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squidoopets Moshi Monsters

Updated on August 16, 2015

Moshi Monsters is a super fun, super addicting game the whole family can play

A video game arts and crafts journey for the whole family

For several years my daughter and I played the online game Moshi Monsters together; we loved caring for the pet monsters (I especially loved the adult humor laced throughout the game), doing the Super Moshi adventure quests together, and collecting secret codes and ROX to decorate our monstar rooms. It was the perfect family game for us. From the time she was 7-9, she and I were both enamored with all things to do with playing the game, and creating various related crafts. We collected the Moshi Monsters Magazine, merchandise, secret codes, and of course - moshlings.

As my daughter grew older, she grew out of playing the MoshiMonsters game daily and began to play Minecraft with my husband. I continued to play MM myself for quite awhile after and continued to create related art and post related articles. My husband played the game too, and helped out by creating pixel art pictures of Moshi Monsters and Moshlings with Minecraft.

This is a virtual journey of a mother daughter team playing a video game we loved; hope you enjoy our Moshi Monsters fan art pictures, desktop wallpapers created by Minecraft pixel art, moshling avatars, coloring pages, crafts, direction to related sites with moshi monsters secret codes, moshlings flowers combos, coloring pages and a place for game fans to chat.

Check out my Diavlo's monstar room here.

Picture of squidoopets with McDonald's Poppet and Katsuma toy copyright@Darcie French

squidoopets Minecraft Moshi Monsters Pixel Art Wallpapers - Created by squidoopets' hubby Dave

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Betty the Noisies moshlingDustbin Beaver the Secrets moshlingLady GooGoo - she was discontinued in the game when Lady Gaga sued Mind Candy - she was replaced by Baby ROXRaffles the Naughties cat moshling pictureMarcel the Naughties crocodile moshlingRooby the Sporties moshling, with her "purple baby" (which is really a bag of jelly beans)Tiamo the sweetheart Smilies moshling
Betty the Noisies moshling
Betty the Noisies moshling
Dustbin Beaver the Secrets moshling
Dustbin Beaver the Secrets moshling
Lady GooGoo - she was discontinued in the game when Lady Gaga sued Mind Candy - she was replaced by Baby ROX
Lady GooGoo - she was discontinued in the game when Lady Gaga sued Mind Candy - she was replaced by Baby ROX
Raffles the Naughties cat moshling picture
Raffles the Naughties cat moshling picture
Marcel the Naughties crocodile moshling
Marcel the Naughties crocodile moshling
Rooby the Sporties moshling, with her "purple baby" (which is really a bag of jelly beans)
Rooby the Sporties moshling, with her "purple baby" (which is really a bag of jelly beans)
Tiamo the sweetheart Smilies moshling
Tiamo the sweetheart Smilies moshling

Do you play the game?

Buster Bumblechops fan art by squidoopets
Buster Bumblechops fan art by squidoopets

I play Moshi Monsters

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My Favorite Moshi Monster - The Diavlo - My Diavlo's name is Daemon

Diavlo Minecraft Pixel Art Wallpaper
Diavlo Minecraft Pixel Art Wallpaper

We really got into playing the game - I loved it so much, I ended up adopting one of each of the six different kinds of virtual pet monsters available for adoption. I had a Diavlo I called Daemon (Daemon stayed on top of collecting all the moshlings and completing all the quests), a Katsuma named Codey (he tested moshi monsters secret codes), a Poppet called Poppy (she started out being my daughter's, but I looked after her for awhile), a Zommer named Drule (he was a bit of an oddball, who collected only ultra rare Oddie moshlings - he has captured six!), a Luvli called Orangellla (she helped out when my Diavlo's friends tree filled up) and a Furi called Lemon (I liked to help Fickle Furi make lemonaid out of lemons).

Diavlo Minecraft Pixel Art by Dave French

The Super Moshi Monsters & Elder Furi - The heroes of Monstro City

The Super Moshi quests in the game are one of the ways you can capture and collect Moshlings in your online Zoo. The SM's are ever ready to battle the CLONC and the likes of Dr Strangeglove, Sweet Tooth and Big Chief Tiny Head. Elder Furi always said, "Good always wins, young Moshi" - and he's right.

