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Motion Sensitive Picture - Animals Run and Hide, If You Move!

Updated on August 16, 2014

One of a Kind Reactive Picture Will Delight Everyone

Would you like a truly original picture to hang on your wall? Or are you looking for an original gift to give to a special child or adult ? This picture is original, innovative and fun! Simply hang it on the wall and as long as people are moving around in front of it, all you will see is a picture of a forest. However, if you stand absolutely still and watch, slowly the animals come out to play. A beautiful deer, playful rabbit and squirrel, even a graceful raven will come out to charm the quiet watcher. But beware, the minute you move, they all scatter back to their hiding places. This especially delights kids, who will play with picture for hours.

I have also gathered together a few other motion sensitive picture frames that would make a great gift for anyone from grandparents to toddlers. Just download your photos, video, and even music and turn it on. It will automatically switch on when it senses motion in the room, and play your photo slide show, or video! I have brought together the best priced models for your review.

Kikkerland "The Woodlands" Moving Picture - Amazing Picture Reacts to You!

~ On/off switch on frame

~ Needs 4 AA batteries

~ Size: 14.3 x 10.5

Motion Sensitive

Picture Frames

NIX X08C Hu-Motion: 8 Inch Digital Picture Frame - With Motion Detection

No need to keep turning this frame on and off, the motion sensor automatically turns it on when motion is detected in the room. For your convenience, a remote control is included. The screen is backlit, hi res with 800 x 600 pixels. It accepts downloads SD/SDHC Cards, USB Stick Thumb Drive. Frame will play photos, videos and music. For use with Windows PC only.

Panimage PI1002DW 10.4-Inch Digital Picture Frame - Espresso Frame with both White and Charcoal Paper Mats

This is a beautiful frame that goes well with any decor and it holds a ton (5000) of pictures and is Blutooth wireless with 1 GB of memory! More than you will probably ever need. This little electronic wiz also has a built in alarm clock and calendar, with a programmable timer on the power switch. With a 10.4 inch display, it is large enough to hang on the wall and small enough to put on your desk or bookcase. This pictureframe makes a memorable gift for anyone you give it to.

Do You Have Digital Frame ? - Do You Like It?

Do you have a digital frame ?

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  • Gypzeerose profile image

    Rose Jones 4 years ago

    What an unusual and cool product. I think this would be fun to put this up at work, see if anyone notices. It reminds me of those Halloween pictures where you see the normal woman from one view and the zombie from another.

  • Jadelynx-HP profile image

    Tracey Boyer 4 years ago from Michigan

    @tonybonura: Thank you, you are too kind :)

  • tonybonura profile image

    Tony Bonura 4 years ago from Tickfaw, Louisiana

    You seem to have a knack for finding really unique and really cool stuff. Great lens, Jade.


  • Camden1 profile image

    Camden1 4 years ago

    I've never heard of a motion sensitive picture - how amazing!

  • randomthings lm profile image

    randomthings lm 4 years ago

    Wow that was really cool.