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Osrs Flipping Guide

Updated on September 16, 2018
amdalhaddad profile image

A Runescape player since childhood and through college/university.


Flipping is the act of buying items for a lower price and then selling them for a higher price yielding the player a profit. This guide will teach you the basics of flipping therefore enabling the player to flip naturally and gain confidence to flip more expensive items in the future.

Do you want to flip?

As an OSRS player you would want to know how to flip to increase the amount of coins you have as this can be done all the time regardless of the situation.

Why Flip everyday?

Flipping can be the best money maker in game as it depends on the amount of GP a person already have. The more GP is used the more the gains because the amount of items that can be bought will increase.

Fortunetly many start with as little as 1million and work their way up. As a personal experience working with little will give a person experience and more time to know the items that are good to flip therefore keeping them in your list of flipping items in the long run.

A milestone to consider along the journey is to have the same items to flip on a daily bases therefore being able to flip them in a short time and move on to new items.

Grand Exchange slots.

The grand exchange(GE) slots should never stay idle as empty slots are considered a weapon as every empty slot means more items can be flipped and more profit is gained.

Things needed:

1. Runescape Account.

2. A bit of time (the more time the better).

3. Membership (optional).

Flipping 1 2 3

Before starting to flip you will need to think of an item to be able to flip and for example :

  • Cannonballs.
  • Coal.
  • Magic logs.
  • Red Chinchompas.
  • Green dragonhide.

As you have seen from the examples above that the items are consistently being used and traded among other players therefore making it a good item to consider as it poses less risk because of the item activity.

Step 1:

  • Choose an item.

This can be either be done mentally or from a list of items. On bad days I would go through the list provided in OSRS GE page and choose some items.

Step 2:

  • Determine the margin & know the limit.

This step will determine if flipping a certain item is worth it or not by checking the margin of the Maximum Buy and Minimum Sell points.

Each item on Runescape have a buy limit and is reset everyday, many items are listed on the OSRS wiki page.

Step 3:

  • Start flipping.

After choosing the item and knowing the buy limits, buy as many as you can and then sell.

A bad item to flip

Cannonballs are bad to flip at this moment because the margin between the Maximum buy and the Minimum Sell is only 2 gps.

Red Chins is a good item because the Maximum Buy and the Minimum Sell margin is 11 gps.

Determine the Maximum Buy and Minimum Sell points.

  • Buy an item above the average price.

  • Sell item below average price.

This is how the Maximum Buy and Minimum Sell points are determined.

Last Step

Now that the item we have chosen are the Magic Logs we will buy as many as we can by keeping an offer on the Grand Exchange (GE) with 1 coin more in the Price per item.

After the Purchase!

After buying the items fully or partially, start selling the items 1 coin less in the Price per item depending on the Margin.

Final Tip(s)

  • Be patient.
  • Invest in different items.
  • Don't be greedy.

Being patient is important because you have to remeber that others are also buying and selling the item therefore eventually your offer will be fulfilled unless you waited for hours without even 1 item going through, this means the margins have changed.

Do not invest all your money on one item as this can be a huge risk when item margins keep changing resulting in loses instead of profits.

Sometimes margins can be big such as 300gp and as a natural instinct you would buy as much as you can but realise that the item dropped in price in the following minutes as this is a result of merching and others dumping the item.

Future Flipping

As a person gets more experienced and a decent amount of coins are present a person can buy items before they sleep and sell after waking up, some items which are good for this kind of flips are expensive items such as

  • Godswords.
  • Barrows items.
  • Items worth 200k and above each.

Personally I would look at the item behaviour for a week or/and have a look at the graph to determine the margin without buying and selling the item therefore playing the guessing game but reasonably as the price that I keep would be -20k to -50k for the original price.


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