Super Poppet always saves the day (in style!)

Moshi Monsters Super Moshi Soft Toy - Poppet
Moshi Monsters Super Moshi Soft Toy - Poppet

Super Poppet is actually a super geek girl moshi monster, and proud of it! So when she's wearing her Super Moshi outfit (mask and cape), she's totally looking super duper fine fantastic in her geek girl glory!

(Well, who wouldn't be?).

In the fun online game, super poppet can take you on all sorts of adventures that always end with the good guys winning and the bad guys, well, losing - but more often than not, even the bad guys learn a lesson in how to be better behaved monsters, and the really, really bad guys, well, they get blasted out of Monstro City and banned forever!


Super Zommer to the .. Eyes Scream Shoppe?

Moshi Monsters Super Moshi Soft Toy - Zommer
Moshi Monsters Super Moshi Soft Toy - Zommer

Super Zommer isn't ashamed of chronic drool - even in the face of Sweet Tooth! I have a Zommer moshi monster who is obsessed with collecting Oddie moshlings - I mean over the top can't think about anything else obsessed! His name is Drule and he currently has collected six Oddie moshlings! He dreams of Oddie (a sweet ringy thingy) so much that he has to spend a good deal of time down at the Eyes Scream Shoppe on Oooh La Lane eating ice cream ... this is so he never ever gets a craving so bad he tries to eat Oddie! (Oh, horrors!)


Super Luvli to the rescue!

Super Moshi Plush Toy -Luvli
Super Moshi Plush Toy -Luvli

Super Luvli is always sweet - she even talked Raffles the Naughty thief to switch to the good side and join the Moshlings zoo!

I have a super sweet Luvli and her name is Orangella. She picked that name because Orange is her most favorite color - to Orangella everything orange from pumpkins to flower blossoms to orange creamsicles are just so lovely! If the color orange were a word, you know what word Luvli would choose...

But I digress. You can count on Luvli's in general to rescue you from any kind of problem - whether they are wearing their super moshis outfits or something from the marketplace in Monstro City, they always look, and act, lovely.


Super Diavlo might blow his top, but he'll always save the day!

Moshi Monster Cuddly Toy
Moshi Monster Cuddly Toy

Super Diavlo puts his hot head to good use fighting MonstroCity crimes! My Diavlo Daemon is an A list monstar in the online game! Daemon has five rooms in a mountain house that are packed full of goodies he got from secret codes he collected online, and from the codes offered in the super duper fine fantastic Moshi Monsters magazine!

When Daemon the Diavlo is not blowing his top fighting crime in Monstro City, he can be found chilling out in his peaceful abode, maybe in his Tiki room or his space room, and one can almost be guaranteed he will have a slug slurp slushy in his hand (his favorite item from the Grossery Store).


Smile Furi! You saved the day!

Super Moshi Soft Toy - Furi
Super Moshi Soft Toy - Furi

Furi will even put down the wobble aid to don his mask and cape and go on Super Moshi missions!

A Furi in the game is often a fickle character - unlike the Diavlo who is a hot head, dear Furi can often seem depressed one minute, happier than a skunk on Ooh La Lane the next!

While Furi may be undecided emotionally, you can always count on him to be part of any Monstro City crime fighting brigade. He loves to help the under dog, most especially if it's a moshling in distress! And the highest ranking Monster in town is a Furi afterall, Elder Furi, who teaches all the different monsters just what to do on the super moshi missions.


SM Fans Question

Which monster do you think makes the best Super Moshi?

See results

Moshi Monsters Music ROX Songs - Music ROX

Even as an adult, I love to listen to the songs from the Moshi Music ROX crew. Lots of catchy beats and fun lyrics. So, get your Furi out of the wobble aid and let's do the Moshi Moshi dance!

PS Ponies, ponies, ponies is my all time favorite music ROX song!

