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Mortal Kombat X Story Mode Walkthrough

Updated on April 21, 2015

This will provide a guide on the Mortal Kombat X story mode walkthrough,
with a list of the moves of the characters in mortal kombat and how to
defeat the various enemies.

Before Mortal Kombat X Story Mode Walkthrough

Millions of years ago, Shinok, one of the Elder Gods betrayed his own kind
and invaded Earthrealm. Raiden and the other Elder Gods reacted against
Shinok by defeating him and imprisioning him in the Netherrealms.

Others followed in the footsteps of Shinok, trying to invade Earth Realm.
One of the most famous was, of course, Shao Kan. Raiden prevented the invasion of Earth Realm by inventing the Mortal Kombat arena, where Earth's most valuable and best fighters were pitted against the other realms, and the victor would claim
Earth Realm. This plan worked.... too well. Shao Kan's champions lost, and
Shao Kan refused to accept defeat. He invaded Earth Realm. The Elder Gods
destroyed him for violating the rules of Mortal Kombat.

And thus Mortal Kombat X begins with the invasion of Earth Realm by Shinok.
Apparently, Shao Khan had been used by Shinok to stage the initial
invasion of Earth Realm.

How to Use "A-list" Johnny Cage in Mortal Kombat X

On route to the temple for Mortal Kombat, "A-list" Johnny Cage and his team
of Sonya and the as yet namelesss blind warrior with a magic sword are
attacked by Scorpion, Sub-zero and Shinok's forces. They make an emergency landing after a skirmish in the plane. And so, street fight mortal kombat begins.

Johnny Cage Move Highlights

  • low forceball - down -> triangle
  • high forceball - down <- triangle
  • net breaker - <-- down x
  • flushy shadow kick - <-- --> circle
  • rising kick - down <-- circle

A list Johnny Cage Easy Fatalities -

  • Here's johnny (clone) - Hold R2, square
  • Little improv (mid) - Hold R2, triangle

Mortal Kombat X Scorpion Moves

To beat Scorpion, one should understand Scorpion's basic highlight moves.

We attempt to understand Scorpion's moves by using him in one player figher mode.

In particular, Scorpion uses his spread sting attack to hook Cage from far, and then bring him closer to finish him off. To beat Scorpion, go near to him, and try to catch him unaware. Then unleash a grab move. Best to also master the X-ray moves. Use the environment for special effects and damage.

  • The repeated use of Johnny Cage and the inability to use female characters has created a desire to use some female characters.

Just as Johnny Cage finishes off Scorpion and advances towards the unconscious Sonya, Sub Zero freezes Johnny Cage from behind. Sub Zero then uses an ice sword to attack Cage. The idea is funny, because Cage overcomes his icy stasis and picks up a real steel crowbar and counters Sub Zero. Lesson - when in a fight, do not bring a toy ice sword into the fight. It will just melt from the excessive heat in the area.

To defeat Sub-zero, use the following attacks.

  • as much as possible, use a grab attack when Sub Zero is unaware.
  • jump in the air to avoid Sub-zero's slide attack. But beware of his freeze move from the top.
  • a simple punch move is pretty effective. A combination of punches draws much blood.
  • Cage's x-ray attack is pretty impressive.
  • Sub-zero often does not block Cage's force attacks.

Johnny Cage's Subzero ending quote - "I like it better when we were on the same side".

Meanwhile, on the other side of town, Raiden and his companion are having a real hard time against Shinok's minions. They number in the thousands or more and close in on Raiden. Raiden and companion try their best to destroy the demons and then Quan Shi brings on some mortal kombatants from the past, now being controlled by Quan Shi and Shinok.

Mortal Kombat X Story Mode Defeat Jax

Back to Cage and his team. They arrive near what looks like the back entrance to the temple. Here, they come up with more of Shinok's forces. In particular, their leader is familiar to Sonya and Cage - Jax. Jax is now evil, and looks like a metallic vampire. Whatever, it's time to pit Sonya, no wait..... Johnny Cage again..... against Jax.

