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Monster High Freaky Fusion Hybrid Dolls And Movie

Updated on May 31, 2014

The Freaky Just Got Freakier with the Monster High Freaky Fusion Set!

There's a new group of monsters in town. This year, a new set of dolls will be released by Mattel -- the Monster High Freaky fusion dolls.

These characters will be first introduced in the upcoming Monster High Freaky Fusion movie after which the dolls will be released for the Monster High fandom.

It's a new movie and a new range that many doll collectors around the world are sure going to be gaga about in 2014.

Why Exactly Is It Called Freaky Fusion?

Fusion... A Mix... A Combination... Get It?

Something is about to happen this year in Monster High..

Something that's never happened before... Two monsters are going to have to combine into one to create a new monster.

These new monsters will take some of the physical features and the character of each monster and create a whole new look and a whole new persona.

Welcome to the Monster High Freaky Fusion world.

Monster High Freaky Fusion Movie

Where it all begins...

So the Freaky Fusion Movie.

There's still no news as to when it's coming out. But this is what we know of the movie for now.

Frankie is going to travel through time and the friends who are coming with her are going to fuse into two one ghoul. Exciting huh?

So apparently, much of the movie will take place in the Monster High Catacomb. It sounds like it's going to be quite the adventure for Frankie and there is a point in the movie that she has to do something very brave so she could save her friends!!!

Monster High Merchandise

The Freaky Fusion dolls and play sets are set to be released by Fall of 2014. So it is still a long way yet for us to have the dolls in our hands.

Update: Some new Freaky Fusion dolls are now available. check them out below. So far, we have:

1) Bonita Femur

2) Avea Trotter

3) Sirena Von Boo Doll

Monster High Freaky Fusion Dolls

During the New York toy fair 2014, the Monster High Freaky fusion dolls were released much to the excitement of many Monster High fans.

Here are first pictures of what the dolls are going to look like.. See which ones you like...

and start drooling -- But remember, it's still a few months away when they will be released for sale.

From what I've heard, there's going to be more than five characters on this line of dolls but so far, Mattel has launch only five of these dolls.

Freaky Fusion Neighthan Rot Doll

freaky fusion neighthan rot doll
freaky fusion neighthan rot doll

It's not often that a Monster high boy doll is released, but this year, we can be sure that there's at least going to be one in the form of Neigthan Rot.

Neighthan Rot is half man half centaur and is going to be the love interest of one of the ghouls.

Check him out! I think that he is one of the interesting ones to come out from this series.

Freaky Fusion LagoonaFire Doll

monster high freaky fusion lagoonafire doll
monster high freaky fusion lagoonafire doll

And here is Freaky Fusion LagoonaFire. From the name, you probably already know who the two ghouls are.

That's right. She's Lagoona Blue and Jinafire Long... Definitely one of the nicest name combinations in the series. This combination I quite like. Nice lovely mixture.

Freaky Fusion Cleolei Doll

monster high freaky fusion cleolie doll
monster high freaky fusion cleolie doll

And here is the fusion of Cleo De Nile and Toralei.

A ghoul with catlike ears and eyes with what looks like very pretty accessories too. Nice looking eyes with long straight and sleek hair.

Who wouldn't want a ghoul like this?

Freaky Fusion Dracubecca Doll

monster high freaky fusion dracubecca doll
monster high freaky fusion dracubecca doll

Draculaura and Robecca Steam fuse together to make Freaky Fusion Dracubecca.

To me, it looks like she's got the fashion sense of Draculaura but the personality of Robecca Steam. I wonder if that's really going to be what she is in the movie.

Just can't wait for it and I'm sure many of you feel the same way and are thinking about what kind of personalities these new characters are going to have.

Monster High Freaky Fusion Clawvenus doll

Monster high freaky fusion clawvenus doll
Monster high freaky fusion clawvenus doll

And here we have, Clawvenus.

She's a combination of Clawdeen Wolf And Venus Mcflytrap. She looks like quite a diva, right? She's got that look that says doncha' mess with me. :-) And check out the accessories she's got on her ears and her arms... Pretty cool stuff. Love the "statement" top although I've never really been keen on the lime green color.

What do you think?

Great Stuff on eBay - Preorder Freaky Fusion Dolls

Apparently, you can preorder these Monster High Freaky Fusion dolls on Ebay. I don't know the sellers, but if you're interested you might want to have a look at the listings.

And make sure you're buying them only from reputable sellers!

Your Views On The New Dolls. - Note: I've just recently added the three new dolls that have just been recently released... Vote Now-

Which Freaky Fusion Doll Do You Like The Most?

See results

Monster High Catacombs Playset

monster high catacombs playset
monster high catacombs playset

The catacombs is where most of the Freaky Fusion movie is going to take place.

So it's only right that a Monster High Catacombs playset be released with the dolls too. How cool is this? It has over 15 clips to display 15 different dolls. A nice set to have for little kids when the play with their dolls but also as a way to showcase your very own Monster High doll collection.

Monster High Merchandise

Watch this space when Mattel releases the Freaky Fusion merchandise in the Fall.

Monster High Freaky Fusion Videos

Here are some videos of the Freaky Fusion dolls which were released during the Toy Fair in New York City

Are You Looking Forward To The Freaky Fusion Movie?

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      3 years ago

      i love it.

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      4 years ago

      doyy wish it was already out


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