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Monster High Scaremester Dolls

Updated on December 7, 2013

Are you ready for the new Scaremester? They are now here!

Scaremester sounds like semester right? Yes, the story will be something about new semester or going back to school because in their artwork, Jinafire Long and Clawdeen Wolf are carrying pile of books.

Clawdeen is seen carrying her books, but she doesn't care if her books are falling on the floor because she is busy talking in her mobile phone. Jinafire on the other hand is securing her books while walking, she looks very excited as she starts her new journey in Monster High.

If you can still remember the Scaris story last year, the Monster High girls went to the hometown of Rochelle Goyle and from there, they meet Skelita Calaveras, Jinafire Long and Catrine Demew. If you are a big fan of Skelita Calaveras, do not worry because you can find her in Art Class line. All the girls we found in Scaris, City of Frights are now a new student in Monster High.

If you are one of the biggest fan of Cathrine Demew or Jinafire Long you will surely get excited to see this Monster High Scaremester Doll line. Aside from them, you will also find here Clawdeen Wolf.

They are expected to be released in January 2014, but I am really hoping that they come before Christmas. I want them for Christmas, but if their price reach rocket high, I am willing to wait until the end of January, fingers crossed they are still available.

Before the appearance of their dolls in the public, I have seen the work art of Clawdeen Wolf and Jinafire Long and I am no longer surprise about them. Actually, I was amused by Cathrine Demew, she is so pretty. Her hair in her first appearance is short and curly. I am so glad mattel decided to make her hair longer because I really love her hair especially its colors.

All of the images found here belongs to me otherwise stated.

Jinafire Long Scaremester Doll

Monster High Jinafire Long Scaremester DollCHECK PRICE

Catrine Demew Scaremester Doll

Catrine Demew Scaremester
Catrine Demew Scaremester

Clawdeen Wolf Scaremester Doll

Clawdeen Wolf Scaremester Doll
Clawdeen Wolf Scaremester Doll

Monster High Scaremester Dolls - I am hoping that Clawdeen would be more Clawsome!

Monster High Scaremester Dolls
Monster High Scaremester Dolls

In this doll line, I think Clawdeen Wolf is the least beautiful of them all. This is just my opinion and I want to say sorry to all of her fans. She is wearing a green and purple mini dress with matching 3/4 length black gold jacket and a gold belt. She is the only one in this group wearing a mid length boots. Her hair looks kinda messy and difficult to maintain especially by younger girls. I am not also very impressed with her green and purple hair color.

Jinafire Long is very fabulous here. She has a long golden green hair. She is wearing a sleeveless blouse with Chinese collar with matching red pants and an elegant blue-green pumps. I like this more compare to her first appearance last year. The color of her hair, outfit, shoes and accessories prefectly complements her golden brown skin tone.

For the second time Catrine Demew did not lose my faith and hope in her! She looks simple and girly in her outfit. She is wearing a black and purple ruffled blouse and skirt complete with peep-toe platform heels. She looks very pretty. I really like her!

Please cast your vote - I voted for Catrine Demew. How about you?

Who is your most favorite in this doll line?

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