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Squirrel Stuffed Animal: Lovable Gift Idea

Updated on October 8, 2014

List of most popular and unique squirrel plush toys

So you want to find a squirrel stuffed animal. Maybe you want a lovable birthday gift for your little one. Maybe you collect them and you just want another one to decorate your room.

Whatever the reason, here you'll find great selection of those lovable plush animals.

This page features cutest squirrel plush toys you can find on I picked those most popular and best rated models, so you don't have to bother with digging through the whole listing.

Images courtesy of Amazon

Cute Stuffed Squirrel Toys: Most Popular Choices

Below you'll find 5 lovable plush squirrels. Of course there are more of them coming with reviews if you scroll down the page. Generally all squirrel toys featured on this page got most positive reviews by reviewers on Amazon and are highly rated so you can be sure you choose from quality plush animals tested on the battlefield and approved by both kids and their parents.

To be honest, if I were to pick my favorite from those 5 mates below, I would choose the first one...well, there are two of them actually - Trudi Squirrel and Baby Plush Toy. What I love the most is the design and the idea of cute squirrel mom holding her little baby which makes together a super sweet and duddly couple. The design originate in Italy. Parents will definitely love the fact that this plushie is machine washable, which is VERY handy (not all plush stuffed animals can be washed in the machine, so you can only wipe the surface with dump cloth).

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Webkinz Smaller Signature - Chipmunk - Cute Plush Chipmunk

Webkinz Smaller Signature - Chipmunk
Webkinz Smaller Signature - Chipmunk

Made by Webkinz – a manufacturer of very unique plush animals. I like this plush toy very much – the design is outstanding.

This toy is well made and even it looks so realistic, it remains so cute… It will make great birthday gift. You can be sure this squirrel will become one of most favorite plush toys of your little one.


Aurora World Miyoni Grey Squirrel 10" Plush - Lovable Grey Plush Squirrel Toy

Aurora World Miyoni Grey Squirrel 8" Plush
Aurora World Miyoni Grey Squirrel 8" Plush

This nice guy measures 10″ long, has big bushy tail and holds an acorn…he is going to eat it in a moment…I guess :) What I like on this plushie is its realistic design and attention to details.

The body is made of silky plush, so every toddler will love to give this cute squirrel a hug. Even though I have never seen a real grey suirrel here in Europe this cuddly fellow looks nice to me.


Nutsie Brown Squirrel 6.5" by Aurora - Cuddly Brown Squirrel Plush

Aurora Plush Nutsie Brown Squirrel 6.5" by Aurora
Aurora Plush Nutsie Brown Squirrel 6.5" by Aurora

If you’re looking for super soft plush toy to cuddle, this one will be perfect. What I love on this one is the red brown color of the body and of course her big fluffy tail. I bet this toy will make a perfect gift for any squirrel loving toddler. The toy measures about 8″ and is looking for a new friend to meet. By the way… do you know about one? :)

Kids love playing with squirrel stuffed animals
Kids love playing with squirrel stuffed animals

Squirrel soft toys are so adorable!

There are few reasons, why squirrel plushes are great. First, squirrels are super cute animals and I think there is no child in the world who would not adore those lovable plush toys. So squirrel plush toys make a great gift idea for all kids.

Most popular squirrel plushes

Not only children love squirrels. There are great number of squirrel plush animals lovers and collectors. No matter if you're looking for a present or next item to add to your collection, here you'll find original options to choose from.

Gund Squirrel 5.5" Beanbag Plush - Lovable Beanbag Stuffed Squirrel Animal

Gund Squirrel 5.5" Beanbag Plush
Gund Squirrel 5.5" Beanbag Plush

This plush squirrel is one of the most adorable toy squirrels I've ever found online. Made by Gund, so you can be sure it is of fine quality. In my opinion this one is so cute and cuddly that it will warm your kid's heart.

Because this plushie pal is produced by Gund, you can be sure this is the wise choice. They make awesome toys of top quality and this can be seen in reviews - all are positive and you'll hardly find negative opinions about Gund plushies out there.


Webkinz Red Squirrel - Lovable Red Squirrel With Bushy Tail

Webkinz Red Squirrel November Pet of the Month
Webkinz Red Squirrel November Pet of the Month

Maybe your kid is a squirrel lover – this one would surely fit well into his collection. Another plushie made by Webkinz – this can assure you that it is very well made from quality materials.

One satisfied parent reports that, after 6 months after buying this stuffed squirrel toy and daily cuddling and hugging by his child, there is no fur coming off.


Aurora World Sweet and Softer 12 inches Squiggle Squirrel - Sweet Squirrel Plushie

Aurora World Sweet and Softer 12" Squiggle Squirrel
Aurora World Sweet and Softer 12" Squiggle Squirrel

Honestly, this little guy is my favorite from all plushes presented on this page. He is so cute and friendly looking pal that every child in the World would surely appreciate to have one in their room.

Satisfied parents who have bought this toy for their kids are reporting that it is super soft in touch and made in high quality.


