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Molehill Empire Greenhouse Quests

Updated on November 22, 2010

Molehill Empire Greenhouse Quests

Here is a list of the New Molehill Empire Greenhouse Quests.

I will update these quests as I do them, and will try to keep the list as updated as possible.


PS, if you're looking for the normal Molehill Empire Quests page, it's Here!

Initial quest

This quest must be completed before you can start any of the others!


A new attraction is coming to town... The learned Professor Fuzzybeard and his assistants have planned a spanking new greenhouse to research an cross-breed new kinds of plants. Unfortunately in his enthusiasm, the Professer has spent all his funds on gathering the necessary equipment, and doesn't have one nickel left for plants. Would you be so kind as to help him out of this pickle?

Deliver 350 peppers, 670 cauliflowers, 500 cloves of garlic and 4,700 tomatoes.


Greenhouse Activated

Additional shelf for cacti activated

Garbage can activated

Points: 10,000

Echinocactus Growth Times
Echinocactus Growth Times

Echinocactus Information

The echinocactus is the first cactus available to be planted. In this section I will include useful info such as growth times, breeding combinations and the Echinocactus quest chain.

Echinocactus growth times

Echinocactus Breeding Combinations

The order of the plants matters! I've tried to select the cheapest combinations. If you find a cheaper one, please let me know!

1 star: Carrots, Carrots, Cucumbers

Requires 55,999 Carrots + 55,999 Carrots + 23,333 Cucumbers = 111,998 Carrots + 23,333 Cucumbers

Other combinations cost about the same. 1 star is about 10kgB (farm price)

2 star: Cucumbers, Cucumbers, Cucumbers

Requires 27,222 Cucumbers + 27,222 Cucumbers + 27,222 Cucumbers = 81,666 Cucumbers

About 11.5kgB

3 star: Cucumber, Carrots, Carrots

Requires 31,111 Cucumbers + 74666 Carrots + 74,666 Carrots = 31,111 Cucumbers + 149,332 Carrots

About 13.5k

4 star: Cucumbers, Radishes, Sunflowers

Requires 35000 Cucumbers + 23,333 Radishes + 3,320 Sunflowers

About 15kgB

5 star: Cucumbers, Radishes, Marigolds

Requires 717 Asparagus + 1251 Broccoli + 1111 Blueberries

About 16.5kGB

Echinocactus points when harvested



Required Level



Level 1

12(Rose Cavalier)



Level 2

12(Rose Cavalier)



Level 3

12(Rose Cavalier)



Level 4

12(Rose Cavalier)



Level 5

12(Rose Cavalier)


Echinocactus Quests

Quest 1


Professor Fuzzybeard is extremely grateful for your help in building the greenhouse. He even mentioned you are going to be treated as VIP customer from now on, and you will be the first one to try out his new research facility. But since his stud book is not filled up yet, he first needs a few references from you.

Deliver 1,500 potatoes, 5,600 radishes, 5,300 tomatoes and 4,200 strawberries.


1x Echinocactus

First pot activated

Quest 2

First rows of tests

Professor Fuzzybeard's research team has analyzed your reference-breeds and thinks they should do nicely. Now he is going to start the first few tests. His first attempt is to find out, how to best cross-breed the plants. The Professor needs some more products for this.

Deliver 25,000 lettuce, 2,500 marigolds, 2,200 sunflowers and 500 broccoli.


Cash: 150.00 gB

Points: 12,000

Bighead Quests

Quest 1

The Mysterious Disease

The Professor has been approached by a few plant breeders: Lots of plants seem to be dying by a mysterious disease, and none of them seems to be able to tell what to do about this. The Professor has now started focussing on this problem. But, he would need a few healthy plants from you. Your plants are healthy, right?

Deliver 2,500 sunflowers, 1,200 blackberries, 2,200 raspberries and 6,700 strawberries.


1x Bighead

Second pot activated

Opuntia Quests

Quest 1

Fodder for Farmers

Some farmers from the neighbouring village have asked Professor Fuzzybeard, if he'd mind breeding a few fodder plants for them, they'd be able to feed to their animals. Their chickens, cows and sheep are apparently doing their best at eating them out of house and home. Now the Professor has to start experimenting, for after all, he needs to hit just the right taste. Maybe you can provide him with a few testing-plants?

Deliver 1,250 mushrooms, 9,500 cornflowers, 7,800 broccoli and 9,100 onions.


1x Opuntia

Third pot activated

Saguaro Quests


I read all comments to please leave any thoughs, opinions or anything that may be helpful. Thanks!

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    • LM 1550 profile image

      LM 1550 7 years ago

      @anonymous: Thanks very much for the info! Do you know which number quest in the chain it is? Thanks:)

    • profile image

      anonymous 7 years ago

      Another Bighead Quest

      Support Coming Up!

      The Professor hasn't managed to fight off the disease quite yet, but he has found some help: His old friend, Professor Fluffling, who works at the nearby Kapi Hospital, has offered to help him fight this plant-disease. Since Professor Fuzzybeard has such an important visitor around, you cannot very well leave him without test-objects. After all, you wouldn't want his team to get a bad reputation, right?

      Deliver 5,900 potatoes, 950 pumpkins, 1,200 grapes and 10,100 carrots.


      Points: 6,700

    • profile image

      anonymous 7 years ago

      Another Echinocactus Quest

      Plants and their attitudes

      The Professor has discovered that some of the different breeds don't get along with each other, resulting in them running riot in his laboratory. At any rate, he wants to look into this some more, and is asking you for a few additional samples. You might want to make sure the plants you send him this time aren't as quarrelsome.

      Deliver 1,850 spinach, 1,150 cloves of garlic, 9,500 strawberries and 9,000 cucumbers.


      Points: 1,500

    • profile image

      anonymous 7 years ago

      how can you tell from the differents echino or Opuntia or the another one cactus quests? I am playing in the spanish server, and we have there many doubts about this new quest, that they have established. Please if any might answer me, thank you.

    • LM 1550 profile image

      LM 1550 7 years ago

      @anonymous: Hey, there is no strict order but you can only do one quest every 48 hours. For example, you could do the first quest of each cactus to gain the initial seeds, then carry on down one quest-line, or do the 2nd quest of all etc.

    • profile image

      anonymous 7 years ago

      hello, i have a question, what's the order of this quests? u have to finish all Echinocactus Quests before u receive the other quests?