, Modern Warfare 2 had huge production costs associated with it's development.  Assuming the initial $60 million is accurate, or at least somewhat accurate, Activision has more than tripled their investment - Popular, highly anticipated game's truely are a financial dream. 

Take for instance Grand Theft Auto 4, which is reported to have cost $200 million and four years to develope, which has earned nearly $1 billion USD since it's release.  With Modern Warfare 2 production costs at a minimum of $60 million, and one day sales of more than $300 million, it is wise to anticipate another Modern Warfare title.  In addition, it is wise to assume that the next game will have even higher production costs associated with it.  One can expect the next Modern Warfare title to be much grander than even Modern Warfare 2, which will be no easy task to accomplish.

At this point, technology is continuing to advance, which means that not only will Inifinity Ward (the developer of Modern Warfare 2) be forced to continue to adapt to changing technology, their writer's will also have to continue to evolve and adapt, as one of the prime selling points of the Modern Warfare series is the incredibly engaging storylines and character development.  Your's truely is not the least bit ashamed to admit that I did infact shed a tear at the end of the first Modern Warfare title, as you witness your comrades last desperate moments.  I've yet to complete Modern Warfare 2, but I'm hoping and eagerly anticipating an equally stunning and shocking finale.  Only time will tell if my hopes will pay off.

What's next for mega budget gaming?

 As the secretive nature of the gaming industry is quite difficult to crack, this is purely speculation on my part.  With the incredible financial success of both Grand Theft Auto 4 and now Modern Warfare 2, one can anticipate a changing climate in the game development industry.  It's now set in stone that with a monster budget, comes monster sales figures.  The financial power's that be are well aware of this, and they are adapting to suit the changing landscape.

As a gamer, I'm anticipating a massive number of mega budget games in the future, with production costs not only matching, but in many cases, exceeding the production costs associated with the movie industry.  With mega budgets come (usually) mega games that completely change the face of the gaming industry. 

Final thought:  It is a very good time to be a gamer. 


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    • profile image

      Freddy 7 years ago

      This game is the best thing ever.i never get

      tired of it

    • David 470 profile image

      David 470 7 years ago from Pennsylvania, United States

      yeah games definitely are mainstream like movies perhaps.

      For instance mass effect imo is better than a lot of movies just because the characters and story. Movies are still great but games give you more time rather than 2 hrs of watching something.

    • profile image

      Derek1 7 years ago

      I'm curious if Call of Duty: Black Ops will have a bigger budget than MW2, considering the popularity difference between Treyarch and Infinity Ward.