Big Eyed YooHoo Squirrel Toy

Aurora Plush Squirrel YooHoo with Sound - 8"
Aurora Plush Squirrel YooHoo with Sound - 8"

I would say that this YooHoo squirrel will be wonderful gift idea for younger kids because of its big, friendly eyes.

It is made of fine plush fabric and pink and white coloring makes it look cheerfully.

Another feature which little kids will love is the fact that the toy chitters when you squeeze the tummy.


Cute Chip Chipmunk

Plush Chip the Chipmunk Stuffed Toy By Aurora 8"
Plush Chip the Chipmunk Stuffed Toy By Aurora 8"

Have a look at this adorable plush chipmunk!

You certainly know the Chip - little squirrel from Disney cartoons - this one is also Chip, but unlike the cartoon character, this chipmunk is way more realistic looking...

This stuffed squirrel is so soft in tough that you can be sure your baby will fall in love with it immediately.


Real-looking Plush Chipmunk

Hansa Plush 8" Chipmunk On All 4's
Hansa Plush 8" Chipmunk On All 4's

What I like about this plush chipmunk is the realism which it was created with - this is by the way one of the features of all stuffed toys made by Hansa.

If i saw this plush toy in the nature, I would confuse it with a real animal for sure ! :)

It is hand crafted in highest quality with care for details.


SCRAT the Squirrel from Ice Age

TY Beanie Baby - SCRAT the Squirrel - Ice Age
TY Beanie Baby - SCRAT the Squirrel - Ice Age

You certainly know this funny guy from the Ice Age movie - with his never-ending attempt to hide his precious acorn...

I really like the widely opened eyes - they're like in the movie :) ... like he did something wrong again :)

If your kid loves The Ice Age movie or better Scart character - the prehistoric squirrel, it would be great idea to give him this plush as a birthday gift!


Some interesting facts about squirrels

What are chipmunks?

They are small squirrels with stripes on their back. They have pouches in their cheeks carry the food.

What is the tiniest squirrel in the World?

It is the African pygmy squirrel - from nose to her tail it is only 5 inches (13 cm) long.

What is the biggest squirrel in the World?

The Indian giant squirrel - its length makes about 3 feets (almost 1 meter).

Squirrels are constantly gnawing something...

These animals have 4 front teeth which never stop growing. This is why their teeth don't wear down from the constant biting hard foods.

Image courtesy of Wikipedia

How To Clean Plush Toys? - Tips on how to properly clean stuffed animal toys

Stuffed animals have to be cleaned from time to time, but throwing them into a washing machine isn't best idea... Well, let's watch some useful tutorials on how to wash our cute plushies properly and ensure they'll last for a long time in geat condition.



Ok, so this is my selection of adorable squirrel stuffed animals for kids. I presented here only 10 of them, which are most cute in my opinion.

There are hundreds of other plush squirrels available out there, online or in your local stores. They are available in many styles, fabrics, colors and sizes, so you're sure to find something interesting for a gift or as a collectible item.

If you didn't find any interesting plush squirrel on this page, I can recommend you browsing the list of squirrel plush toys on Amazon.

Generally all squirrel plushies here are chosen from toys produced by well known manufacturers of plush toys like Hansa or Wild Republic. This means those stuffed plush toys are made of quality materials and with keeping highest safety standards.

My advice for you is - when you choose a plush toy, read reviews first, because if an item has many poor reviews, it should be a warning sign, that this is going to be a poor buy.

Another rule in buying toys is - buy from well known brands, specialized in baby/kids toys. Then you can be sure that the toys you buy are made of quality materials and eventual returns won't a problem.

Leave your plush comment if you want!

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    • LauraHofman profile image

      Laura Hofman 3 years ago from Naperville, IL

      I love squirrels, both the real and plush variety! I bought our dog a squirrel toy several years...very squeeze it and it says, "Got acorns?"

    • favored profile image

      Fay Favored 3 years ago from USA

      I've had a large collection of stuffed animals toys, but never a squirrel. Wonder how that happened. Didn't know Ty made the Ice Age collection. Scrat is cute, but Sid is my favorite.

    • Diaper Bag Blog profile image

      Stanley Green 3 years ago from Czech Republic

      @takkhisa: Hello takkhis! Yes, I agree, squirrel plush toys are super cute and make perfect gifts for those little ones :)

    • takkhisa profile image

      Takkhis 3 years ago

      I like all these squirrel plush toys, they are cute :)

    • Diaper Bag Blog profile image

      Stanley Green 4 years ago from Czech Republic

      @hobbity: Hi, hobbity. Yes, squirrels are interesting animals. As a forester I can just say that those animals are very useful for the forest as a whole... they hide their food like seeds before winter and sometimes they forget where their supplies are... adnthis way they are responsible for planting trees and bushes...

    • profile image

      hobbity 4 years ago

      Squirrels are adorable and funny animals to watch. They make great plush pets.

    • Jogalog profile image

      Jogalog 4 years ago

      These look great - my daughter loves soft toys and the newest one is usually here favourite!

    • Erin Mellor profile image

      Erin Mellor 4 years ago from Europe

      I had a Squirrel plush called "acorn" when I was little. It was my favorite.