Lady GooGoo - Now known as Baby ROX

Lady GooGoo
Lady GooGoo

When I first started playing the game, the very first Super Moshi mission reward was Lady GooGoo moshling, of the Secrets set in the Moshlings Zoo. When Lady Goo Goo left town, Baby ROX is the ROXSTAR moshling who took her place.

Lady GooGoo vs Lady Gaga - Do you remember this debate?

Lady Gaga, the singer, apparently didn't like having a little moshling monster named after her, and so Lady GooGoo had to leave Monstro City and pursue her Music ROX career elsewhere. What did you think about that?

Lady GooGoo or Lady GaGa

squidoopets Moshi Monsters Hats - We had great fun making hats with pictures of moshlings on them

In this video I show some of them. Next to me is the Zommer costume we made out of foam for Halloween one year.

Hat craft materials
Hat craft materials

Serving Size

Serves: 1


  • Acrylic paint
  • A baseball cap
  • A picture of a Poppet


  1. Draw the Poppet on the hat with a pencil. Use a picture to copy the outline. Then paint the outline of the Poppet first before you fill it in.
Cast your vote for How to make a Poppet hat

Hat Craft Supplies - Find them online

Or see what you've already got at home that you can refurbish.

Pictures of the MoshiMonsters Hats We Made

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Red and black Diavlo hatPoppetOddie moshling hat
Red and black Diavlo hat
Red and black Diavlo hat
Oddie moshling hat
Oddie moshling hat
squidoopets Paper Doll Moshi Monsters
squidoopets Paper Doll Moshi Monsters

Moshi Monsters Paper Dolls

One of our first projects as a family

We created paper dolls using old craft materials we had in the home and then took pictures of them. I used the pictures with related how to play the game articles.

Oddie pencil heads
Oddie pencil heads

Foam Moshlings Craft

Making moshlings fridge magnets and pencil heads

Hubby helped out again with this project. Using art attributes from Mind Candy of the different moshlings, he made a pattern out of foam, cut out the various pieces, hot glued them together and then painted them. The Lady GooGoo fridge magnet is my favorite moshling we did in this way. Here she is hanging out under the Oddie hat we made.

Moshi Monsters Kids Magazine
Moshi Monsters Kids Magazine

Collecting Issues of Moshi Monsters Magazine

Great fun to be had with hands on Monstro City Activities

Here's a picture of my daughter with a copy of Moshi Mag - she was deciding which recipe from the Yum Yum Kitchen she wanted to make. We had some great times in the kitchen making monstrously good Moshi themed desserts and snacks. The magazine is chock-full of fun facts, moshlings collectors information, brain teaser puzzles and more.

Find Individual Moshi Magazine Issues

If you are collecting Moshi Monsters secret codes, be sure to inquire about whether the magazine code has been used or not. Prices on past issues of the magazine vary - early issues are now rare collector's items. Each magazine issue has unique one time use codes for in game items - these codes are part of what avid players like to collect.

Kids & Video Games

Kids go through phases where they love a video game and seem to play it all the time. Playing Moshi Monsters was the longest we've ever played a video game together. While my daughter has outgrown the game, I am now a grandparent of three - so - :) Beware - once you get started collecting these cute little characters, it's hard to stop. But it's soooo much fun.

Moshi Monsters Secret Codes - What was the last code you used in the game, and what did it get you?

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    • squidoopets profile imageAUTHOR

      Darcie French 

      4 years ago from Abbotsford, BC

      @MoshiMonsterFan: Ah, that's so awesome!! Thanks for the kindness :))

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Omg you are still here I've never seen you for along time! I loved your lens and I've completed my un membership moshi medals! My monster says you are great!

    • squidoopets profile imageAUTHOR

      Darcie French 

      5 years ago from Abbotsford, BC

      @Lady Lorelei: I am soooo tempted to play it again - I adore the game. I wish I had more time. But that could change :)

    • Lady Lorelei profile image

      Lorelei Cohen 

      5 years ago from Canada

      I have never played Moshi games but my grandchildren have them and do. I told them all about your websites and how you are the Queen of the Moshi's. They were very impressed lol.


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