Jax has the following moves against A-list Johnny Cage -

  • he is able to double spin in the air and hit Johnny Cage.
  • use environmental attacks (but then, everyone can also, but Jax does it more easily with his bionic arms).
  • double slam into the air with his bionic arms.
  • hold Cage in the arm with the bionic arms.

To defeat Jax, catch him after his fast movements, and he will be vulnerable. Execute the grab hold movement, or use the X-ray move, or just punch and attack. Of course, the latter attack is less stylish, but still works. Jax will be defeated.

Johnny Cage's notable quotes on encounter with Jax - "You don't hit your best friends", and "I'll fix you one day".

With those words, Johnny then races to the back entrance of the temple with his mates. They are just in time to see the entrance of Shinok. The fight between Shinok and Raiden has just climaxed to the point where they have both dropped the medallion needed to activate the energy of Mortal Kombat. Shinok uses his powerful attacks to knock everyone to the ground, and then seizes the opportunity to grab the medallion. Shinok then puts the medallion to good use, summoning a green energy in the hopes of controlling Sonya.

Just as we were expecting Sonya to retaliate and fight, in comes none other than Johnny Cage to stop the green energy. Cage absorbs the green energy and takes on Shinok.

The use of Johnny Cage repeatedly has caused one to yearn to use other fighters in Mortal Kombat. The use of other fighters will come soon enough, but for those wanting to test the moves list and highlights of some of the other fighters, head to the other sections of the Mortal Kombat X game, in particular, the -

  • single player vs single player
  • two players
  • tower mode
  • krypt

In this particular case, the classic fire dragon Liu Kang takes on Ermoc. Liu Kang's moves are as follows -

  • Bicycle Kick - --> <-- --> o
  • Dragon's Roar - down <-- triangle
  • Dragon Fire - <-- --> square
  • Double Dragon Kick - <-- --> triangle

Liu Kang Easy Fatalities

  • Sore Throat (close) hold R2, circle
  • Splitter (close) hold R2, triangle

After this brief interlude of using other players and satisfying our needs for early use of other mortal kombat fighers, we return to the story mode.

It's a fight between Johnny Cage and Shinnok, quite early on in the game. Of course, Cage defeats Shinnok. And then Chapter 2 starts.

Mortal Kombat X Story Mode Chapter 2 Kotal Kahn

In Chapter 2, we learn that the story beforehand was all in the past! Johnny Cage is now a "relative" aged man, leading a team of youngsters. And in the Outworld, Emperor Kotal Kahn has taken control of the city. A fight breaks out between the forces of Mileena and the Sun King, as Mileena tries to take back what she believes to be her heritage from her tyrant father Shao Kahn.

Mortal Kombat X Story Mode Chapter 3 Grandmaster Sub Zero

The story reverts back to Grandmaster Sub Zero. What happened between those events 20 years ago and now? How did Sub Zero become grandmaster? Do we even care?

For now, the team of youngsters - the next gen mortal kombatants arrive to infiltrate Grandmaster Sub Zero's temple and "ask" him for his services. Inevitably, fighting breaks out between the youngsters and Sub Zero. The initiation of the mortal kombatants has begun. The new mortal kombat fighters include -

  • Cassie Cage - daughter of Johnny Cage and Sonya Blade.
  • Briggs
  • Kung Jin - the bow specialist and diplomat, whose bow has a toy dragon that sprouts a little bit of fire when he is gloating over his opponents.
  • Takeda - son of Ken Shi.

Mortal Kombat X Grandmaster Sub Zero Series

Grandmaster Sub Zero takes on the might each of the newbies mortal kombatants.

Mortal Kombat X Raiden Chapter

The chapter on Raiden revolves around him, and his two disciples - Kung Lao and Liu Kang.

The story mode continues in the form of videos and fighting scenes.


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